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sasu-uke-moving-deactivated2015  asked:

Do you have any Newrivalshipping headcanons you feel like sharing?

I’ve got a few, but I’m sure some have heard of a few of these already/headcanoned them themselves.

  • May becomes a good head taller than Wally once they are done growing, causing Wally to be really flustered when she uses it to her advantage (like calling him shorty and pintsize, big spooning him, lifting him on her shoulders, etc).
  • Sometimes Wally wants to battle May at random times of the day, just so she can critique him on his techniques and how leveled his team gets.
  • May and Wally have awful singing voices, but still love singing songs together just to mess with everyone else in the room.  
  • May would mark his face in marker things such as ralts eyes, monocles, mustaches, flowers, and pokemon.  When he wakes up he (albeit nervously) marches around Verdanturf, making May die with laughter and embarrassment.
  • During the first year of dating, Wally was surprised to wake up everyday be dating May, and that she loved him with all her heart.  So when May would visit him, she would kinda snuggle next to a blushing Wally.  
  • On their first anniversary Wally’s gallade got gussied up in a suit and May and him made breakfast for Wally who hid behind his covers because all he could do was squeak.
  • Wally couldn’t admit to liking May verbally, so he wrote a letter in saying he liked her, but threw it away.  So his altaria carried it to May’s home for him.
  • May takes care of Wally prior to asthma attacks (is it asthma?  They never explained what it was exactly so…), giving him a fort of blankets and lots of candy.
  • When they finally do marry, they opt for a home wedding, knowing Wally might not be able to handle some environments, despite him slowly getting better.  He loses a bet with her and wears a puffy dress and she wears a larger version of his suit.  
  • Being champion means that May isn’t with Wally all that often, but she tries her hardest, and in the meantime he trains to see the day his team becomes “brighter stars than before”, as Wally puts it.
  • May has huge dimples Wally likes to poke at.
  • They don’t want to have their own biological children, mostly because Wally is asexual (slips and falls on headcanons in headcanons//).  So they go with adopting a child instead.
  • During the entire month of May May makes really bad jokes, like “Wally, here’s an emerald for your troubles, or what about a lily of the valley instead?”).  In retaliation, Wally stutters out jokes such as “Where’s Wally?  Nobody knows!”.  And sometimes corny compliments, like “Why do I need a gem when there’s one right in front of me?” (which he stops halfway through because May picked him up and hugged him while holding him bridal style.)
  • On each other’s birthdays they would go to Victory Road and repeat the battle they had there, which would always end in nostalgia tears and a trip to the flower shops.  
  • Wally likes to give out pokeballs to young children when they stop him for a battle, many of which are on the more expensive side for younger trainers.  May does the same but with different items as the people who make it to her already have 40+ pokemon, and a definite team.
  • The one who proposes first would be May.
  • He stills stutters around her at times and she loves it.

Gosh that’s a lot, and I have more of them, but they are just more minor things.