flower just being his silly adorable self

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Yooooo, i just need like all the Tamaki Amajiki with s/o headcannons, please!

ALLL of it? Say no more, anon. Let’s appreciate him! Some are comical, some are cute, some are serious. Some might be from past post too. So it’s basically all in one?

Tamaki Amajiki

  • Secretly likes those kiddie, girlie shows. My Little Pony, Winx Club, etcetc, but you don’t mind it at all because you think it’s kinda cute he takes interests. So you have to promise you won’t tell his secrets. Promise.
  • Tamaki personally enjoys it when you are decorating his hair with ornaments, hair clips, etc. He really looks adorable with a flower crown, so spend time with him just being silly. Even though he pretends he doesn’t like it!
  • Tamaki can be a little clingy, he gets very nervous at the thought that something bad might happen to you, just worst case scenarios. So he wraps himself around you tightly, never letting go. You would have to reassure that nothing bad will happen. “You can let go, Tamaki…” - “…I don’t want to…”
  • Tamaki also likes butterflies, that is a fact! (It’s adorable.) His ideal date with you would be butterfly catching and just enjoying all the beautiful scenery, the flowers and the fluttering butterflies hovering over them.
  • Has self-esteem issues, he really does need some clarification and reassurance with you. Sometimes it’s frequently too, he just doesn’t have confidence in himself sadly.
  • He’s the emotional drunk, one sip and he’ll start crying all over you and sprouting messages about how he loves you so much and he doesn’t know how to thank you much.
  • Always sends text messages to you whenever he’s not there, he really needs to be in your presence but the only thing that’s the closest is texting. He leaves sweet messages like “I miss you, I REALLY don’t want to be here right now. Hope to see you soon.”
  • You prank him with song lyrics once, he was taking you seriously and starting panicking if you pretend to be breaking up with him (monster.) Or thinks you’re crazy because you’re making no sense. He doesn’t find out until you explain.
  • His best friends, Mirio and Nejire teases him a lot because how did he manage to get somehow like you? He doesn’t know either, but he’s smiling because he’s thankful. He spazz out if they start telling you embarrassing things about him. “You gotta hear this, Tamaki once did something so-” Tamaki covers your ears and escorts you.