flower jack

“Too hard, too fast.”

So, yesterday I finished what I can only label as one of my favorite ff gabe/jack of all times: “In the language of flowers”.

( http://archiveofourown.org/works/9524000/chapters/21535877 )

And what can I say? I have a terrible soft spot for flowers and their meanings and gabe/jack is absolutely one of my dearest otp. This fanfiction was perfect in every way possible and made me cry out of pain and joy.
Simply put: it was amazing and inspiring, so I decided to make an aesthetic out of it, just to try and concentrate all its soul in ten pics.
I hope you’ll like it and please go check @gabrielsthighz bc they deserve it!

Gabe cons Jack into taking up learning to paint with him. They start with stuff like bowls of fruits and flowers and trees and Jack’s not exactly great with it at first but it is soothing and gives him something to focus on while he tries to relax and eventually he takes to it well enough. And maybe in another life he would have made something of the hobby but for now it’s enough to finally have the free time to make Gabe some flowers that won’t wilt.

Art prompt: Zimbits at a themed dance party. Pick your favourite era/decade :)

stultiloquentia I’m not sure this was 100% what you had in mind, but indulge me.