flower head band

Waking Up To Shirtless Tom playing BBall. Tom x POC

This is inspired by all of these fine ass pics of shirtless Tom that have literally came out of nowhere. No seriously where are they coming from???

We’re going to pretend that reader took them okay, lol! This takes place after my pool party imagine/short thing that can be read here.

Warning: Cursing, Shirtless Tom (Please don’t pass out), Fluff, and other Stuff

After waking up in the guest house alone, you looked around and saw that Laura was the only one still sleeping. You got up and searched around the unfamiliar house for Tom and the others. You just decided to take a shower and brush your teeth. You changed into a black top and some tribal shorts.

Opting not to wear the cardigan, you pulled your curl hair in cute bun and decided not to wear the flower head band because you were still in Atlanta and it was hot as hell. 

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