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[NEWS] 2014.06.13 Teen Top L.Joe tries out acting for the first time, appears as a cameo on

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Teen Top L.Joe looks stylish in uniform on ‘Flower Grandpa Investigation Team’

TOP Media expressed on the 13th, “L.Joe will appear as a cameo on tvN Friday drama ‘Flower Grandpa Investigation Team’ (scriptwriters Moon Sunhee, Yoo Namkyung; Kim Jinyoung produced). In the drama, he’ll be appearing as a high school student who will provide a lead in the investigation. He has been preparing his acting skills for a long time so you’ll be able to see a part of it, so do look forward to it”

On the 12th, L.Joe uploaded on his own twitter along with selca he took while filming “Hello. I’m Uhm Siwoo. It’s my first time so I was really nervous!” In the photo, L.Joe wore a nametag not of his real name but Uhm Siwoo. We are looking forward to how his character will play out on the show.

On the other hand, L.Joe’s cameo appearance on ‘Flower Grandpa Investigation Team’ will air on episode 7, this coming Friday, 20th June at 9:50PM KST.