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While cassowaries have been known to eat fungi, flowers, snails, insects, frogs, birds, rats, mice, and even carrion, their diet consists primarily of fruit.  They will eat the fruit of several hundred species of tree and bush, and one tree, the cassowary plum (which is toxic to other species but eaten readily by the cassowary), has even been named for the birds.  Cassowaries can become extremely aggressive about their food; when they find a tree that is dropping fruit, they will stay there and eat, chasing away any other cassowaries who try to approach and feed, until the fruit is gone.

Cassowaries will swallow fruits whole, even large ones like apples and plums.  Because of this, seeds and pits will go through the cassowary’s digestive system and be passed in their droppings.  These birds have been known to distribute seeds over distances of over a kilometre, making them hugely important in the dispersal and germination of fruit trees through the rainforests.  Some seeds, such as those of the Ryparosa trees, are shown to have much greater germination rates when they have been through the gut of a cassowary.  These makes these birds a keystone species for the rainforests they inhabit.

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Imagine Lucio asking Efi to be the flower girl for his and Hana's wedding, she then proceeds to faint from excitement.

I LOVE THIS?? (It kind of turned into a wedding heacannon for bunnyribbit, but oh well. Also, I headcannon Lucio as Catholic)

  • The wedding is already arrange, but they are missing the most important piece. Lucio approaches Efi with his offer, and she nearly hyperventilates from thinking about being the flower girl for his and D.va’s wedding. 
  • It’s set in Brazil, with lots of their culture mixed together. Before the wedding even starts, Lucio gives D.va’s mother a wooden goose. A Korean tradition, wild geese mate for life, so his gift is a promise that he will care for her daughter for life.
  • D.va wears a diamond lace halter strap princess style wedding gown. Her high heels are colored gold, a wedding tradition in Brazil. 
  • The church is grand and beautiful. D.va is excited, only ready to see her future husband’s face. Lucio is a bundle of emotions, but more then ready to become one with the love of his life. 
  • Efi is dressed in a beautiful green gown, tossing bright flower petals on the path to the alter. Her excitement is contagious, and Lucio smiles at her job well done. 
  • Walking down the aisle, D.va’s father is proud as he hands her to Lucio. The groom is crying, but D.va is smiling through her tears as well. 
  • The priest speaks the vows, Lucio and D.va accepting in the other’s native tongue. Once they are pronounced man and wife, they throw their arms around each other. Kissing as husband and wife as their family and friends burst out in joy.
  • After the celebration has ended, they take off to Korea. Their honey moon giving them time together and the chance to enjoy their first days as husband and wife alone. 

Robins with flower hats :> !! 

This photo inspired me to make a little kingdom with Robins with flower’s hat !

I put the flowers’ names in french ! 


Anémone - Anemone 

Oiseau de paradis - Bird of paradise


Muguet - Lily of the valley 

Marguerite - Daisy wheel 

Amarante - Amaranth


Nénuphar - Water lily 

Jonquille - Jonquil 

Arum - Arum lily 

Rose (in french rose means pink as well !)

Lys - Lily 

Pâquerette - Daisy !

And Frog is Grenouille in french :D

Happy Easter everyone !! 


flipbook animation: a projectile friend🐸🌸

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It is so easy being green by Michael Jefferies

Eastern dwarf tree frog (Litoria fallax)