flower frenzy

Freddy Frenzy Friday

Pleas as to Freddy’s character, and the moral obligation on him to earn his own living, were lost on Higgins. He denied that Freddy had any character, and declared that if he tried to do any useful work some competent person would have the trouble of undoing it: a procedure involving a net loss to the community, and great unhappiness to Freddy himself, who was obviously intended by Nature for such light work as amusing Eliza, which, Higgins declared, was a much more useful and honorable occupation than working in the city.

- “Pygmalion”, George Bernard Shaw, 1916

The Perfect Date? || @ladysophiawinters

Married. To Sophia. Of all the people to spring that..thing…it had to be her. Still, he saw this as an opportunity. Especially when she’d mentioned…

“If you can arrange a perfect date and win me over. I may consider sleeping with you.”

As crass as it seemed, it was also a perfect chance for him to finally win her over. He started to work in a frenzy, arranging flowers, candles, a violinist…hell, he’d even gotten all of Sophia’s staff in on it to help him!

Riku looked at his reflection in the mirror. He wore a sleek black suit with matching tie, and he looked impressive, even if he said so himself. He swallowed hard. Time to do or die. He left his room and knocked on Sophia’s door softly.