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cumberblog221b  asked:

jasmine: what is the greatest amount of notes you’ve ever received on one of your works?


@cumberblog221b:  Do you mean hits, kudos or comments? If you mean hits,  If you mean hits, 16,123 for a Dresden Files/Hellblazer crossover novella called Besieging Omelas. Here’s the summary:

When cynical wizard John Constantine is flung from his universe to Harry Dresden’s in an attempt to prevent his interfering with Titania’s plans, it’s up to both of them to foil her and her allies in both universes, save an assortment of innocents from Hell and rescue a certain crime lord who’s caught in the middle…while Harry deals with revelations about his family that he’d never even imagined.

If you mean kudos, 461 for A Dance in Iron Shoes, which is what happened to Snow White AFTER the end of the fairy tale. Here’s the summary:

The prince was supposed to save her one last time. There was no myth or legend that told of a princess who needed to save herself from the prince.

If you mean comments, 128 for a 50 Shades of Grey story called Three Shades of Steele, in which Ana Steele got split into three people–herself, her subconscious, and her inner goddess. Which leads to a question–who is Ana when her intelligence and her sexual desire are no longer hers?

Also, apologies, because you won’t be able to see the stories if you aren’t a member of the Archive of Our Own. (Yeah, access is restricted to members only; I’ve been plagiarized in the past.)

madoka magica + tumblr
  • Madoka: tries to start a nature blog but gets overwhelmed by all the "reblog if you care" posts on her dash and starts almost exclusively reblogging those
  • Sayaka: fandom/social justice blog. can get kind of childish and clichéd (à la "why can't we all just get along?") and is the one guilting Madoka into reblogging all those "reblog if you care" posts
  • Homura: welcome to my twisted mind (black flowers, death note yaoi, and fall out boy lyrics)
  • Kyoko: memes. nothing but memes. her icon is pepe and her autoplay consists entirely of space jam mashups
  • Mami: positivity/self care blog with some light, fluffy aesthetic mixed in. and kittens. plenty of kittens
  • Kyubey: secretly tumblr staff