flower crowns make me happy idk

Jikook Headcanon:

Jimin and Jungkook playing like 8-year-olds in a field of dandelions. Running around, chasing each other, falling down and laughing. Completely happy and carefree. The wind is blowing slightly and the sun is almost as bright as Jimin’s smile.

Kookie is off making flower crowns and Jimin is kneeling down, picking only the prettiest flowers. He’s so focused on his task he doesn’t hear Kookie sneak up behind him until a flower crown is plopped down on his head. Jimin looks up over his shoulder and smiles when Kookie practically crashes onto his back. Smiling, Kookie moves so his cheek is right up against Jimin’s and blows gently on the dandelion Jimin is currently holding up. Jimin sees a few dandelion seeds left and blows them off himself.

Kookie giggles and uses his weight to pull Jimin back, flowers flying up into the air as Jimin yelps and falls back on Kookie. Eventually they settle next to each other, surrounded by the flowers. Kookie’s dosing off, curled up in Jimin’s arms. Jimin can’t choose between watching the clouds roll past or watching Kookie. Kookie turns slightly and presses his lips to Jimin’s neck and Jimin giggles and smiles cutely. 

Love you, hyung.

I just imagined kid!femlock where tiny john makes sherlock a flower crown (she works hard at it, face adorably scrunched and tongue peeking out) and presents it to her proudly, and tiny sherlock is all wide eyes and uncontainable happiness, because not only does she love everything that john does (especially if it’s for her), but also ‘all the bees will definitely like me now, john!!!!’