flower crowns

Few accessories have aroused such commentary, for and against, than the flower crown, so trendy of late among the neo-hippie festival crowd. Despite detractors, these decorative headpieces, whose history in mythology and art can be traced back to ancient civilizations, show no signs of fading from favor. 

Take a look back at the history of the flower crown and the women who wore them here.

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, July 2012.

Make sure to choose oils that, even when diluted with water, will not stain the crown, and be sure to disperse the oil well, so that, while scented, it won’t be bad for your hair (or, again, the crown). One thing I’ve never really mentioned is that it can be difficult to evenly disperse essential oils in water, given that they are, of course, oils, but it’s not impossible, so give it a go, but do your research and keep dangers such as allergies in mind for safety’s sake.

Doodle Day piece #1!!! WELL! i think this sets the stage for the kind of dumb shit i’m planning to make today! HAHAHAHAH!!! XD @the-pudding-is-a-lie totally put an ask in my box that included flower crowns!!! when i first arrived in this fandom a lot of people had done them!!! and i always felt like “gawd damn! i wanna do that too!!!” and just never got around to it! WELL! (^O  w O)^ i can cross that off the list now! *dramatic arm swooshing* LOL! XD there! smile ~ you stupid, flowery idiots! AND LET’S KEEP GOING!! WOO!!! (7O  3O)7 *throws petals in the air*