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Critical Role + Aesthetic: Modern AU Keyleth (x) (x)

“We’re gonna save ‘em all, you guys. We’re gonna save all the animals!”

Star makes flower crowns for every one including Toffee (as a peace offering??) and shes like “Do you like it? :)”

He’s quiet for a sec and then he says “…Kind of. You used the wrong flowers though, see? Its already wilting and falling apart. You need some stronger flowers like roses as the base. Here I’ll show you.”

He just like WRECKS someones garden lol but he makes the prettiest flower crown ever and puts it on her head.

Star giggles and shes like “Thank you! Hey, where’d you learn how to make them like that?”
Toffee just kinda swats her away like “Haha yeah okay go away now… I gotta go do evil stuff and take over Mewni.”

Based on a request for the Blues, I went ahead and turned it into a family portrait of sorts.

Caboose, Sister, and Junior were just so proud of the flower crown they made for Tucker that they just HAD to show Sheila, Church, and Tex.

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blueberryfuzz: DEAR DIARY give me some good gossip Thorn

read my diary

     my dear diary,

  today I have met the cutest person alive! he gifted me with the most beautiful of gifts, a moon-shroom he called it. it glows in the dark! I have placed the cute little thing beside my bed, I will have to ask him how to best take care of it later, I totally forgot thinking about how spectacular he was. I had given him a flower crown made of some of my favorite flowers, they did not glow but they do have the most amazing smell. he gave me one from the crown too! because ‘he thought I should have something so beautiful too’. oh! I almost forgot. his name is Mune! he is a friend of the families, so I have known of him but never quite had the chance to really meet him until now. I am glad I did. he is the nicest person I have ever met. he does this adorable thing with his ears when he gets excited, and his tail twitches, and he even trills! he is adorable… I hope to see him more…. 


Roman Mythology: Marina Nery as Flora.

Flora is celebrated in Roman Mythology as the Goddess of Flowers and Springtime. She is said to be the daughter of Florus Mater (Mother Nature) as well as the sister of Fauna (Goddess of Wildlife and Animals). Despite Flora’s minor position in the world of Roman Mythology, she was held with high regard as a symbol of life, blossoming, and fertility. In her honor, the Romans created a festival called the Floralia, which was celebrated during the spring season beginning on April 27th and ending May 3rd. It was during this season when the goddess would make her appearance, her gifts including the protection of crops, plant growth, and even providing special remedies through magical flowers. The goddess is generally depicted wearing light, flowy clothing, holding a small bouquet of flowers, and sometimes donning flower crowns. Her importance to the Roman people was further honored through the construction of the Temple of Flora, which stood near the Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy. 

Doodle Day piece #1!!! WELL! i think this sets the stage for the kind of dumb shit i’m planning to make today! HAHAHAHAH!!! XD @the-pudding-is-a-lie totally put an ask in my box that included flower crowns!!! when i first arrived in this fandom a lot of people had done them!!! and i always felt like “gawd damn! i wanna do that too!!!” and just never got around to it! WELL! (^O  w O)^ i can cross that off the list now! *dramatic arm swooshing* LOL! XD there! smile ~ you stupid, flowery idiots! AND LET’S KEEP GOING!! WOO!!! (7O  3O)7 *throws petals in the air*

and everyone’s in love and  flowers pick themselves.

lmao theres that post with the fuck you flower arrangement and the florist who makes said arrangement for someone and clearly jake peralta owns a flowershop in a universe. some universe. its out there, i know it. anyways, theres much more that @phil-the-stone and I have cried about in this particular floweshop!au so look out for more soft pastel trash, including flower crowns and jacob peralta’s long lasting and abiding relationship with raymond holt, the officer who buys his husband flowers once a week and somehow ends up in a father-son relationship with his florist. also gets marriage advice but w/e. 

shoutout to phil for reading this a few weeks ago i added some more description just for u. *finger guns in ur direction* 

title from an ee. cummings poem i found on the “flower quotes” page of goodreads.com

Amy Santiago walks into Jake’s flower shop on what, in retrospect, was an unremarkable day to meet such a remarkable person. A regular, run of the mill Tuesday – two orders of first date roses, one funeral arrangement for someone’s racist great-grandfather, and a bouquet for Alvira’s 72nd birthday extravaganza. Jake is clearing up the stray clippings, brushing them off the counters and onto the floor where he can sweep them when the door opens. It’s 9 pm.

Citron, his mind whispers immediately: Sadness.

He blinks. The woman is still standing, right hand grasping the doorknob as she seems to argue with herself about the merits of entering the shop. She’s biting her lip, worrying at the skin as her eyes dart across the room, focusing on the murals and the old stone fountain and the peony cuttings littering the ground next to a haphazard pile of rose thorns. Finally they settle on Jake himself, at which point they widen as she takes a deep, steadying breath.

She opens her mouth, still standing framed inside his doorstep, but nothing comes out. Jake realizes that he’ll probably have to begin the introductions.

Lavender: Distrust.

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♔ Swedish Royal Wedding Traditions: Queen Victoria’s Myrtle

In the Language of Flowersmyrtle is a symbol of love, fidelity and fertility. Traditionally SwedishBrides would wear a crown of flowers on their wedding day including myrtle. The ladies of the Swedish Royal Family keep up the tradition today by placing a sprig of myrtle from Queen Victoria of Great Britain’s Myrtle Plant.

In 1840 Queen Victoria visited her fiancé, Prince Albert’s family in Gotha, Germany, Prince Albert’s grandmother greeted Victoria with a nosegay of myrtle. Victoria kept the posy and planted it at Osborne House when she and Albert married.

When Princess Margaret of Connaught married Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden in 1905 she wore a crown of flowers which included myrtle from her grandmother’s (Queen Victoria’s) Myrtle Bush. Margaret brought part of the plant to Sweden which she had planted at Sofiero Castle and at Ulriksdal Palace. The tradition as well as part of Victoria’s Myrtle got carried on again when in 1935 Princess Margaret’s only daughter, Princess Ingrid of Sweden married the Danish Crown Prince, Frederik. She brought part of her mother’s and great-grandmother’s myrtle to Denmark with her. Both The Danish and Swedish Royal Brides have continued using the myrtle on their wedding days ever since.

Most commonly it can be seen in the bridal bouquets; the Swedish Royal Brides however have been seen with a sprig of myrtle in their hair on their wedding day. Above you can see Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine with the myrtle in their hair.

I absolutely adore this tradition and all the history behind the one sprig we see on Swedish Royal Brides today. I can’t wait to see Sofia carry on this tradition in June and in a few decades see Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore continue it.

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WELL ACTUALLY. But flowercrowns have already been drawn! (not tea though)

I tried…this took me longer than I thought it would!

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Don’t worry, Valdir deserves most of what he gets :D (Including flower crowns)

Good than he deserves this special tea as well :D


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