flower crown for my baby angel


“I like the pastel colors.” // Harry Styles + Flower Crowns

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@wonDerful930112: Kyungsoo thank you so much ! That is a whale ! My favorite animal 

@jgds5959 (audio source): 

Xiumin: D.O.’s been very into cooking lately! So do you know what I see him doing whenever I come home? Sharpening knives (laughs). He’s sharpening knives.

Suho, Kai: Actually, didn’t he order them? I hear they’re expensive ones.

Xiumin: The sound and sight of sharpening knives is scary (laughs).

Members: (discussing where he does it)

Baekhyun: In the living area. You need light, so you know he can’t go to his room [because everything in there is black].

Xiumin: I find the sight of him sharpening the knives very sexy. 

@sagak_sagak: I asked him if he still bit his fingernails and he said he still does it a lot ㅠㅠㅠㅠ He brought his hands together to show me, going “please look~” and it hurt my heart to see the broken skin on his round fingers

But it was killer cute too, how he brought his fingers up to show me o(-(…. so round.. in that moment I felt bad for how neat my nails were. My baby, should noona give you a manicure? (dragged away)

@dokkomi_: I prepared a flower crown for Kyungsoo. I asked him to try it on while he was signing, and he put it on while laughing 💕 

I asked Kyungsoo if he was happy and he grinned as he said he was. When I told him his fans are always happy because of him, so please do everything you wish to do, his eyes were so tender ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

@proudD_O: Why was Kyungsoo so pretty today ㅜㅜ He put on an angel headband and beamed, it was an assault on my heart ㅜㅜ It was over in a flash… how sad ㅜㅜ Thank you Kyungsoo♡

@1993_112: Kyungsoo put on the headband, I will go die now

I told Kyungsoo it was a wish I’d always had, and asked him to try it on, that he could just take it off right away. He went “this one?” and took it to put it on himself. Then he stared at me and asked “is this good?” ⊙♡⊙ I was so emotional, all I could do was nod..

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emily i am so upset i just read this angsty fic where louis had to witness harry being married to somebody else with a kid and i am emotionally falling apaaart. :'(

noooo why why why did you read that :((((( that makes me so sad

here read these!!!!!!! they will make your heart burst with happy fluffiness

fluffy fic recs below the cut :))))))))

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