flower crown family

Bby Pidge putting flowers in Keith’s and Rovers’ hair!

Commission from @simply-nerdy-gal

Thank you so much for commissioning me! It was a cute prompt and I had alot of fun with it lol, I’m rusty on my backgrounds so I’m sorry if it’s lame lol but it was good practice for me :)


Tiaras of the British Royal Family; Part 1//Part 2 

9. Lotus Flower Tiara (1923)

10. Fife Tiara (1889)

11. Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet (1842)

12. George IV State Diadem (1820)


I’ve always had this distinct image of gwen and ted sitting in a meadow and making flower crowns but my background skills have not been up to it

until now

So fucking finally I’ve made it

Bonus: Tedros is the best flower crown maker out of everyone and shocks agatha by making her lit flower crowns all the time

I wanted to give it a nostalgic feel so I took the greens and yellows and made them maybe a bit too prominent because it makes it look a bit more hazy and almost sad, but I wanted to show it’s beauty making it seem like it was still a happy time

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Tell us some of your Mama!Hawk headcanons please :)


  • My favorite headcanon is that Riza tends to cook food for more than one person and brings it in to share with Ed. Sometimes on the weekends when she’s out and about she’ll swing by their dorm to drop some off. She knows exactly how much she’s making every time; she just wants to make sure he’s getting a proper meal.
  • She shares books with Alphonse and will go to the Eastern library with him to pick some out. She was very well-read as a child and knows that Al was too, so they spend time scouring the shelves for books that they either both haven’t read or that the other hasn’t. 
  • The Elric brothers know her schedule very well and know that she shops on Thursday nights. More often than not they’ll ‘happen to be in thearea’ whenever she gets groceries and will help her carry them home, especially during the spring/summer months when she walks.
  • The Elrics send her flowers every Mother’s Day.
  • The reason the boys are so attracted to her as a maternal figure is because of how she speaks to them. She’s very honest, as we’ve seen in canon. This carries on to their later lives, and they’ll often call her for advice. 
  • Riza was the first of Team Mustang that was informed of Edward and Winry’s engagement.

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Cute Skywalker Family headcanons

Imagine a happy Skywalker family AU where Anakin and Padme get to see Luke and Leia grow up

Leia and Luke love playing in sandboxes and love building sandcastles. They always ask Anakin to build sandcastles with them which he doesn’t want to do but he helps anyway since it makes them so happy. 

They have family game night. Leia loves playing strategy games. Padme and Anakin are both good at the games and love to play. Padme lets Luke win whenever just the two of them play so he will be at least a little interested in playing with the family. Leia gets to be so good at the game that she can beat her parents. Anakin feels annoyed and great pride at this.

Anakin and Padme take Luke to pod races on the weekend. They eventually let him join the races. They go to every race dressed in head-to-toe gear with Luke’s name on it. They cheer super loudly whenever he wins.

Leia goes with her mother for take-your-child to work day and listens to Padme in the Senate. She decides she wants to be involved in politics when she is older. She enjoys talking politics with Padme and Obi Wan the most.

Padme forces Anakin to change out of his Jedi robes on the weekend so they can be washed. Anakin walks around in his boxer shorts while they are in the laundry.

Anakin makes pancakes for the whole family on the weekend (often in just his boxers). He often carries Luke and Leia grabs onto his leg. He tries to make the pancakes into different shapes and designs. He has learned how to make pancakes in the shape of R2D2, C-3PO, a lightsaber, and Luke and Leia’s faces.

Padme loves making flower crowns and brings a number of flowers back from Naboo for the house. She has made flower crowns for the whole family which Luke and Leia love. Anakin secretly loves to wear them since they make Padme happy. 

Gods Being Beautiful in Mortal Forms

I’m a firm believer that Gods are supposed to appear to us in a beautiful and divine form. But I also believe they wouldn’t always appear heavenly and ethereal.

I believe in Hestia with burn marks on her hands, and red cheeks from so much time baking.

In Zeus with wet clothes, and poor eyesight from watching too bright of storms.

In Hera with blisters on her feet and stiff ankles from walking around in high heels and tripping on dresses.

In Demeter with bee stings, and bug bites, and poison ivy rashes all across her arms from being in the gardens.

Persephone with mitch-matching clothes, two wardrobes in one, and a style that is odd to everyone looking.

Poseidon with dry skin from hours in the water and chlorine. 

Amphitrite with dry hair from constantly dying her hair to beautiful shades of green and blue and purple.

Artemis with scratches and dirt and leaves all on her skin and clothes from climbing every neighborhood tree.

Apollo with sunburns and a sore throat from singing away the day.

Athena with bags under her eyes and messy hair from late nights reading and studying.

Hermes with hands stained copper from old pennies, and aching feet from walking too fast down the street.

Aphrodite with acne on her face from make-up, and chipped nail polish from throughout the day.

Hephaestus with scars and calluses all around his hands that have bits of metal stuck in them. 

Ares with bruised knuckles and sore muscles from hours training with a punching bag.

Dionysos with an pained chest from binding and breast forms and baggy clothes.

Hekate with cat hair and oils and herbs seemingly stuck to her skin and hair and clothes.

Hades with skin paler than it should be, and weak movements, but never falling sick.

Who said mortal aspects can’t be beautiful?

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Fanfic prompt: One day, David decides to make everyone flower crowns and Max hates it because he's Max, but David makes him wear it anyway. Which leads to David gushing about how adorable Max looks.



It all started because David wanted to let the kids explore “Mother Nature” or some shit like that.

“Why the fuck are we even out here?” Max said shoving a branch out of his way, walking past as it hit Space Kid in the stomach.

“Max, language,” David chastised. “And we’re out here because you all need some more taste of what it’s like to explore the woods! Why, when I was a camper, we explored the woods every year!”

“Fuck you.” was Max’s eloquent response.

They walked on a little more, Ered doing weird flips off trees like some skater girl Tarzan. (Max wondered how her skateboard even worked out here.) Nikki of course being actual Tarzan. Harrison and Nerris getting into a heated argument over weather Magic the Card Game or D&D was better. Preston was reciting some weird ass Shakespeare, and Nurf was purposefully smacking Space Kid with low hanging branches. Neil was.. Max didn’t even know what the fuck Neil was doing, but it looked like he was trying to find out whether a mushroom Nikki had eaten was poisonous or not.

They walked a little more with occasional stops because Gwen has severe asthma and had run out of medication close to “Parents Day”. Finally, they reached a clearing… covered in flowers?? It was absolutely killing Gwen. She had to use her shirt as a mask to block out the pollen.

“Why the fuck are we here?” Max said walking up to David who was like a fucking giraffe Jesus Christ. David smiled patting Max’s head fondly.

“We’re going to make FLOWER CROWNS!!!” David said as Space Kid cheered in the background. Max groaned and flopped down on the ground. It seemed as though Max was the only one who thought this idea was fucking stupid. Even Gwen was helping. Of course though David seemed to forget that none of the kids knew how to make flower crowns.

“Well gosh golly we’ll have to fix that then won’t we!” He said in response. He sent the campers off to find flowers, which they all did somewhat gleefully. When the campers had sat down. David tried to show them all how to make flower crowns but it failed so he ended up making the crowns for the campers and placing them on their heads as he finished.

He walked over to where Max was sitting on the forest floor and placed a flower crown on his mess of black hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? GET THIS SHIT OFF MY HEAD!” Max said because now it was tangled in his hair and there was no hope of getting it off. Instead of helping, David was cooing at Max. “Look at our precious baby Gwen!” Gwen sighed looking over to see a very disgruntled but freakishly adorable Max. “Oh my god it’s so fucking cute.” Gwen said as she snapped a thousand pictures of Max.

Okay I hope this satisfied your needs beautiful anon! I also hope you weren’t looking for maxvid because you won’t find that here!