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what first comes to my mind when i think about the mbti types

INFJ - stars. satin. your favourite playlist repeating over and over. obsession.
INFP - wings. the sound of a piano. glass reflecting light. 11:11. long scarves
INTJ - perfect structures. rain. skyscrapers. crystals. sarcastic jokes.
INTP - blank notebooks. park benches. dusk. smell of newly-cut grass.
ENFJ - cocktail dresses, new messages, late night talk, smirks
ENFP - clear lake, daisys, glitter, giggle, summer breeze
ENTJ - smokings, dawn, maxiskirts, miniature chess boards on a trip
ENTP - shorts, infinity, fire, passionate kisses
ISFJ - fast sketches of nature, waterfalls, catching your breath after a run
ISFP - little poems, art gallerys, gentle touch, cats
ISTJ - museums, handwritten postcards, rings, finally understanding something
ISTP - 3D, graffiti, black holes, lavender, the atlantic sea
ESFJ - fresh scents, holy festival, sun flowers, crowds, first kisses
ESFP - road trips, bubblegum, LED signs, soft drinks
ESTJ - red docmartens, familiy heirlooms, bright smiles
ESTP - new sneakers, smoke, lightning, running through the peaceful forest

You Get What You Deserve (I.M/Changkyun x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Hello, my name is Rylee and I enjoy sinning. Basically the squad asked for some kinky Changkyun and him being my bias wrecker, I had to deliver! I went a little overboard because I wasn’t sure what kind of kink you wanted, so I went with a little something different. But I can tell you, this will probably leave you a little more than just satisfied…Enjoy! This was so much fun to write because sexy, dirty talking Changkyun is my favorite thing in the world. Just remember the deep timbre of his voice as you read this…;)

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Slipping your black patent heels on, you gazed out over the bustling city that never seemed to sleep. The artificial light was almost brighter than the actual sun, all the varying colors created a stunning rainbow of ambiance that moved and breathed as cars sped down the streets and people walked along.The golden glow reflected off your face and you simply thought of how the hell you were supposed to get any kind of sleep. Thank god for curtains.

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mlm effect • garrus vakarian

Given the Current Climate in fandom, I figured it was a good idea (and a good time) to do something like this. Basically, a series of short oneshots about male Mass Effect companions unabashedly loving men. Support gay and bi male fandom members. Support their narratives and their love.

Previous: Jaal, Drack, Joker, Kallo, Steve.

Dating Shepard was never going to be easy.

Dating Shepard as the Reapers approached the Milky Way from dark space had its ups and downs. Dating Shepard while he was ‘stationed’ in Vancouver and undergoing an investigation by the Alliance made things even more difficult. Dating Shepard during the Reaper invasion when everything was falling to pieces around them was almost enough to make Garrus question his taste in men.

But the most difficult part of dating Shepard came when the war was over – introducing his war hero boyfriend to Castis Vakarian.

For weeks, Garrus worried over the details. He booked passage to Palaven. He spent hours on the comm, talking to Solana, sharing recipes for levo-friendly dishes as well as requesting that she please – please, please – make their father’s favorite meal. That way, if all else failed, at least Castis wouldn’t have to pick around something he didn’t find palatable. He knew that Shepard knew enough about turians to not say anything horrible or even just out-of-line; he had as much experience with them as Garrus did with humans.

They set the date. They informed his father. And in less than a week, Garrus was standing outside of the front door of his father’s semi-permanent apartment on Cipritine’s border.

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s_eckert gram

Had the priveledge of photographing @thekillers this past weekend. Frontman Brandon Flowers gave the crowd everything he had that night. This is one of my favorite images from the set–still can’t decide if I like it better in B&W or color

a little washette thing for the 7sins au


- they are the mind behind the 7sins au
- mari ur a blessing please keep drawing
- sorry if i messed up your otp i used part of your Laf’s route
- I think you’ll be spared if Tumblr doesn’t tag u in this lolol since I have like -23 followers on this blog

[so washington tried to write a letter the night he met laf]

“to you,

i am writing this with the coming of dawn. you are fast asleep on the bed besides me. that’s about all that’s keeping me grounded and sane.

i was fortunate to meet you in the prime of my time, my love.

i find myself desperate to relive this day. its entirety.

to see you again, in the midst of the drunken crowds, yellow flowers tucked in between the buttons of your shirt. i thought you were an angel, before realizing that i was the one coming from heaven. why you were equally feverish to come up to me, i still wonder to this very second.

to hold you again, behind the expand of these green woods, the lights of your town’s spring festival folding and unfolding behind us.

but time will cut through us like glass. they’ll come for me before the sky lightens up. somehow i am sure of that.

i do not know what they will do to me. throw me to hell, i suppose. rip my wings off. obliterate my soul. i see no reason why i am not shaking as i write.

but nothing aches me deeply than what you said after i explained everything to you.

‘then i’ll follow you.’ you said. ‘to heaven or to hell.’

it is engrained within me the look you had in your eyes. It’s the way a person who could not swim would look at the ocean.

listen to me.
i beg you.

do not come for me.
do not go through with whatever is spinning into solidarity in your head.
i am not enough for you to ruin yourself.

i have all these memories of us. i’ll remember. i promise you.

you are the last person i held this spring.

g. washington.”

[of course laf never had the chance to read this lmao i’m guessing the ppl coming for washington burnt it]


[so lafayette tried out journaling after he met washington as a mortal]

“june starts today.

i knew they took him before i opened my eyes.
before i heard the birds were croaking outside and before i could pick up my clothes from the floor.

i can still smell him on me. like pine trees and ink.


adrienne came to see me.

‘why do you look like you’re in mourning?’ she said, her hair braided with the those same yellow flowers from the fields.

‘i was too clumsy.’

‘I’m sorry?“

‘i lost something, adrienne.’

she takes a good look at me.

’…judging by how you are, this “thing” certainly must have had a piece of your soul embedded in it.’

she was joking, but i felt sick to my stomach.

it’s going to rain before it’s going to get hotter. there’s dragonflies circling outside my window, around and around. at night they’ll be replaced with fireflies. it’ll look beautiful, if i can bribe the children with enough candy so they won’t come hurrying with their glass jars. i’ll feel the most relief in their lights. it’s what i believe heaven will look like. so i’ll feel a step closer to him, i guess.


after everything, i just really hope fingerprints will last a long time. not on glass or paper. on skin. i don’t wish to know the exact numbers or dates, but all i know is that he held my hand so firmly, it probably left a mark on my bones.


they’ve arrested the beggars near the market.
i heard their children screaming their throats raw.

i gave them these lemon tarts that i made. they crawled into my lap, begging for hugs and affection.

adrienne stopped visiting. actually, all of the virtues stopped.

the stolen money is rotting in my drawers.


i try to sit down and reason with myself.

then i remember your eyes and your mouth and your voice saying my name like something’s trying to take you away and i just can’t i’m so so sorry god


blood has a smell that sticks.

it’s useless trying to scrub it off.

if i just close my eyes, i can imagine the stars. instead of the faces.


i love you.


they’ll execute me tomorrow, then.

it’s decided.

god, it feels so cold in this cell.
i think i better get used to it.

i’ve done awful things.
i beg the lord to forgive me.

i’ve followed my promise.
i beg of you to forgive me.

may we meet again.


danielkesslers  asked:

another prompt: “I got you a present.” ft. Prompto and Noctis.


[send me some writing prompts]

First vibe - shenanigans

Noctis is exhausted when he finally gets home from all his meetings.

He’s almost twenty now, and he’s been shadowing his father more often than he’s actually been attending college.

Still, he tries to stay in the apartment as often as he can. Sure it’s a commute from the Citadel, but he cherishes the feel of it, likes the way the city looks at night.

It’s always been a bit of a security risk, though, so when Noctis opens the door to his apartment and drops his bag on the kitchen counter only to hear the click of a weapon when no one should be in his apartment, he feels himself shift into fight or flight immediately. He presses the panic button, a little thing under the kitchen counter his Crownsguard had installed, before calling his weapons to form a shell around him.

And just in time, too.

He scarcely has time to find his assailant before there’s a soft ‘ding’ of something colliding with a weapon and he whips towards the sound to find a bulle- a foam dart?

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"We're Next" Sodapop x Reader

Summary: Y/N asks Sodapop to be her date to a wedding

(This is probably going to be super lame, but I think the idea is cute;) Super long guys, bare with me though!)

I stared at my reflection admiring the dress I was planning on wearing to my older brothers wedding. It was only a few days away, and the dress was appealing, but not overwhelming. Of course I was excited, but I was still lacking a key component. A date. I wasn’t looking to go by myself, and my brother advised I bring a plus one. I had someone in mind, but I wasn’t confident he’d agree to going with me. After debating with myself over the situation, I decided I’d ask him. What the worst thing he could do? Say no?

I walked down the street to the DX, where Sodapop was working. Like all other girls, I had a crush on the oh-so attractive boy. We had been friends for a while, I helped tutor him when he was still in school, and things just sort of escalated from there. Even after he dropped out, I’d still come by his house and say hello to him and his brothers, or I’d swing by the DX just to chat. Although typically, it was packed full of girls, and paying customers as well. So usually, we’d step into the garage and chat there, every now and again Steve joining.

I walked through the front door of the small gas station and the bell above rang, signaling I had entered. Today seemed slower than it had been, at least every time I went in. I walked to the counter and called out for Soda. He walked around the corner with a dirty rag, cleaning his hands, and a grin on his face.
“Hey Y/N, what are you up to doll face?”
I smiled at his comment, even though he had called me ‘doll’ or ‘doll face’ often.
“Oh, not too much,” I paused and bit my bottom lip, mentally preparing myself for the big question, “Hey, are you busy this Saturday?”
“For once, I’m not,” He sent a smile my way, “Why, you got plans?”
“Yes, I do actually. I just need someone else with me.”
He raised an eyebrow, urging for me to continue.
“Well, my brothers wedding is this weekend, I was wondering if maybe, ya know, if you weren’t busy, maybe you’d come with me?” I avoided eye contact with him, scared I could read the answer in his expression. He didn’t answer for what felt like forever.
“That sounds like a lot of fun Y/N, I’d really love that.” I felt my heart stop for a second, and I nearly jolted upright.
“Oh, that’s great!” I cheered.
I finished explaining the details to him, and he said he’d see me Saturday. I left baring a smile that stretched from ear to ear on my face.

Saturday came quickly and I was quaking with excitement and anticipation. I was dolled up for the wedding and was currently waiting for Sodapop to pick me up. I sat in front of the mirror and put some touch ups to my makeup, when I heard a knock at my front door. I was the only one at home at the time, my mother and father were already at the wedding. I slipped on my heels and jogged carefully to the door. Waiting outside, was Sodapop. He had a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie on. He looked so handsome. Even more-so than usual, if that’s possible.
“Hey, you!” I exclaimed. Soda just stared at me. Shyly moving his eyes all across my body. He finally met my gaze and cleared his throat.
“Y/N, you look… Great. Just, uh gorgeous.” He choked up. My face was beet red. Soda never looked at me this way before, but I wasn’t complaining.

We soon arrived at the soon-to-be ceremony, it was a truly beautiful set up. Soda and I walked next to one another, and neither of us talked much. Something was wrong with him I knew, he was never quiet. Although it was my brothers wedding, I wasn’t too involved. I just wasn’t interested I guess. So, Soda and I sat out in the crowd, waiting until it started. My brother spotted me in the crowd, and gave me a nervous smile. I grinned back, giving him a thumbs up. Soda and I had a bit of small talk here and there, but he still seemed off. Eventually, the wedding kicked off and we sat in silence until it was over. The reception was the fun part, and it was about to start.

Music played out loud, and I could see Sodapop slowly getting into it. Like he would usually. We danced to several fast songs, then sat down for a break. A slow song played and I could see Soda staring at me from the corner of my eye. Finally, he spoke.
“Care to dance?” He stood up, and put his hand out for me to grab. I smiled and took it graciously. “I thought you’d never ask.”
He pulled me on the dance floor, and we stood together, swaying to the soft beat. I rested my head on his chest, while his hands stayed on my waist. I could hear his heartbeat, and it was pounding nearly out of his chest. Mine was doing the same, I’m sure he couldn’t tell though. Suddenly, I felt him speak.
“Hey, you know, I’ve always thought you were beautiful.”
I felt my face begin to turn pink. He then continued,
“I’ve really liked you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I always thought that you thought of me as a, I don’t know, an idiot I guess.”
I stopped dancing and looked at him, “Why would I ever think that of you?”
“I’m a drop out Y/N I couldn’t even finish the most basic schooling there is, even with the smartest girl I know helping me out.”
“Soda, you’re not an idiot. You just don’t learn the same way as others, but that’s what makes you different. And you know, different is beautiful.” I met his eyes, and he was beaming.
“Oh yeah, and I like you a lot too Sodapop.”
“Can I kiss you?” He asked without hesitation. My eyes widened, and all I could do was nod. He leaned in and met his lips with my own. It wasn’t a long, or heated kiss, but it was full of affection and care. We finished the dance and sat down, this time though, our hands never parted.

The newly wed couple stood up to dance another song, and everyone watched, and admired. I was truly happy for my brother. I felt Soda move my hair and lightly press his lips to my ear,
“Something tells me that we’re next.” He whispered.
I looked at him confused. Next for what? He then pointed to the bride and groom
“That right there, that’s us in a few years.” I smiled at the thought of this.
“Don’t you think it’s a bit early to suggest that?” You could hear the grin in my speech.
“A guy can dream, can’t he?”

“Alright, ladies! Let’s see who the next lucky girl is. Who will catch the bouquet?” I ran into the group of unwed woman. The bride turned around and tossed the flowers into the crowd. Tons of arms shot in the air, but somehow, the bouquet managed to fall into mine. My eyes widened in surprise, as I got a lot of congratulating pats on the back, and some irritated looks from woman in their 30s who had still remained single. Still surprised, I looked at Soda and smiled. He shrugged his shoulders and mouthed, ‘I told you so.’

House of Cards || kth v. jjk [4]

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House of Cards

The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Word Count: 3,638

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °

Hyejin never returned that day, but she did come back three days later to a dorm filled with flowers that were not addressed to her and a half-sleeping you that was facetiming Jungkook in the apparent confusion. The confusion on her face could not compare to the concern that laced Jungkook when he spotted the white roses that happened to adorn nearly every aspect of your dorm.  

“Do you have a secret admirer or something?” Jungkook grumbles as he barely had any room to stand in your room that had been crowded with flowers. Jungkook was well of aware of your beauty – but he never expected that someone else would be able to see it too. “Your entire room and half this place is covered with white roses.”

You knit your brows in confusion. “You didn’t send them..?”  

“Does it look like I have white rose money?” Jungkook quips, not in annoyance at you, but at whoever dared to send your flowers, and not a dozen or three dozen like most normal people. No, this person had sent you twenty dozens of roses. “Now, when I walked in here and asked Hyejin, she said that she thought I had sent them. It is perfectly fine to talk me up to everyone but you should at least tell me who sent you all of this. Do you have a sugar daddy that I don’t know about? A benefactor like those dramas?”  

You shake your head. “I thought you sent them! You’re the only person that I talk to, Jungkook. There is literally no one else who would know how much I like white roses than you.”  

“Has anyone mentioned white roses to you lately?” Your words send Jungkook into hyper protective mode. Your acceptance into Seoul University is painted vividly in Jungkook’s mind and he grimaces in discontent. He also thinks about that time when you told him in your last weeks of junior year because someone was following you home. “Have you seen any white roses lately?”

You tilt your head in thought before your eyes meet Jungkook’s. “The only person I’ve seen with white roses lately would be Hyejin’s boyfriend. He came a couple of days ago to give them to her but she wasn’t here. I highly doubt Hansung would do that, though. Hyejin said that he doesn’t have that kind of cash and that would be really reckless to just do that when one, he has a girlfriend and two, we would know exactly who it is.”  

The mention of the blonde boy makes Jungkook grit his teeth. “Have you considered that maybe he wants you to know who it is?”  

“You’re being paranoid, Jungkook.” You stand up in front of Jungkook and take his hand and pat it softly. “You don’t  have to worry about me.  I can handle myself.”

Jungkook blinks once, no twice before shaking his head. “I just don’t want to wake up one day and get a call saying that you’re not here anymore, or kidnapped, or even worse…” His voice trails off. His wordless mention makes you remember the summer before college and the accident that you had gotten into.

“I shouldn’t have let you go home, dammit Y/N.” Jungkook’s voice spills into the receiver as you yawn tiredly in response. You were only a couple of blocks away from your house. “You’re going to be okay, alright?”  

   You nod though he cannot see you. “I’m fine, Jungkook. I knew you would be like this, so I called just to let you know that I am fine, okay? Enjoy your party.”  

  “Just stay on the phone with me until you make it to your house, okay? Lots of questionable things have been happening to you lately and I don’t want to take any chances.” Jungkook violently shakes his head as ideas swirl into his mind. He waves away the drink that is being offered to him by Kim Yugyeom, one of his close friends, before shifting on the kitchen counter. “It’s past one in the morning and I let you walk home by  yourself. I’m such an as-”

  You roll your eyes at Jungkook’s small rant about himself while crossing the street. The light flashes red halfway in your walk and you quickly run across the street. The slightest hint of footfalls is amplified as you run across but you ignore them, thinking that they are your own.  "That you are, Jungkook, that you are.“

"Yah! When I said that, I didn’t need your agreement.” Jungkook jokes as he slides himself off of the kitchen counter. He leans over a couple that’s making out to grab himself a cup of water so that he can sober up faster. “Y/N-ah? Why are you quiet?”  

 Ignoring the pleas of your friend, you turn your head towards the sound of fabric flapping in the wind – like someone was running. “Jungkook, I think someone is following me.” You turn back to the direction of your house with a tired but alert look in your eyes. There still was a block left from your house.  

“What?” Jungkook gulps hard enough for you to hear it. “Fuck, I knew I should have just taken you home. Can’t you run to home or something?”

You roll your eyes while picking up your pace but also trying not to make it obvious. “I’m trying, Jun-”

Cutting you off mid sentence, you scream as loud as you can muster before hands cover your mouth. Hands attempt to rummage through your hoodie and pants but attempts are futile as you do your best to get out of the person’s group. It’s only seconds after you’re silence that you realize that there is not just one person there, but another.

“Be quiet and we won’t hurt you, okay?” Forest green eyes state back into your own, but you know that they have to be contacts masking their own brown eyes. “Stand still and look pretty.”  

You squirm in the person behind you’s grip, attempting to bite the person’s hand. “LET ME GO!” You elbow the person who restricts your movement only to be caught by the owner of green contacts with a smirk on his face.  

“Someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be out this late.” Are the last words you hear before you reach the edge of consciousness and disseminate to the darkness that is intrinsic gray.

Your silence on the other line raises Jungkook’s anxiety level. “Y/n? Y/n?” Jungkook is running out of his front door in direction to your house that is just over a mile away. “Y/N-please- say something.”  


Jungkook silently thanks himself for you pushing him to join the track team as he sprints. Leaves crunch under his feet and the cold abnormally cold wind slaps his cheeks as he crosses the shortcut the two of you always had taken together since you were kids. His eyes catch sight of a figure hunched over another.  

“Y/N-ah!” Jungkook screams so loud that his voice cracks half way. The sound of Jungkook’s voice has the hunched over figure turn to face him; welcoming mahogany eyes meet Jungkook’s in fear and a black mask covers the bottom half of his face. The eye contact adds extra adrenaline to Jungkook as he speeds faster, watching as the hunched over figure cowers away from you. A small piece of paper falling from his coat pocket in the process.  

Upon hearing your name, you attempt to open your eyes. ’“J-jungkook-” You stammer before turning your eyes to the shadow that looms by your side. Unrecognizable eyes stare back into yours, but you feel a sense of recognition washes over you. “Who are you?”  

“I missed you so much.” The unknown person whispers to you before he was pressed against the pavement by Jungkook. His mask stays intact as his head bumps against the pavement.

Jungkook pressed the unknown male against the concrete. “You piece of -” Before Jungkook finishes his sentence, with practiced malice, his fist connects with the jaw of the unknown male. “You’re so lucky that I’m not going to kill you because so help if you touch or even th-” Frustrations vibe through him as he lands another fist against the jaw of the male.  

“Jungkook, stop.” You weakly blurt while wiping the blood that stains the corner of your mouth. Your soft voice calms Jungkook ever so slightly as he turns to face you. “H-he helped me.” You groan softly as you try your best to crawl over towards Jungkook. “Don’t-”

Taking advantage of Jungkook’s distraction, the unknown male slams Jungkook roughly against the sidewalk. Fire laces his orbs. “I fucking trust you to protect her with your life. I gave her to you.” The malice in the boy’s voice has Jungkook staring up at him in confusion. What was he saying? “I love her so much that it hurts. I’d die for her and you can’t even protect her.” Each word planted a fist against Jungkook’s jaw and his stomach, causing the young boy to groan in pain. Blood from the unknown boy’s brow fell on Jungkook’s face.  

“Who the fuck are you?” Jungkook coughs in between his sentence but the intent of hate is still embedded in his words.  

“STOP!” You scream while pulling the unknown boy off of Jungkook. Your strength wanes on you with every movement that you make. “Don’t hurt him-”

Completely engrossed in his anger, the boy sends you flying back on the ground. You wince in pain from your already bruised side. The sound of you in pain is too much for him to bare and he quickly shivers at the idea of what just happen. He stumbles a bit before standing up; his eyes taking in the black and blue Jungkook and you who groaned while holding your stomach. The sight was too much for him to behold and so he did as he knew best- he ran.

“Jungkook, are you okay?”  Your words bring Jungkook out of his thoughts as he strains a smile at you. For a long time, it seemed that Jungkook always felt the need to take care of you and it was not without reason. You like to think that you can take care of yourself and you could – but Jungkook never quite saw the need for you to be completely without him for a certain period of time. “What are you thinking about?”

A two word syllable escapes Jungkook’s slip. “Summer.” The mere word makes you swallow hard because the two of you had agreed not to mention that night. Nothing especially horrible happened to you – only that your purse had gotten stolen, but the person who helped you from avoiding a worse fate had left Jungkook in dissonance ever since. The man’s words had left Jungkook with burning questions for you and following that encounter, he asked you frequently in hopes of finding who it would be. “That guy – you know the one,” Jungkook takes a step closer to you. His eyes never leaving yours. “Do you think it could be him?”  

What cripples you the most is that you find yourself actually pondering if that guy could be who sent you all the roses. Your silence unhinges Jungkook with every second and he feels that he can not breathe in the absence of your words. Every fiber of his being burns in discontent as he awaits your answer but he says nothing.  

“Y/N-ah,” Jungkook grasps your wrist. The discontent within him makes his eyes jump. “That wasn’t very long ago.” He licks his bottom lip. “He said that he loved you – that he gave you to me.” A sharp breath ripples through the both of you at Jungkook’s proposition because deep down, you know that Jungkook is on to something and the fact that he does makes you swallow hard.  "I don’t want to lose you because some fuck has an obsession with you.“ Despite his harsh language, you find yourself more at ease with the profanity because you can hear the sincerity that wanes in his voice. "I-I just don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” He stammers out.  

The small confession makes your heart leap quicker than it should for the two of you to just because platonic and you swallow back your tears when you take Jungkook in for an embrace. He whimpers a bit by accident but encloses you into his arms. “I won’t let you lose me.” You try to sound hopeful but you know Jungkook is still bothered by the prospect. He sniffles softly and you’re unsure if he’s crying or not – but you decide to go against the former because Jeon Jungkook does not cry. He pecks your forehead and pulls you closer than what should scientifically impossible.  

Despite his surroundings, Taehyung stands with a smile bewitched on his face. He could only imagine the glimpse of happiness on your face when you saw the roses that he had managed to send you. As much as Taehyung hated working the underground, he knew that you were worth the risk that he was taking.  

“Ayo, V!” A voice bellows behind him and Taehyung grimaces at the volume of the person’s voice. With a scowl on his face, Taehyung narrows his eyes on the man who stands in front of him. The sight of not one, not two, but four men makes him roll his eyes in discontent but he can’t say that he wasn’t surprised. Min Suga never arrived alone. “Do you have my money?”  

The mask that encompasses the bottom half of his face masks the slight tremble from his bottom lip. He thanks himself for being smart enough to at least mask himself. It was the same mask that you had touched when he had saved you that deep summer night. “I need more time. You know I’m good for it.” Taehyung hastily replies, knowing that Suga was not one to make wait. Taehyung himself had never experienced Suga’s fury but he heard that those that did never lived to tell the tale.  

Platinum blonde hair sticks against Suga’s forehead as he throws his head back in laugh. His hand at his hip to steady himself from punching Taehyung. “You know I don’t have patience, V.” He clicks his tongue in annoyance as the two of them make eye contact. “You owe me my money. You better produce that shit fast or you’re going to end up right where Hansung is.”

The mere mention of the real Hansung makes Taehyung swallow harder than he ought to for someone who wasn’t afraid and sheepishly nods. “I-I-I’ll get it soon.” Taehyung’s measly response does not convince Suga as he dismissively waves his hand towards his three henchmen with a sinister smile on his lips. The silence from the leader swallows Taehyung whole as the three men approach him with fire in their eyes.

“I know that you’re doing this all for that girl.” Suga adds, the gummy smile is the epitome of the misconception that most would see when they see Min Suga. “I would not like a repeat of what happened during the summer to happen again – now should we?” He raises his brows at Taehyung and Taehyung clenches his jaw in anger but Taehyung knows better than to run away so he stands still, paralyzed as the first punch lands against his cheek. Another punch lands against Taehyung and he hunches over by the force while deeply inhaling to take the brunt out of the punch but it does him no justice. Punch after punch comes but Taehyung does not regret the pain that comes to him. Pain that stemmed from you would never hurt him anyhow.  

Later that night, illumination from refrigerated beverages kisses your skin while you sit in the convenience store that had been near your dorm. You knew that you had to hurry back soon if you didn’t want Jungkook knowing that you left but a part of you still wished that Jungkook wouldn’t treat you like a little girl and let you protect yourself for once. The idea causes a pout on your lips as you walk over to the counter to pay for your things. The cashier evidently did not want to wait on you as they quickly gave you back your change, muttering something about someone being late for their shift. You shrugged while taking your package of ramen and walking over to the microwave and placing your food quickly inside.  

“Hansung! You’re late.” The cashier girl quips, not bothering to look up as she takes the apron off of her and throws it his direction. She doesn’t bother to notice the busted lip that he adorns or the evident blood stain on his once pristine white shirt. She pushes past him without a care and is already out of the convenience store before you can turn around to take his appearance yourself and when you do, you gasp a little.  

You murmur in confusion while looking at him. “Hansung?” The lilt of your voice makes him snap his neck nearly in efforts to look at you and your stomach drops at how badly beaten he looks. He’s in absence of the glasses he always wears and he limps a bit while going behind the corner, taking the apron that was thrown behind it.  

“Oh, h-hi Y/n,” he stammers.  Taehyung smiles despite the pain that burns his side. He’s certain that three of his ribs are broken as he speaks but he can’t afford to go to the hospita: one, because he can’t risk anyone finding out who he is and two, he spent all the money that he had on you.  

You walk over to where he stands, taking in his appearance in shock. “What happened? Who did this to you?” You remember how Jungkook had told you to stay away from all members of the opposite sex (except him, of course) and Hansung definitely fell into that category. Yet, how could you stay away from him when he looked so helpless?  

“I just got greedy, that’s all.” Taehyung mumbles while leaning back against the counter to restrain himself from the urge to touch you. He wished that he could suppress his thoughts but he knew that he would never. Someone as perfect as you deserved to be in every thought of someone’s mind. He knows that you don’t take his answer with more than a grain of salt but secretly prays that you would stop asking questions. “H-how are you, by the way?” He clenches the bottom of the apron this time instead of the counter to fight back his urge to kiss you. Oh, how easy it could be if he just did it right now.

“I don’t matter right not, Taehyung. I think we should take you to a hospital. You’re limping and I’m certain that something’s bad has happened to you and you won’t tell me.” You reach out to touch his arm and he winces at your touch. To you, you think it’s out of pain but to him, the idea of you reaching out to him sends him into overdrive. Did you have to make it so hard for him?  

Taehyung shakes his head almost violently, words tying around the lump in his throat. “I-I’m fine, really,” His eyes dart to your hand on his arm, his heart beats in double time. A bewildered look falls on his face despite the messy look that adorns him. “Can you let m-me go? I-I-” He stammers more and you quickly retract your hand. His pupils have dilated.  

“Taehyung, I really don’t think you’re okay.” You state while biting your tongue.

“Well, how can I be when you’re so close to me?” The statement blurts from Taehyung and you take a step back from his random outburst. “I mean, just what do you expect?”  

When had his speech patterns changed so quickly? What was going on with him? “Taehyung, something isn’t right…”  

“You’re r-right. Something is not right.” He takes a deep breath, grasping his shaking left hand with his right. “It’s-”

Before Taehyung can finish, the familiar call of your name makes him stop short. “Y/N!” Jungkook.  

It’ll always be Jungkook, Taehyung thinks to himself as he grits his teeth in dissatisfaction.  

“Y/N!” Jungkook says, a rave of reassurance filling him as his fingers rummage your head, shoulders and arms, “You weren’t at the dorms when I came to pick you up and-” A scoff from behind Jungkook leaves the younger boy stiffening at the sound. Chestnut hair slaps his forehead as he whips around to see a disheveled looking Taehyung. “What are you doing here?”

Retreating back to normalcy, Taehyung swallows hard at the sight of Jungkook. “I w-work here.” And there is the stutter again. You stand there at a lost for words, confused with what was the truth regarding Kim Hansung. Was he the sweet, painfully shy boy who loved Hyejin or was he this?

“Stay away from Y/N.” Jungkook tells the older boy with a narrowing of his eyes. “I don’t know who you are or what you’re playing at but there’s something off about you and I’m determined to find out.”  

Stay away from Y/N. Stay away from Y/n. STAY AWAY.  Taehyung wished that he could repeat those words to himself and believe it because he had been doing that for years. He had stayed away. He had tried to forget you despite all the years that the two of you had been apart. He tried to stay away from your friends. He had tried to stay away from the boys who took interest in you. Honest, he had, but hearing from Jungkook irked him to no end.  

He would not stay away, no, never, of course not. You had made it too easy for him to keep coming back.  

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °

kirasscott  asked:

please give me your complete and honest thoughts on how much scott and stiles love each other, as is our brand

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that their girlfriends always say to people that they’re each other one true love.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that when Stiles is feeling sad, he looks at a picture that Isaac doesn’t have of Scott McCall wearing a flower crowd he made for him to wear and feels a little bit better

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that they text each other at least ten times a day. Even when they’re in the same room together.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that they have their own choreographed dance that Lydia made them perform at Christmas and she keeps the video in a safe place.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that they’re each other #1 number on the speed dial.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that, at one point, a threesome was considered.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that Stiles looks for a best friend for Isaac so he can get Scott just for himself.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that they don’t even bother correcting people who think they’re in a romantic relationship.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that Scott actually tries and watch Star Wars for Stiles, even though he doesn’t remember any scene or name after it ends.

Scott and Stiles love each other so much that Stiles accepts the previous situation because at least he tried.

Arisha’s 3rd Fan Meeting Experience


As many of you have seen from my updates, I finally had the chance to see Arisha live at her Fan Meeting, which happened on 16 July 2017. Here is a small report of what I could remember and my spaghetti on everything that happened!

More under the cut~

(Warning a lot of spaghetti/random fanboying happened while I was typing out this post…)

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Mob did not live to be able to confess to Tsubomi, and before he passed, he left something for each of his loved ones to hopefully take care of them for him.

In which Mob transfers a little bit of ???% into his friends and family, and ???% tries to figure out how to help these new hosts. While they try to deal with this dream phantom and the loss of a loved one.

I chose Teru to start out, since hes the most recent person to have seen ???% in recent chapters. We’ll follow him and his thoughts for about the course of a handful of months up to a year after Mobs passes. (Time doesn’t have many markers in this story so I thought i’d clear up how long has passed here!)

This is rated teen and up audiences, please read with care!

Read it on Ao3 if you like!

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