flower buds

Night Watch

Ok, before the day ends I just have to say that I really, really, really love the first quote I posted today:

Lilac was common in the city. It was vigorous and hard to kill and had to be. The flower buds were noticeably swelling. He stood and stared, as a man might stare at an old battlefield…

I read that part yesterday, and it just struck me how much meaning is crammed into those few sentences. Vimes has just learned what he has to do in order to get back to the future, he’s thinking about everything that is to come, meanwhile the undercurrents of revolution are gaining traction in the streets. The lilac buds, like Vimes, like the revolutionaries, like Ankh-Morpork itself, are tough, resilient, difficult to kill, and on their way to becoming something much greater. 

It’s the same with this quote:

Moss had grown over the wooden markers of the other six [headstones], but it had been scraped off the central one, revealing the name: JOHN KEEL. And carved underneath, by someone who had taken some pains, was: How Do They Rise Up?

I thought as I was reading it: who are “they”? They are the angels in the song. They are John Keel and the other six watchmen. They are the Vimes who goes back to where it all began, and also the young Sam Vimes who became who he is thanks to Keel. They are the people of Ankh-Morpork. But I also think it’s about the various ways people talk about remembrance. What are the appropriate ways in which these men can be honoured in death? A bronze statue would be too much, but to put their bones in a crypt doesn’t do justice to their memories. How do they rise? How can we raise them up?

This book gives me so much to think about every single time I read it. It blows me away Every. Damn. Time.


The Temblor mountains of central California in superbloom. 

we learned every inch of this range, it was our home and sanctuary, our playground, a fortress of forever changing intricacy. watched the flowers bud, bloom and begin to wither over the course of months. 

My spirit had been dormant for a while, and those mountains made me alive again.

Expired 35mm film from the attic.


Cleaning out my phone so I have room for lots of new photos to come 🙏🏻 and came across these purple nugs and remembered how beautiful they were to photograph and smoke 🙏🏻💨💕🙏🏻💨💕