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You know what makes me upset?


When we wake up from the void, one of the first things we see is this man who is borderline delusional, who has murdered his friends - who shot us - and he’s holding a cane in his hands.

Damien’s cane.

Something that once represented an individual who was a compassionate, emotional, trustworthy, charming, intellectual, and a persuasive leader. He was bright; a sense of calm amidst such chaos.

Now in the hands of a good man gone mad, who believes this all to be a joke. Some kind of ruse pulled by his friends, and He calls out to the dead, leaving the last bit of sanity he has in that room with us…with that cane, ownerless and now laying on a table. We reach out and take it in our hand, gently, and after a moment, we see something change. There is a distortion and suddenly, we aren’t the one holding it anymore.

The camera pans up to a mirror, and we see a reflection. We see him.

It’s Damien, but…not exactly.

His hair isn’t smoothly combed back, parted differently, now wild and slightly disheveled. He’s missing his bowtie, his flower pin, and the mayor button. His light and calming aura is no longer present, and the color fades from him as he looks down at that cane. You can see the immense pain in his eyes; the sense of loss and confusion, numbness and frustration. It’s not just him: it’s Celine. It’s us.

That’s our body but it’s him

He raises it to the light and looks at what he once was; takes one last glimpse at a life stolen from him at a such young age. It belonges to a man who was cunning - eager to help a city - and was invited to a fun night of poker, laughter, drinks, friends. It was an invitation to smile, and to make new of old memories, but it was all a horrible lie, fabricated to take their lives.

It was a trap, and it robbed Damien of having a future. Robbed the detective, robbed Celine, us, everyone.

Damien moves, adjusting as the world around us shakes and shatters, world bleeding cyan and red. The mirror shatters, dangerous and violent as it cracks to reveal static.

We see Damien pause, closing his eyes and it seems like he’s taking a moment to listen. To hear his thoughts, and to feel this body. Feel the power of this shared consciousness.

But then he opens his eyes, and you can see the torment. The heartbreaking realization that an individual he considered to be one of his closest friends took Damien’s life from him. And in this moment - this terrible, agonizing moment - he is drowning in betrayal, bitterness, confusion, loss, and heartbreak.

It’s a moment of acceptance.

It’s when something inside him shifts.

We witness that burning anger, that seek for justice, and the Damien who welcomed us our first night at the manor - who defended and confided in us - ceases to exist. He puts down that cane as lips that once held a smile distort and bend into an uncharacteristical scowl, rage stripping the picture of Damien from exsistence and painting this new entity of 3 souls trapped within one body.

Reflected in that shattered mirror is the image of innocents who should have left that mansion, alive and untouched. It is the image of revenge, and blinding despair; one that drips of this seething hatred.

Its something from a nightmare because we see the face of a man who once had eyes that shone brighter than the stars, with such heart and kindness, only to crumble as he tries to keep the others around him sane as they are picked off one by one. We watched as he became more and more lost, emotional, and frustrated mostly with himself. He was an individual who attempted to be a voice of reason, a protector, a guide, and because of that nature, it was used against him. His body will spend the rest of eternity being puppetted by someone else, and the true Damien will be lost into something that is everything he never was.

Staring into that mirror isn’t Damien. It isn’t Celine, or Mark, or any of us. It’s a being of darkness that betrays us, leaving us in that place. It’s only then we feel that dense of abandonment, and it is crippling, because we finally understand how Damien felt. And in that moment, at least for me, I forgave them and the thing that they unknowingly unleashed.

And It is just so terrible because Damien deserved so much more.

They all did.

And it just breaks my heart.


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i accept no weddings with tony as one of the betrothed that don’t have Dummy as the ring-bearer


My uncle asked me to draw myself in cute clothes so he could color it. But he wasn’t satisfied with his color choices so he asked for another one with a few change in the clothes. Then again. And again. Till the whole page was full! He really like flowers so I was asked to put some in most outfits and he also kept in mind that green is my fav color. For most of them I was looking at him while he colored but in the end he asked me to close my eyes so i’ll have the surprise. It was fun!

Last pic is my birthday cake! Each year my uncle cut numbers in cardboard but this time I decided to make a drawing instead. We were talking about angels, which inspired me. I like to imagine angels look pretty and human enough (+ wings) at first but then you notice… something weird about them.