flower afghan

دل دیوانهء من !
تو بخوان
یک کس از زمزمه هایت شاید
درد را
گل به گیسو بزند

       My foolish heart                           Sing!
Perhaps someone 
                         Will collect your melodies 
And pin it as a flower 
                        on someone’s hair
—  Qahar Aasi
The Afghan of 2014

Last year I decided to crochet an Afghan for myself. Many of you know that I rarely make anything for myself, but that I have a thing….for blankets.
I decided that if I were to make a blanket for myself, it would need to be large enough to cover my queen size bed. 
I found this lovely square/hexagon pattern and decided on black, red, and white yarn. The outcome would be something like a poppy (one of my favourite flowers, right up there, next to Sunflowers) and that appealed to me.
So off I went for measurements. After testing the pattern, I found that I needed 368 hexagons. 
Well, there are 365 days in a year…..368 squares in the blanket…..
i said to myself “Self, some people fold 1000 paper cranes as a test of patience. What if we crocheted one square, every day, for a year? Wouldn’t that be fun?”
What a naive fool I am.
365 days of crochet ( 3 squares on day 1 to make sure it was the right size). 
One hexagon. Every day….for a WHOLE FREAKING YEAR!!! Nope…never doing that again. EVER!
A square on the day word reached me that a dear friend passed suddenly! A square on the day I said goodbye to my beloved pet!
If the walls could talk, they’d tell you how much screaming, crying, anger and frustration has been put into this blanket! However, those walls would also tell you how late we stayed up laughing, sometimes to the point of tears…how many good memories were made while it was pieced together.
I look forward to snuggling up underneath it and reminiscing the year 2014. The year of the afghan.