Hooper problems

1)Defending yourself from your friends/significant other who say “You’re getting ANOTHER ONE??”

2)Being a mild hazard to all living and non-living things around you

3)Eternal hoop bruises

4)Being treated like a child because you play with a “kid’s toy”

5)Being expected to ‘perform a routine’ for onlookers

6)Being told 'you do it for the attention’

7)Explaining to people that each hoop is different when they say 'it’s the same thing to me’ and having to justify why you are less comfortable letting non-hoopers play with expensive LED hoops without being seen as a 'bitch’

8)Same goes for giving kids hula hoops to play with, which is lovely and all, and then having to ask for it back and getting glares from their parents…

9)When your flow doesn’t translate into videos

10)When people watching you hoop make you nervous so you end up feeling uncomfortable and not being able to flow freely

11)T-rex arms

12)Awkward body shimmies

13)When the hoop hits you in the face


15)Tape scuffing

16)Dropping the hoop on harsh surfaces (like concrete)

17)Being told off for hooping in the house because you’re 'breaking all the furniture’

18)The one time where you can’t nail a trick in front of other people and you end up accidentally getting the hoop to fling into them and cause a bad impression

19)When unwelcome people try to hit on you, follow you around, stalk, harass you

20)Creeps who assume that having a hoop is like an open invitation to objectify the hooper for arbitrary qualities about them

Stuff hoopers say

1)”What tubing is this?”

2)”This is polypro”

3)”I’m going to this hoopjam/flowjam” (to which non-hoopers ask ‘what’s…that?’)

4)”It’s like sacred geometry, you know what I mean?”

5)”The circle completes me”

6)*breaks out into spontaneous hoop-inspired poetry*

7)*breaks out into spontaneous flow*

8)”Backwards-weave-to-jumpthrough-to-helicopter? That’s such a genius transition intuition right there”

9) Frantically hashtagging #girlswhohoop #hoopspam #hoopporn #flowarts

10)”I’m into pretty lights”

11)”I think it’s time for me to downsize”

12)”It’s expensive because it’s fully wrapped with colour-changing iridescent indigo sunset tape with protective seethrough taping on top. *duh*” (When your significant other rolls their eyes at you for your “expensive” hoop-purchases)

13)”I’m working on this toe-flick-to wedgie-to-roll combo right now”

14)”I’m into doubles. I just love my twins”

15)*body positive*

16)*connected with practically everybody in the hoop community*

17)”Omg tiana!! Omg brecken!! Omg (insert hooper here)!!!!”

18)”Your isolations are perfect”

19)”My barrel rolls are kind of wonky right now”

20)”How is your reverse current?”

I’ll always
to myself

even as many times
as I’ll try to give myself

and as many times
as someone else
will try and take it

I’ll always belong
to myself
and you’ll always
to yourself

are not formed
by giving yourself away
but by coming

two minds
two hearts
two flames
two contributors
two architects
their mad
or sadly sane

I don’t want to be
and I don’t want you
to be

the beauty
of love

comes from our
of each others’
souls (Rainer Maria Rilke, I’ll Always Belong to Myself)

Trev Earl Photography

The power of a good photographer… Im obsessed the shadows in this photo. It somehow reminds me of the 70s, though I don’t think they were lighting hula hoops on fire back then.

One of oldest hooping friends on Oahu, Beth Davis, #killinit on Maui. Photo by Zen Panda. He’s a great flow photographer because he’s a great flow artist.


Experimenting with 3 and 4 fire hoops!