this is a graphic about what to expect if you’re sent to the ER by a therapist/psychiatrist/family member/etc trying to institutionalize you. 

bare in mind this is just based on my experiences as an 18+ year old in the US, and compares notes with friends. it’s not applicable for adolescent ward or folks outside the US.

other factors that increase your likelihood (across the board) of being sent to the psych ward:

  • being trans: it will probably increase the likelihood that you’ll be institutionalized, but to what degree varies hugely based on location, hospital, and even doctor. 
  • having a history/dx: if you’ve been institutionalized before it’s much easier for them to do it again. also if you have a *bad* dx.
  • unsupportive family: if you fam wants you to institutionalized, the doctor is more likely to agree with them. 
  • living alone: doctors get nervous if there’s no one to keep an eye on your/take care of you. 
  • race: if you’re a person of color, especially for black folks, you’re more like to be medically labeled as psychotic/severely mentally ill (there’s actually stats to back this one up), and thus so more likely to be institutionalized. 

anyway feel free to add! i’m sure folks have experiences that don’t aline with this!

Finally, a flow chart for anyone who doesn’t believe in transgender bathroom rights

Whether it’s the bathrooms they can and can’t use, the sports teams they can or can’t play on or the clothes they can and ca’t wear wear, trans students still struggle to find acceptance in America’s schools and institutions. 

Trans Student Equality Resources, a group that’s trying to make people aware of trans discrimination, has come up with a helpful chart for anyone confused as to why trans folks should be allowed to use the bathroom of their gender. 

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Follow the flow chart to pick your next webseries binge!

I remember seeing something like this quite a lot time ago, but thought I’d make an updated version! I wanted to include a few more shows (like, off the top of my head: I didn’t write this, project dashwood, 221B, cupid and eros, or so the story goes, shrew that, the nick carraway chronicles) but space got really tight so sorry if your favourite isn’t there.