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i’m going to try and rework my way through yume nikki month in the next few days since i got caught up in stuff most of this month and haven’t been able to draw ;; i’m including redoing the really shitty doodles i did for the first day with slightly less shitty doodles www

first up, redoing day 1: favorite dreamer!

it’s 100% a tie for me between these three - madotsuki, sabitsuki, and vice (ok yes fleshchild isn’t a ynfg anymore but it started as one and he’s a dreamer so back off he’s my love) 

all three of these games mean something really important to me emotionally and mentally, so i just can’t choose between the three of them;;;


DEATH/INDOLENCE/BEAUTY/TIME; an instrumental mix for the secret history in four parts || listen

“Alas, poor gentleman,
He look’d not like the ruins of his youth
But like the ruins of those ruins.”

D E A T Hi. threnody, goldmund // ii. lag fyrir ömmu, ólafur arnalds // iii. the evil that never arrived, stars of the lid // iv. reach for the dead, boards of canada // v. still alright, pg.lost // vi. don’t get any closer, eluvium

I N D O L E N C Ei. my mind was a fog…my heart became a bomb, hammock // ii. where is my mind (the pixies cover), maxence cyrin // iii. it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter, sleepmakeswaves // iv. lichter (with an imaginal space), dirk maassen // v. first movement, clint mansell // vi. on the nature of daylight, max richter

B E A U T Yi. primavera, ludovico einaudi // ii. horizon variations, max richter // iii. song for sienna, brian crain // iv. beautiful, future world music // v. river flows in you, yiruma // vi. all things beautiful, nick cave & warren ellis

T I M Ei. i giorni, ludovico einaudi // ii. dead island (trailer theme), giles lamb // iii. the light, the album leaf // iv. we move lightly, dustin o’halloran // v. near light, ólafur arnalds // vi. then the quiet explosion, hammock

[ph.credits: xx]

manic pixie dream girl. a mix for those fucked up girls trying to find their own piece of mind. 

i. fell in love with a girl//the white stripes | ii. jesus//brand new | iii. requiem for blue jeans//bastille | iv. a lack of color//death cab for cutie | v. flux and flow//lights | vi. finders keepers//you me at six | vi. strawberry fields//the beatles | vii. she had the world//panic! at the disco | viii. randy scouse git//the monkees | ix. drain you//nirvana | x. disloyal order of the water buffalos//fall out boy | xi. never let me go//florence + the machine

[ listen on 8tracks ] (cover by jamescookjr)

Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl,
the Souls of Acheron, 1898,
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere,
Vienna, Austria

In Ancient Greek mythology, Acheron, the river of woe, was the pathway to the under world, across which the souls of the newly dead were ferried.

“In the Homeric poems (Od. x. 513; comp. Paus. i. 17, § 5) the Acheron described as a river of Hades, into which the Pyriphlegeton and Cocytus are said to flow. Virgil (Aen. vi. 297, with the note of Servius) describes it as the principal river of Tartarus, from which the Styx and Cocytus sprang. According to later traditions, Acheron had been a son of Helios and Gaea or Demeter, and was changed into the river bearing his name in the lower world, because he had refreshed the Titans with drink during their contest with Zeus.” (theoi.com)

the archangel, seraph, the righteous warrior, 
hailbringer and soldier of the lord almighty
cast from the heavens and unto the earth, we angels 
are going home for are we not our father's children?

i. we move lightly // dustin o’hallaran ii. lúppulagið // sigur rós iii. fok // ólafur arnalds iv. dream of flying // brain crain v. redeemer // paul cardall vi. river flows in you // yiruma vii. arrival of the birds // the city of prague cinematic orchestra viii. clair de lune // claude debussey ix. your hand in mine // explosions in the sky x. adagio for strings // samuel barber xi. the call within // dario marianelli xii. naval // yann tiersen xiii. the swan // camillle saint-saëns xiv. daydreams // abel korzeniowski xv. divenire // ludovico einaudi xvi. hope // paul cardall xvii. ekki múkk // sigur rós xviii. nothing it can // helios xix broken // ólafur arnalds xx. palladio // karl jenkins xxi. time // hans zimmer xxii november // max richter xxiii. london calling // michael giacchino xiv. dance of the knights // sergei prokofiev xv. mhysa // ramin djawadi xxvi. what do the skies see? // dario marianelli xxvii the double // clint mansell xxviii. come my son // x-ray dog xxix. turbine womb // soap&skin xxx. “this is my choice” // alan silvestri