flow music video

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The hope you gave me….
~ Jack/Ashi ~
(anime playlist)

I’m the only one who can save myself even if it seems nothing is right, the last bit of hope getting out of my sight.

HOWLING -  Abingdon Boys School
Now I’ve lost it
I know I can kill

Born Legend - Matsuoka Akio 
Tenderness will become our shield, and power will become our sword. Once we’ve known true pain, we’ll have the power to understand everything.

Cross My Heart - Daybreak
Yes, it was your sweet voice calling my name that saved me from despair when I stood at the cliff’s edge.

Flower of Hell - Shimamiya Eiko
Escape, escape, from this sorrowful fate.
You are not a flower of Hell. 

To the Beginning - Kalafina
The light of the beautiful moon sinks down to the beginning,
Far beyond the sky and into your grieving eyes.

The Eternal Country - Seikou Nagaoka

The Source of Love - Kasahara Hiroko 
It was a very small and fleeting eternity.


i really fucking love this video


Company Flow, Funcrusher Plus, Rawkus Records, July 22, 1997 / 2017


Go With The Flow - Uno The Activist