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7 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Genre: Fluff 
Words: 2,486
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes you have to read between the lines to see what someone is really saying.


“Sam, that sounds nothing like what actually happened,” Steve smiled as he called out his exaggerative friend.

“Listen here, Cap. That is exactly what happened.” Steve shook his head, trying to hold back from laughing. Sam turned to look at the soldier on his left side. “Barnes, you believe me, right?”

“You’re trying to tell me that you defeated a city filled with bots and got a model’s number all at the same time?”

“Yes!” Sam yelled out at the same time Steve emphasized “trying.”

Steve laughed loudly, clutching his chest as he threw his head back. Sam was hopeless when it came to telling stories, especially since he adds a little too much spice in an attempt to make them more exciting.

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Super Guitarist Meeting スーパー・ギタリスト会

Miya (MUCC)
Aoi、Uruha (the GazettE)
Kei (baroque)
Akira Kuwahara (RAD WIMPS)

“The spice must flow…a little.” — marketers

3 Ways the Pumpkin Spice Craze Is Creepier Than You Think

#2. The Industry Fakes a Shortage So Much That There’s a Black Market for It

Let’s get one thing clear – pumpkin spice is seasonal by choice and choice alone. As we’ve already pointed out, nothing about the flavor relies on the harvesting of its namesake, and so if we wanted to we could be lathering in the stuff head-to-toe every morning. Instead, the industry shuts down the moment spring hits, creating a controlled withdrawal from the seductive aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg.

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The Flow Market

What it is
A Danish shop that aims at making their Clients take a more holistic view of things and also to incentivise innovation and sustainable growth. And they get their messages across via the packsging of their products, which have been “rechristened” with names such as “Compassion”, “Thought”, “Trust”, “Courage to be honest” etc.
Why it is Cool:
Because they manage to re-invent the concept of function by asociating it with the attitudes and mentalities each and evryone of their products can bring about in their consumers, thus putting a much-needed dose of feelings and principles into what would otherwise be mere commercial goods.

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The Flow Market

O que é?
É uma loja dinamarquesa que tenta sensibilizar os consumidores a pensar, viver e consumir de forma mais holística e que incentiva a inovação e crescimento sustentável. É uma loja que materializa as nossas necessidades imateriais e que foi criada a partir da noção de que a mudança acontece quando nós como indivíduos mudamos a nossa mentalidade. Vende latas com Compaixão, Reflexão, Confiança, Silêncio, Coragem para Ser Honesto, Autenticidade, etc.
Porque é que é Cool?
É uma mentalidade, uma ferramenta de inovação e uma marca comercial centrada no desenvolvimento sustentável. Transforma e concretiza a imaterialidade destes sentimentos e mentalidades através de produtos comerciais.

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On technological endgames

A lot of people get squeamish when you talk about the impending dawn of voluntary prosthesis (cyborgs) and of artificial intelligence (sentient machines).

They tend to think that we’ll somehow lose our humanity or ourselves entire in the mechanical devices that we install in our bodies and replace wholesale parts of them with. And they often suggest that as soon as a machine becomes self-aware it will start trying to replace humanity, like a broken or inefficient cog in its mechanisms, or wipe us out because we pose a threat.

I’m going to tell you that will never happen.

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