flow light

The loud rumbling and whispers from behind the door drowned out almost any and all other sounds. Auras drifted from the cracks behind the door as more clicks were heard from the lock. A blue light flowed from his hand as the auras surrounded them. The enochian symbols were now shining bright red. The lock slowly began to open, as the candle flames burned bright and high. Daniel was currently lost in a trance-like state;

”Come on, Daniel. You’ve got this. Just a few more minutes and you’ll have that door open.” Amara said, standing behind him. “What happens when the door opens? What am I letting out? Why is it so… powerful?” Daniel questioned her. ”You will know soon, little one. Just keep pushing on.” Amara said, preparing to allow him to return to reality. “Wait. Am I letting you out?” He asked.

Just then, the scene around him disappeared, and he was back, his eyes closed, and the light behind the door being overwhelmed by a thick, black smoke. He opened his eyes. “I don’t think I should be doing this.” He said to Enzo, yelling over the rumbling and clashing of the chains.

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🌸 affinity potion 🌸

a little glamour spell to attract attention and platonic / romantic love 🌷

time: this spell is best performed on a friday!

gather: jasmine oil, fresh flowers (the best to use would be lilacs, rose petals or jasmine flowers), rosewater

🌷 place your fresh flowers in a clear bowl

🌷 add 1-2 spoonfuls of rosewater

🌷 add 9 drops of jasmine oil

🌷 stand with your hands over the bowl and visualise pink light flowing into the        bowl

🌷 dab behind your ears and any pulse points

you should be aware of the pink light - concentrated at your pulse points - colouring your entire aura!

Psi Ball Exercise

This is a very simple exercise to practice visualization and energy manipulation.

Begin by sitting up in a relaxed, comfortable position. Close your eyes, and visualize a pool of energy deep in the center of your chest. A center of heat and light gathered in the center of your being. Try to see it and feel it as powerfully as you can. 

Now, visualize this light flowing up and out through your arms into your hands. Gather it in the palms of your hands until they feel warm and tingling. Raise them up in front your chest, a few inches apart. Push the energy out into the space between your hands, gathering it into a ball of psychic energy.

This energy may be shaped and used for any number of purposes, but for right now let it be absorbed back into your hands and returned to your body.

The term psi ball, for psionic energy, comes from the psionic school of thought, which employs pure force of will and the energy of the body to effect change.

Beginner's Guide to Pendulums

⛤Okay, so I have been wanting to put out a post about pendulums based on how I was taught to use them by my aunt, a long-time pendulum diviner and dowser. This post is based solely on our traditions and beliefs. I am NOT telling anyone that this is the one and only way to work with pendulums. Please do what works for you. If these methods suit you, fantastic! If not, it’s okay. Alright, buckle your seat belts ‘cause here we go.

⛤So, you want to use a pendulum. Cool! First you have to get one. There are several ways to obtain a pendulum. You can buy one from a specialty shop (many new age and crystal shops sell them). You can buy one online from places like Etsy, Ebay, and other places. You can even make one. All you need is a string or chain and something to hang from it. It can be as simple as a needle stuck in a cork hanging from some thread (as my great grandmother did). You can also use a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a lanyard as a pendulum. Find, make or buy one that is suitable for you.

⛤Now that you have a pendulum, it’s time to clear/charge it. A very important step when using a pendulum is to cleanse it, especially if you bought one. A pendulum in a store, even an online store, has been touched by many people. People have probably touched it to look at it, shop employees have probably touched it when they were putting out to be bought. The seller from an online shop has certainly touched it. All of these people touching the pendulum that you just bought have left residual energies on it. These energies can affect the accuracy of the pendulum. So, you have to cleanse it. I recommend you cleanse your pendulum the same way you do any of your magickal tools. If it’s made from a crystal, you can cleanse it the same way you cleanse your crystals. If you don’t know how to cleanse your pendulum, I was taught to start with a prayer/incantation/chant. Write one that explains your intention just like you would to write a spell. Be specific in your writing. If you want to work with your spirit guides, say that. If you want to work with your higher self, say that. Be specific in the kind of spirits you want to work with. Do you want to work with ancestors? Spirit animals? Etc. If you want to work spirits aligned with light, be specific on the type of light. Anyway, after you have your prayer/incantation/chant written down, you can begin to cleanse your pendulum. The cleansing ritual/ceremony/process can be a elaborate as you deem fit. When I cleansed mine, I didn’t go very elaborate, but if you need to go for it. There are several ways you can use to cleanse your pendulum. 1st, smoke cleansing. Just as you would use sage to cleanse a room, you can use it to cleanse your pendulum. Light a bundle of dried sage, or sage incense. Pass your pendulum through the smoke and say your prayer/incantation/chant. Do this for as long as you think is necessary. 2nd, visualization. Hold your pendulum in your hand and visualize it being surrounded by a brilliant white light. Focus on the residual energies being driven away and cleansed from your pendulum. Say your prayer/incantation/chant while you do your visualization. I used this method to cleanse my pendulum. I visualized putting the pendulum in a stream of white light and letting the light flow over it like water, cleansing away the residual energies. 3rd, if your pendulum is made of crystal, any crystal cleansing techniques will work to cleanse it (i.e. burying it, putting it in running water, burying in salt, putting it with cleansing crystals, such as clear quartz and selenite, etc.). If you made your pendulum, you might not have to worry so much about cleansing and charging it because you made it and it’s already aligned with your energy. However, if you bought your pendulum, after you have cleansed it you need to charge it with your energy. You can do this by carrying it around with you in your pocket and asking small, mundane questions. (I’ll explain this more later)

⛤Now you have a cleansed and charged pendulum. What’s next? Well, you need to program it. By programming, I mean you need to establish how your pendulum will work for you. This includes deciding how you want your pendulum to move based on certain responses to your questions. Now, I have seen many posts and read several books that say that you are supposed to ask the pendulum to show you how it will move for yes, no, maybe, I don’t know, etc. I was taught that you shouldn’t do this because it opens you up for potentially dangerous situations and it sets the precedent that the pendulum or the spirits communicating through the pendulum are in control. I was taught that this is potentially dangerous. I was also taught that this is your experience on this plane of existence. Because of that, you should be in control and do what you are comfortable with. The pendulum is a tool and the spirits communicating through it are guides that can only offer advice. Anyway, you should be the one who decides how the pendulum will move according to the different responses. My pendulum moves in a clockwise circle for “yes”, a counter-clockwise circle for “no”, back and forward for “maybe”, side to side for “I don’t know”, and it stays still for “please rephrase the question.” You can program your pendulum however makes you feel comfortable and however you will remember the meaning of the movements best. After all, what’s the point in asking a question if you can’t understand the answer?

Going back to charging the pendulum. Programming it actually goes into charging it. The more you use your pendulum, the more it becomes aligned to your energy. When you first start using your pendulum, begin by asking it mundane questions. Start with things that don’t have a significant impact on your life, such as what should a I eat for dessert, what color shoes should I wear, should I buy this thing. Simple stuff like that gets you used to your pendulum and it helps you remember your programming for it better. It also helps your pendulum become aligned with your energy and makes the responses more accurate.

⛤Using a pendulum is a great way to get advice on decisions you’re indecisive about. It’s also a wonderful tool for communicating with your spirit guides and companions.

⛥As you get more accustomed to using your pendulum, you can do other things with it. You can create charts to help you get more in depth information. For example, you can make a time table to help organize your tasks for the day. You can make a list of activities to do and when you are bored or don’t know what to do next, ask your pendulum. My aunt did this a lot with her kids. They would want to go outside to play and she would want them to do homework. She would dowse (ask her pendulum) on it and whatever the pendulum said is usually* what they did. Additionally, you can use your pendulum for spirit work. You can make a letter board (like a ouija board) and communicate with spirits. You can also use pendulum for Reiki work, using it to find blockages in the chakras. The list goes on and on.

I put an * next to “usually” in my little anecdote because as I said earlier, this is your experience on this plane of existence. Your pendulum and the spirits communicating through it can only offer advice. You have the ability to either listen to what your pendulum advises or not. That being said, in my experience the pendulum is usually right.

⛤Anyway, I know that was a super long winded post about pendulums. I hope you find the information useful. If using pendulums is something you want to do, go for it! I absolutely LOVE mine and I am so happy I had someone in my life who could teach me about them!

Thank you and blessed be,

Anne Sage 🌻🌼

⛤Also: a good exercise to do with pendulums is to have two, one in each hand, and see if you can get them both to move in harmony with each other. This will show any weak energy flow in your body. It’s a good way to help build up that flow and make it stronger. I, personally, have to work on this with my right hand because it is significantly weaker than my left.

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lines and light

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago and posted it for a quick minute on Instagram to make a point to a certain someone who chose to use his business account to comment that I have sexy legs on a different post of my dirty gardening legs and feet. I decided to ignore his comment and let it stand. Everyone knows who he is and if he chooses to use his business side in that way, then he can also deal with the consequences of that. 

So, I took this shot and posted it with the hashtag #damnrighttheyare, and then I waited. About ten minutes later I had a text from him. First one in several weeks. Then I deleted the photo. 

It’s been bothering me ever since - not the interaction with him - that was just dumb and I’m fine with being a little passive aggressive with him. I’m truly done and not at all interested in trying to explore any aspect of that relationship. 

What’s been bothering me is that I wanted to be seen. To know that this image is in the mind of someone who cherishes me. Who knows me enough to know that I set the hat on the sink for a reason, that I had to catch the light in my body - my vessel - and that I had to record it to look at again and again. Someone who knows that I felt so strong and lean and long and supple from a day of working in the garden and walking around the neighborhood and that I am so grateful for these legs that have carried me away from the situations that do not nourish me and forward into a life of autonomy. 

I’ve been actively dating and speaking so frankly with these men. At first, that was terrifying. Now it’s the only way. Each time I’ve been blown away by how much easier it is to stay detached, to not fall into expectation, to just say what I want and then let it go. 

I don’t feel as if I have to be in a relationship at all. In fact, I’ve been just as interested in the possibility of a friend with benefits situation. My task has truly been to be present and open and deeply honest. That is all. It’s remarkable how quickly that alone will weed out the unsuitable. And I don’t have to think or say anything specific about a person’s behaviors or communication style, 

I am not here to change other people anymore. I am breaking the co-dependency chain as best I can, and the only thing I have to express is, no thank you, this isn’t a good fit for me. And the only thing I have to do is acknowledge and say thank you for your time and best wishes on your journey when someone says the same thing to me. 

On July 17 I matched with a man on tinder of all places. I told him that his simple profile of a list of things he appreciates was something that I felt I could have written and that I hoped he had a beautiful day. We have continued to text multiple times a day and have had several long phone conversations. We’ve exchanged photos. Our conversations leave me feeling seen and heard and gently challenged. His voice rings me like a bell. 

We are meeting tonight. It already feels as if I’ve known him always, and that this is just somehow a reuniting. So, today I work actively on that same letting go of attachment, but, I’d be lying if I said I don’t already feel imprinted with this person. As if we have just finally remembered each other. 

And me, still full of this light. 

See how I shine. 

In this article, I’ll be covering sensing energy. Sensing energy is a natural preliminary to grounding, centering, and shielding. It’s arguably one of the more complex parts of the equation, and it may take a while to learn. 

Once you’ve gotten to the point where you can sense energy well, you can move on to the other three exercises.

Almost anyone can learn to sense and manipulate subtle energy. It is best to begin by developing an awareness of your personal energy. All humans have a subtle body as well as the ability to process energy in order to sustain it. You can learn to sense both.

Humans usually manipulate the flow of energy through their subtle body unconsciously. This is possible because energy has a symbiotic relationship with our mind and focus. Whether we realize it or not, focusing on a concept, desire, place, or body part will in some way direct energy towards it.

This can be enhanced with simple visualization to guide every step of the process. Visualize light of a particular color or texture flowing through your body. This is easy to imagine.

You’ll find that once you imagine it, you’ll have difficulty controlling where the light flows. This is because it will naturally follow the tides of energy within you. While these can be controlled to a degree, it isn’t complete, and often, they do what they want! 

When you reach the point where the light is not wholly under your control, you’ve moved from just imagining it to actually sensing the energy inside you.

Direct your focus towards a particular body part. The hands are ideal for this. You’ll find that, regardless of your own intent, focusing on that part causes the light to flow towards it. The light will begin to pool in your hands (or wherever you focus).

Most people feel physical sensations accompanying this, but these can vary. Some people get a sensation of fullness, whereas others experience a tingling. Don’t be alarmed if there’s a vague pulsating feeling in time with your heartbeat! This isn’t too common, but people do experience it.

This method allows you to sense and direct the flow of energy, to a degree. For the most part, though, your energy will naturally gravitate towards a “centralized” position in your body. 

The exact bodily location of this “center” differs between individuals (more on this in a later article), but it is commonly in the torso, or, more rarely, the head.

It can be useful to consider the implications of where your energy tends to pool. What does it mean if it flows mostly into your stomach? Your heart area? Head?

These are all up for interpretation, but I’ve found there’s meaning to be gleaned there. I myself tend to have a center in my abdomen, but previously, it was always my heart. It can change with major life changes, you see. Energy isn’t ever truly static.

If you observe your energy throughout daily life, you’ll find that physical movement (of arms, legs, etc.), causes it to gravitate towards those areas. You’ll also find that injuries and related issues will affect it. It is good to spend time just observing your own energy in various situations!