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A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversial Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow
Should women stick their labia together rather than use tampons, pads and other sanitary products? One chiropractor says yes, despite a heavy flow of naysayers.
By Kavin Senapathy

Can we glue his mouth shut? His testosterone is clearly messing with HIS head to think he understands any of the woman’s reproductive system!

And I’m confused as to why this is the photo lol



In this video, I break down how to flip your grip to get into the yoga “King Pigeon” posture. I also share my tips on how to improve flexibility for the pose. The full expression of King Pigeon requires much hip flexor and quad flexibility, as well as back and shoulder flexibility. This is an advanced flexibility posture and should be attempted once above mentioned muscle groups are warmed - happy stretching!

kiss me on the mouth and set me free

Alec dips his chin to gift Magnus’ mouth with a kiss and Magnus melts into the soft seat, weightless and boneless and floating on air. Between the bend of his fingers Alec’s dark hair is soft like silk. Up under the delicate sheer shirt covering his skin, Alec’s fingers take Magnus apart by the waist, a cool push against warm skin, settling in like they’re finally where they belong. Magnus would take endless moments of this over anything else, taking one another apart with their mouths, the irreplaceable sensation of being close and suspended together in a frozen moment in time.

Shivers roll down Alec’s spine like the soft waves lapping at the shore, the cause being a careful tendril of magic thrumming away like the gentle caress of a hand. He shifts forwards just a little and the swing-chair sways alarmingly; Magnus laughs softly against Alec’s mouth. Lifting his head with a little more care, Alec kisses the point of Magnus’ cheekbone and smiles down at him, mouth pink and kissed, eyes shining and fond. “Maybe we don’t kiss on the swinging chair?”

“Maybe we don’t kiss on the swinging chair” Magnus agrees

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[it’s been so long but I finally, finally convinced my brain to let me write something!! this is just a couple thousand words of soft boys doing soft things to warm up my long forgotten writing muscles!!]

Important Little Announcement

Due to personal family issues I won’t disclose, the computer I’ve used to make art and provide content was destroyed recently. It’s left me very heartbroken and sad.

All the files I had on it, WIPs, memes, etc., are gone and deleted forever. This means I don’t have much content to provide right now. This doesn’t mean I’ll be going on hiatus, however. I care about my followers and I don’t want to just abandon you out of the blue.

On a lighter note, my good friend Chronoverge has saved some files I’ve posted in the Discord that haven’t seen my blog yet. I’m very grateful for this. I’ll most likely queue these files to post on my blog sometime, however, original content from me will become a little sparse for a small amount of time. I’d feel guilty not being able to provide anything for you guys.

Thanks for reading and understanding ❤

distorted vibes

broken shattered glass waits for nothing on the window sill

          still they come to stare       so I took it off       people want so much 

so fast   so now              to solve my puzzle for me and my wild

      there is none to be had    I had to fight fire

for what little I have      its really nothing to talk about

hands smashed       into sand

 holding a glass made of older than life 

to help pick up the last bits  

of myself esteem    that’s fallen so far under below 

                 sickness is this life            this rip here and this spot stain of yellow

                        I think this part is my individual    alone   alone

waiting for bandages      wrapping up      the last of my will power

                loving this ghost drive   down the dark road

 my anxiety explodes as nerves take over

 my manic depression

     just sits staring out the window    

      riding in a car to nowhere    

Chris Amey  23*02*17