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The Butterfly Snail (Limacina helicina) is a species of predatory swimming marine snail. They are a keystone species within Arctic pelagic ecosystems and are currently under serious threat.

They are being impacted by Ocean Acidification, due to pollution the ocean waters are becoming too acidic for survival. The corrosive waters off the West Coast of the U.S are dissolving the shells of these unique creatures and inevitably killing them. The decline of these will have major flow on effects to major marine ecosystems.


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LESSONS I LEARNED FROM VIDEO GAMES (feel free to add your own!)
  • Mass Effect: There will always be people telling you the fight is impossible. Fight anyway.
  • Assassin's Creed: Heroes can come from anywhere.
  • Fez: Sometimes solving a puzzle only takes looking at it from a different angle.
  • inFAMOUS: Give people second chances. They might surprise you.
  • Journey: The road may be long, but you don't have to walk it alone.
  • Civilization: Not all victories are the same.
  • Borderlands: Sometimes, you just need to laugh at yourself.
  • Minecraft: There is no limit to your imagination.
  • Skyrim: Practice makes perfect.
  • Pokemon: Friendship can overcome amazing odds.
  • Katamari Damacy: Even the smallest person can do something great.
  • Bioshock: Appearances can be deceiving. Even something that appears perfect can have deep flaws.
  • Dragon Age: Some things can't be changed. What matters is how you adapt to them.
  • Fallout: Even after the worst disasters, things can be rebuilt.
  • The Sims: No one man should have all that power.
  • The Last Of Us: Sometimes redemption comes from the most unexpected places.
  • Tetris: Do the best you can with what you have.
  • Portal: If you can't find a way, make your own.
  • flOw: Adaptation is the key to survival.

anonymous asked:

can you explain crystal grids to a newbie?

I don’t use crystal grids much myself, but I’ll try. 

It seems like crystal grids are just  crystals being arranged in a certain way / pattern to bring about a certain effect. I am not sure what patterns do what, or if there is a certain technique or a system to the arranging, or if each magic user determines for themselves what will help the energy of the crystals flow most effectively towards the intent.

I have some resources for crystal grids, that I hope can give you more of an explanation than that.

Please note: not all of the resources provided have been read thoroughly by the poster; take any information within these articles with a grain of salt, and use what you find at your own discretion.

* = external links / resources

If anyone actually works with crystal grids, can you please chime in and maybe offer some advice or opinions or more resources? Thank you!

An incredible commission of Y’shenn by wasp! Wasp was kind enough to offer me multiple versions of this picture, and I think this one was my favourite! Y’shenn looks amazing here- His colours are spot-on and his body looks fantastic. I love how well the special effects flow and frame the rest of the image. It’s cool to see depictions of Y’shenn when he’s in his “serious” fight mode! Thank you so much!!!