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the year is 2182. you close your eyes and use your biotic implant to sink your mind into the flow of the collective consciousness of humanity itself for your morning news as your apartment prepares you a nutritionally perfect breakfast. you find out bethesda is re-releasing skyrim again with a slight graphic update from the skyrim they re-released two years ago. you still can’t marry brynjolf.


Museum of Water is an invitation to take part and to have your say.

The context we are making this work in has changed with each new water crisis. The Museum’s travels around Britain began and continued in years of repeated and catastrophic floods, first in Somerset then in Cumbria. The American water crises of Flint, Nestle and DAPL have brought new focus to global water management and sourcing. Water rights have never been so hotly contested: the bottled water industry nears a global market value of $200 billion, with a huge alternative cost to the world in plastic consumption.

We have had the chance to travel from the Netherlands to Australia, from flood to drought, re-tracing ancient trade routes for a whole new exchange. We work in Australia now in the age of a ‘nil by water’ immigration policy, but also at a time when rivers nearby have been given human rights. Before our eyes the Mediterranean Sea has turned from pleasure garden to graveyard, as the flood of refugees escaping from a drought and water war in Syria has brought to breaking point the coping and caring strategies of different countries, questioning our kindness and threatening the very coalition of Europe.

No one could have predicted the shocking change of contexts this water work has encountered, and of course our relationship with water will continue to adapt rapidly over the coming years, in new and unexpected ways. Museum of Water is an act of witness. It explores the boundary lines of our bodies and our thinking, and considers more fluid way of understanding the world and our inter-relations.

Museum of Water has travelled to over 50 different sites worldwide, been visited by over 40,000 people, and currently holds over 1000 bottles in the collection. These range from a melted snowman to a burst London water main and water from the last ice age, a muddy puddle in Birmingham to a canal in Rotterdam, water from Lourdes, Mecca and the Ganges, condensation from a Falmouth window, Ghost water and bad dream water, 20-year-old evaporated snow from Maine, a new born baby’s bath water, Norwegian spit, three types of urine, two different breaths and water from a bedside table said to be infused with dreams.

Eadi Solanki-Jackson (2007) - Water from a river in India

Rebecca Sharrocks (8-10/03/2013) - Rain Water collected over 2 days

Kipp Bryan (10/03/2013) - Sea water, fizzy water, and a bath bomb

Sidney (08/03/2013) - Water from my brother’s bath, 1 week after his operation. Water makes him feel better

Amy Sharrocks (19/05/2009) - Water from the Thames, collected at the end of the WALBROOK River Walk

Rocky (2012 Summer Holiday) - Greek painting with blue and white. Inside stones from Greece. The tap water reminds me of the sea and my holiday

Violet Bensley (10/03/2013) - Rusty water from my bird bath

Jesse Allmon (12/03/2013) - Water from my fish tank

Esme Supple (10/03/2013) - Hospital water and tap water

​Catrin Jones (Jan 2013) - My melted snowman

Are You a 12th House Person? What does it Mean?

Having a strong 12th house means the person has a crucial need for alone time and reflection.

There are several ways that someone can be a “12th house Person”, which includes: Having a 12th house stellium,

If the ruler of your 12th house has many aspects (Say your 12th house cusp is Gemini and you have a Cancer Ascendant, then Mercury would be your ruler of the 12th house)

If the ruler of your Sun is in the 12th house, for example, you’re a sun in Pisces, and you have Neptune in the 12th.

If the ruler of your Ascendant is in the 12th, for example, Scorpio rising, Pluto in the 12th. Also if the ruler of your moon is in the 12th.

Having the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in the 12th.

12th house people are often misunderstood because the way they live their life is not ordinary and they look more deeply into their life experiences. While “normal” people go out in the world, seeking validation from others, working for a team, and go along with social norms, people with a strong 12th house will go deep into their inner world, to contemplate the way the world works and come out with insights that others do not accept. 12th house people aren’t as interested in validation from others because they find more fulfillment in solitude. They ask why social norms and cultural customs exist because they are thoughtful enough to come to their own conclusion (of course several other astrological placements could indicate this as well).

Other people say to 12th house people, “Why are you so quiet, you need to speak your mind” but they don’t realize that if a 12th house person spoke their mind, it can be too much for others to handle, they’d rather observe people talk than join into a conversation they find meaningless. Their thoughts can be so abstract that they cannot be put into words. 12th house people only like being social around other people who have depth, people who are capable of keeping up with meaningful conversation, they tire easily around people who talk about pop culture or other frivolity.

12th house people can flow thru the collective, picking up messages from higher realms and the spirit world. They often astral travel during sleep and have very vivid dreams. Loads of sleep is necessary for 12th house people in order to maintain their intuitive abilities. A sleep deprived person with a 12th house stellium will become severely depressed, feeling like they can’t fit into the “real world” while also not being able to tap into other worlds. I honestly think that everyone would be happier if they valued sleep more (regardless of which houses are prominent for them), because thru rest, our brains have this way of resolving emotional issues. When people are well rested, they allow frustrations to roll off their shoulder more easily.

Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures, except for the picture of me at the very bottom. They belong to their respective owners and I would willingly take down any picture if the creator of any picture wishes me to do so.

By looking at what specific planets are in the 12th house, we can literally see what energies are within a person’s subconscious.

Mars in the 12th house can be a person who lets out their anger when they’re alone because they had to suppress their assertiveness throughout life. They internalize the violence of the world, and thus will attract injuries, accidents, and arguments until they purge the frustration in their psyche.

Saturn in the 12th house you can choose to either be very cynical and harsh to other people, or very sensitive to others’ plights. You carry much guilt in your psyche that prevents you from living as jubilantly as you possibly could, this may be so deep in your subconscious that you need to meditate to bring it to surface and work thru it, as it has likely built up from previous lives. Life feels overly serious and problems are perceived as more severe than they are, this person must learn to be more light and breezy, allowing conflicts to roll of their shoulder instead of internalizing them. By viewing situations objectively, this person will be happier, as they may get stuck in a certain way of thinking. If you embrace new ways of life, you’ll rejuvenate your soul. Fear and inhibitions are prominent in someone with 12th house Saturn.

Ask yourself, are there any life dilemmas that get under my skin more than they need to? Am I subconsciously or consciously holding a grudge on anyone? Do I criticize the mistakes of myself or others more severely than necessary? Do I internalize the harshness of people and the world? How can I work thru it? What are thought patterns that keep me stuck?

From an Esoteric perspective, Saturn in the 12th is like the wise old occultist, who asks apprentices to show their worthiness. He is alone most of the time because he discerns that many people cannot fathom the worlds he has experienced. He despises superficiality and living a life of shallow joys, he yearns for that which is full of complexity, and shares his wisdom with those who are genuine. Old man winter holds a lantern of secrets, revealing them with caution. Cabin fever sets in and his brilliance turns into mania, dying alone but with contentment, his spirit lives on inside a Smokey Quartz, will you unlock it’s power? Still your mind to receive messages from stones.

Uranus in the 12th house can be someone with brilliance laying in their subconscious that is waiting to be tapped into as the person grows to understand their learning style, it can also mean that they wish to rebel against the structure and regulations of the world but feel that they are unable to. The 12th house can represent institutions, so I imagine many people in jail have Uranus in the 12th, as they lived life as they chose and got locked up for it. We must find constructive ways to deal with our 12th house planets or else they become a crutch.

Many people with Uranus in the 12th house had parents who wouldn’t let them ask why, they told their children, “this is the way the world is” or, “you should just believe me because I’m the parent”. The youngster grows up feeling oppressed because they find they have to go along with what they’re told because thinking for themselves leads to punishment. Hopefully they will continue to question what they are told in secrecy and they will grow up to realize the times their parents were wrong and not repeat their mistakes, as well as the times their parents were right. They also discover how certain societal norms are not the way humans are meant to be living, and they’ll find a way to live that is true to themselves and their values. Point is, a 12th house stellium can indicate taking a step back from society to find your own truth.

If a 12th house person is forced to go out in the world too much and not honor their solitary nature, their emotions will come out in unhealthy ways. Donald Trump has Mars in the 12th house, and we see the outrageous ways that he expresses his masculinity. Our 12th house planets could come out in extreme ways if a person is not emotionally intelligent enough to reflect on their feelings and experiences, and process them, instead of take out their unresolved issues in their psyche onto other people.

If a 12th house person has to give up their inner world of being a bridge between the worlds, dream interpretation, clairvoyant and other psychic abilities, and communing with spirits, they will feel like something is missing in their life but they don’t know what. Often this happens as we get tossed into the daily grind of work or school, we no longer have time to reflect on what truly matters. The more sleep we miss out on, life becomes more of a drag, less inspired, and everything feels more mundane.

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If you want to learn more about what your 12th house says about your subconscious mind and how to work thru the potential difficulties you have that are rooted in your 12th house, contact me for a reading. I take the effort to be thoughtful and open minded when I give readings, with the hope that I can show you how astrology can help you live a more inspired life!

Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer. AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings

Get Away Fic

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Words: 2573

Prompt: I HAS ANOTHER REQUEST ~ where it’s after the Draco had finished Hogwarts and now a young adult, and he goes to the muggle world influence and forced to by someone idk and he meets the reader ~ who is muggle and bam, idk

Warnings: Slight swearing

Requested: Yes, by @tacocheeks

A/N: ahhHHH I’m sorry, guys. I forgot to post yesterday, I had everything set up and…*insert dumb brain noise*. But without further a-due - I give you my next piece. Hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think *kisses and hugs* 

On a slightly less happy note, I’m really glad that you all enjoy my writings and want part two’s and three’s, but it’s not really motivating when I see messages like ‘YES! DO IT’ or ‘DO IT NOW’ it’s really discouraging so see that I’m not being asked, but demanded that I do this. I mean, yes, I’m going to write these stories, but it’s not going to be done well. So if you guys want to see part two’s and three’s, could you please try something like ‘yes please’ or ‘that out be wonderful to see’ or something.

Sorry that I’m going on about this, it’s just been getting to me a little and I wanted to get it off my chest. Sorry, I’ll go now and let you (hopefully) enjoy this new story.

Talking to Harry Potter had become something that just happened to Draco Malfoy after the war. It was like, talking to someone who was in the eye of the storm at the same time. Seeing the damage around you, but not being effected by it.

Of course, Draco and Harry were both equally effect by the war, losing people and struggling with everyday life like it was supposed to just go back to normal. How do you go back after something like that?

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shakspaere  asked:

Do you have any advice for writing a full length poetry collection?

hello! this is a great qs, thank u for asking - i will try do my best, but if there are more specific questions you have (do you mean about starting the collection/picking the poems/ordering them etc), please do feel free to send them in!

  • try pick/write poems that revolve around a certain theme. & by that i don’t mean that all poems have to be about one thing only & nothing else, but rather that the overall collection should flow well together (without sounding super repetitive, which i have trouble with tbh), with a few central themes/images pulling it together - e.g. loss, love, healing, etc. crush by richard siken, as louise glück says in the introduction, is “a book about panic.” his war of the foxes revolves largely around creation & morality (for a start). 
  • be prepared for it to take a while - with writing & editing & re-editing, it needs patience! speaking of time, give your poems some room to breathe. can’t count the number of times i’ve written a few poems that i thought were brilliant & good enough to go into a manuscript, & then when i look back on them after a month (or even a few weeks) i’ve felt, honestly, quite appalled at myself. & that’s okay! poems can always be tweaked & edited & changed, but make sure you’re taking some time away from them so you can approach them with a fresh, unbiased mind.
  • kinda tying on to the last point: make sure you are happy & proud of every poem that’s going into your manuscript!!! every single one of them!! this is so important!! don’t ‘hide’ weaker poems between ones that you love - if you don’t like a poem, keep it out of the manuscript. 
  • in terms of ordering poems, i find it super useful to print off all the poems & then basically – lay them on the floor & switch them around & move things until you start forming something that you’re happy with.
  • i’m not really sure what else to say other than just do it. sit down & write & write - the more the better so you can pick & choose your favourites!! write & edit, send the manuscript to people/writers you trust so you can get some positive feedback & constructive criticism on it. make sure you’re happy with what you are putting together!! it’s gonna be Out There once you put it out, so you want it to be something you’re proud of.
  • all the very best of luck, & as i said before, please do send more specific questions if you have any! i don’t know just how useful i’ll be, but i will do my best xx
  • edit: check out this link that the very kind @alexanderandbrook sent my way!!

Ever wanted to join a drabble challenge but were too intimidated by the idea of competing against other people?
Well, this is your chance to shine!

The idea with this challenge is to write two drabbles, one of which is 528 words and the other is 491 words.
The only catch is that the first word of the drabble needs to start with the letter of one of your ship and the last word needs to start with the letter of the other person in the ship.
Then do a little switch-a-roo for the second drabble.
For example: if your ship is Ari/Mal then the first word would start with ‘A’ and the last word would start with ’M’. Then the second drabble would start with ’M’ and end with 'A’.
If that makes sense.

There are no sign-ups, no obligations to complete this at all! Just a fun lil challenge to get the creative juices flowing.

There’s a collection over on AO3 which you can find here.

Trying not to spend too much time on these and just have fun instead! I decided to kick this off with some menstrual cup love since a post I made last week garnered a lot of questions about them. Let’s normalize menstruation, it’s not something to be grossed out or embarrassed by.

1. No Harsh chemicals! Menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and they are hypoallergenic! None of those chemicals you can find in pads and tampons, and they don’t throw off your pH balance! You can die from keeping a tampon in too long, but you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours.

2. Doesn’t dry you out. Cups collect menstrual flow instead of absorbing and drying you out, meaning your natural lubrication stays put.

3. Save money! One cup can last you up to 4 years! Imagine how many pads and/or tampons you buy in a year alone.

4. Be one with your body. Most people don’t know how much they flow a month. A cup helps you be more in tune with your body and learn about yourself. No more guessing games with your cycle.

5. Help the environment! It’s a no-brainer!

There are so many additional benefits (Like no leaks! [when inserted correctly]). The only way to know if a menstrual cup is for you is to do your own research and get one to try out! If you find that the cup isn’t for you, there are other alternatives like absorbent panties, reusable pads or organic pads/tampons.

Sirius Black x Reader: Stop it

     Everything was normal, or as normal as things could be with the Marauders. We are making our way down to the dungeons for our potions class, but as normal the boys are messing around, which will undoubtedly make us late. For once, I don’t think I’d mind the idea of being late to potions. Who would want to spend such a lovely spring afternoon in the drafty dungeons that often smell like something’s burning or rotten eggs?

      I made the mistake of looking over at Sirius. He had his trademark smirk on his face, and mischief was sparkling in his eyes. For once, his hair looked decently combed. Sirius was driving me insane. His laid back personality, his laid back composure. The way he talked. How his hands were always stuffed in his pockets or his arms were crossed behind his head. The way he just waltzed throughout the school without a care. Everything, everything he did, everything about him. It was driving me insane.

     Without my permission, and without much thought, a sentence tumbled past my lips. “Oh my god, Sirius, stop it.” He turned to me with an amused look and a raised eyebrow. “Stop what, (Y/n)?” He asked, his voice smooth and silky. “Just stop, stop being so attractive and mesmerizing.” I said, once again without much thought put into it. “Attractive? Mesmerizing? You find me attractive and mesmerizing?” Even if I wasn’t looking, I would have been able to hear the smirk behind his words. “I- I have no idea what you are talking about.” I stuttered out, playing dumb.

     “Oh, but you do. You said, and I quote, stop being so attractive and mesmerizing.” James stated, using my words against me with a smirk. “James Potter I said no-” I began to protest, but was cut short. “You don’t happen to fancy me, do you (Y/n)?” Sirius asked, the amusement in his eyes and the smirk on his face only growing. I opened and closed my mouth many times to give some sort of answer, but found myself unable. I wouldn’t have been able to tell the truth even if I wanted to. The smirk faded from Sirius’ face. “You do don’t you?” He asked much softer, no longer joking. I looked away to the ground, cheeks warming and tears forming. Not giving him the chance to reject me, or maybe even accept me, I hurried off with one destination in mind. And it wasn’t potions class, but the girls’ bathroom.

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munchkincanoodl  asked:

Hi, I'm a struggling young "artist" and I've been having a lot of trouble with anatomy, is there any tips you could provide to help make this easier? Also your art is amazing!

Hi there! I’m afraid there won’t be many shortcuts for you to improve faster but only to practice on and on! But here is some tips!

1. Draw a lot and complete it! Doesn’t have to perfect, but absolutely try to complete the drawing, whether it’s a sketch or a colouring piece! By draw a lot at a particular part, for example, hands. You will find it getting easier and you can draw faster as your body remembered the flow.

2.Collecting references! Make Stock folders where you keep all the references , tutorials and inspirations! If you are struggling with anatomy, it’s best to find real life model poses (there are a lot of them on Deviantart). So you can always look at them when you need a specific pose. 

3. Slow progression does happen. You will find yourself slow at improving or frustrated at your art. This will happen and it’s MORE THAN OKAY! Because it meant that your ideal of art and your eyes’s art quality vision are improving, they just improved faster than the art skill you are currently having. Which meant likely you will find out the flaws in your arts faster and more critical, aka. you can know where to start improving your weaknesses. So don’t let it get you down and knowing that you have made progress so far! Keep going!

I think that’s pretty much everything I can think of right now, sorry for rambling a;sldka;sd

I have such a motherfucking affection for pokemon mystery dungeon especially the second ones and I’ve been itching to get my hands on Explorers of Sky because I really want to replay the special episode where you get to play as Grovyle in the end of the darkened future because God Damn that was my favorite part. I fucking love pmd2 

Maybe our greatest battles and tribulations shape us into who we’re meant to be and who we actively decide to become. Tragedy brings pain and suffering, and from such darkness can come understanding and growth. Indeed, agony may be necessary to inspire seeds of growth within each of us. Perhaps by growing, We can rise above all this chaos and bullshit that our society manufactures and help a fellow life traveler to do the same. We must help one another see the beauty and potential beauty in everything. Our progress as a species may seem slow and stuttered; perhaps our growth has been stunted by the ravenous greed of obtaining and possessing.

What if our focus was not to conquer, but to understand? Could you imagine the infinite possibilities we could discover by living with love and acceptance? Gradually, one person at a time, we become a network of support, growing in harmony, harnessing the powerful flow and energy of collective growth. Perhaps then, the world won’t be destroyed and we can find our humanity as a species again.

All it is, is hope, really.
Maybe we were meant for more than this.

—  //grow with me now// 💕👽✨🙌🌱 @chameleonlotus

After the emotional night Sami had at Battleground, he could use a good shoulder to cry on (even if it means ruining Cesaro’s suit, but that’s something neither of them are thinking about right now).