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No, listen, okay? I’m not trying to keep you from doing your job, okay? But we’re all focused on this H.R. thing and trying to prevent the future. Do we really need to go looking for more trouble? Please? 


Alex and Maggie AU || Wicked Game (+2x12)

You can't deny this about Floriana Lima

All this year people has been disrespectful to Floriana Lima. Questioning her casting process, her ethnicity, insulting her skin color and criticizing her private life (I’m not going to get into that discussion again). 

Despite of all that, SHE NEVER, EVER!!! has been rude to fans, she has never made fun of them, she is always serving the fans nicely with that characteristic smile and she cares about the LGBTQ fans, unlike other cast members who have been treated much better than her (Jeremy and Melissa). 

All this kindness and gentleness of her, after all that bullying she has experied, makes me appreciate her, admire her, protect her and love her even more. Thanks for include Floriana Lima as SANVERS 50%. We are so lucky to have her. 

German LGBT+ Vocab

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Gay: Schwul

Lesbian: Lesbisch

Bisexual: Bisexuell, Bi

Pansexual: Pansexuell, Pan

Transgender: Transgender, Trans

Heterosexual: Heterosexuell

Sexual: Sexuell

Androgynous: Androgyn

Asexual: Asexuell

Intersexual: Intersexuell

polyamorous: Polyamorös

Homophobic: Homophob

Biphobic: Biphobisch

Transphobic: Transphobisch


Orientation: Orientierung f

Sexuality: Sexualität f

Homosexuality: Homosexualität f

Bisexuality: Bisexualität f

Pansexuality: Pansexualität f

Gay Person: Schwul(er) m+f

Homosexual (person): Homosexueller, Homosexuelle m+f

Lesbian: Lesbe f

Love: Liebe f

Boyfriend: Freund m

Girlfriend: Freundin f

Polyamory: Polyamorie f

Gender identity: Geschlechtsidentität f

Gender: Geschlecht n

Cisgender: Cisgender n

Sex (biological): Sex m

Homophobia: Homophobie f

Biphobia: Biphobie f

Transphobia: Transphobie f

Drag Queen: Drag Queen f

Rainbow Flag: Regenbogenfahne f

Gay Bar: Schwulenkneipe f

The Gay Community: die Schwulen npl


Love: Lieben

Come out: Sich outen

*Gender neutral pronouns and nouns are a whole other post, so I’ll be making that soon!*

The Next One's On Me - Hazingblur - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, Alex Danvers & Maggie Sawyer
Characters: Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer, M'gann M'orzz, Adrian Rodriguez
Additional Tags: AU, Bartender!Maggie, Rockstar!Alex, Smut, Fluff, Sanvers - Freeform

Alex’s band plays at the bar where Maggie works. The two ladies hang out for the night and get to know each other.
How will the night end?

Hey everyone! So here’s a little something I wrote inspired by East Of Eli’s concert with Chyler Leigh It’s the first fic that I write, so don’t be harsh on me please
YES! I'm one of those who loves SANVERS and doesn't give a shit about Floriana's ethnicity or private life
22; college!namjoon

lip felt happiness (22)
p: smiling just before or during the kiss

everyone has their perception on summer flings and the variations came in a bundle of thoughts. some described it to be a moment that was made to be a dream, lived out on days that were expected but never in reality, nights that were in hopes it’ll last for a lifetime but never will. some forbid in believing such things exist. some didn’t care. some wouldn’t give it a shot and some… some just…

yours felt like there were no such thing as endings. call you oblivious, call you being shielded with fantasies clouding your mind to see things clearly but you feel it. right here when namjoon’s looking into your eyes like they have answered every question that has left him awake. right now when he cups your chin like it means something to him, and smiles just before his lips touches yours with subtlety that makes your heart flutter, soon deepening with passion when he lays you down on the sand with his other hand pillowing the back of your head.

he likes to take his time kissing you; unable to resist biting into your smile, feeling your lips give into airy sighs before he feels the curling of the corner of your mouth lifting up, happiness filling his cup before he downs it and craves for more. namjoon’s a top scholar and it just so happens when it comes to kissing, his level to that isn’t too far off.

halfway through as he decides to lure himself away down your jaw, over to your neck where he starts painting on the canvas of your body with the familiar colors of red and purple, he’s unable to proceed. he stops and listens to when you chuckle.

that makes him move his face until its hovering over yours, a brow raised in curiosity, “what’s so funny?”

shaking your head with a lingering smile, you frame his cheeks and guide him down for a kiss; softer, gentler, yet filled with the amount of love that makes his heart combust when he thinks about it.

“i’m just really happy. with you,”

it’s a silent, mutual understanding when he gazes into your eyes after seeing how your smile is out of bliss but it has a tinge of sadness to it as it hooks to your cheeks. it would be amazing if you and namjoon could be in the same college without dropping the aspects of your lives just to be with one another. it would be perfect if the two of you hadn’t met on a boat, to an island for two months before things would break away and apart.

but for now, when namjoon thinks you look gorgeous as the sun sets in the part of the beach where no one would pass by because the tour guide hadn’t manage to figure out who went missing apart from you two, he doesn’t want to think about it. neither do you, when he notices how you’re fiddling thumbs behind his neck.

“i am too,” he admits, resting his forehead on yours, sliding his arms around your waist as he holds you down tight, willing to make you stop thinking about everything because that makes you sad and he doesn’t like that. “but for now, let’s just enjoy this.”