flourite octet



finally the moment you’ve (I’ve) been waiting for: tyrian vriska!! what you never knew you absolutely needed in your life. 

Vriska is next in line for the empress’ throne, if she isn’t killed first. She’s protected by her lusus, gl'bgolyb, and habitually feeds her lusus the carcasses of other dead lusii.

she uses the flourite octet whenever she fights, although she has the 3x2dent which she uses when she wants to be imposing or regal. She treats it more ceremonially than anything. (feferi uses spears that she makes herself, although she usually only fights when eridan gets himself into trouble)

She is greatly troubled by the incredible responsibility that is on her shoulders. she’s not sure if she considers herself a good person, if she wants to be a good person, or if she wants to rule as a good person. she just ends up being nasty whenever she’s questioned or pressured about it. All she knows for sure is that she wants to be remembered: she wants to command the fear and awe of the people and lead her empire to new reaches of sky. How that will happen is something else entirely.

she also own six pairs of red shoes, which is about five more pairs of shoes than any reasonable sea dweller owns. She also has an entire outfit of denim for if she spends any time out of water. she wishes denim weren’t so fucking heavy. and there’s almost nothing insider her abalone shells. but terezi likes them, and vriska maintains that you can’t out-bling nature.

her right fin was destroyed when she and terezi almost went black, which is a story for another time.