flourish tattoo

weird wolfstar headcanon thing

((okay so they totally both survived the second wizarding war))

Remus loves Sirius’ back. It sounds weird, and probably is, just a little, but he doesn’t care.

He loves how he can read Sirius’ mood from it: shoulder blades drawn and kept straight like a pole means anger, not much present these days; a little slouched signs relaxation and overall happiness, but slouched too much means fear or sadness, even when Sirius denies it.

He loves how he can watch Sirius’ tattoos flourish and swirl on his skin. He has the biggest and most intricate one there: a full phoenix with its wings usually spread on his shoulder blades and its tail dips down his spine. It changes and burns up as the time goes by, perfectly in time with the moon cycle. But Remus’ favourite one is a rather poorly done black dog lying just above the waistband of Sirius’ pants. The dog is usually sleeping, or running around in circles happily. It was Sirius’ first tattoo – the Marauders got it him as his present for his seventeenth birthday.

He loves how he can still draw on Sirius’ back. Letters, shapes, simple pictures. He used to do that at Hogwarts, every time Sirius got a nasty letter from home, to distract him. And now, when the memories of both Wars just won’t leave them alone, he continues to do that. It takes both of their mind off it. that’s also part of the reason he loves spooning and being the big spoon so goddamn much. He loves waking up to it, because it never means that Sirius is mad or even mildly annoyed, but it means that he trusts him.So yeah.