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Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur

Hey guys! I was planning on posting this on my birthday (yesterday) but ran out of time to finish it. So here it is today! I really hope you guys like it. Please leave positive/constructive feedback. Happy birthday/Memorial Day to everyone! <3

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When Stiles got his job at Espress Hangar, the new space-themed café, the pack was immediately on board.

“Oh thank God!” Erica pulls him into a suffocating hug. “I had their Strawberry Starship drink the other day and I think I’m addicted, but they’re like five dollars a cup. Thanks, Stiles.”

“Um, what? Why are you thanking me?” Stiles asks warily.

Scott comes out from behind him with one of his tooth-rottingly sweet smiles and replies, “For all the free drinks you’ll give us,” like it’s obvious. Stiles frowns.

The thing is, it is kind of obvious. Stiles was planning on sneaking a few drinks for them here and there when they came to visit him. But now that they expect him to, he’s starting to reconsider.

“Guys, come on, this is Stiles’ job. You can’t take advantage of him like that,” interrupts Derek. Stiles grins at him and, you know what, maybe he will save a drink for him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Jackson smirks.

If Stiles has any say in it, Jackson is going on the Do Not Serve list at the first opportunity.


After Stiles’ third morning rush that day, he can finally breathe during the lull that follows. He’s survived his first week at Espress Hangar, a feat much larger than he originally thought. Turns out waking up for work every morning at four o’clock is not as easy as staying up until four o’clock on Wikipedia.

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Scott was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment.

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

“Hey,” says Derek wryly. A small smirk is tugging at his lips from witnessing Stiles’ hand malfunction. Stiles sighs at Derek’s voice. It’s soft and small, a low rumble of a voice Stiles has been hearing more and more when he talks with Derek.

“Hey,” Stiles says back, his own grin a little dopey. Yeah, Stiles has tried getting rid of his crush on Derek, multiple times, but after three years of cringing and stuttering, he’s come to terms that whatever he feels for Derek is here to stay.

Danny coughs behind Stiles and, oh yeah, he doesn’t work here alone. Oops. Derek ducks his head to hide his smile and Stiles feels a blush work its into his cheeks.

“What can we do for you today?” asks Danny. Stiles glares at him because that’s his job. Granted, he wasn’t doing it but…semantics.

Derek glances at Stiles again before murmuring, “Strawberry smoothie, please.”

“What?” Danny leans closer to Derek to hear him better but Stiles is already putting the order into his register.

“He said strawberry smoothie. You wanted that large, right big guy?” Derek nods minutely. “Did you want to add anything to that? Espresso shot? Any extra flavors? Bubbles? Fruit?”

Derek considers the list of syrup flavors on the board behind Stiles and Danny. Stiles takes the opportunity to take in his alpha. There are bruises under his eyes, but they seem lighter than the last time Stiles saw Derek. The last few weeks has had him more tired than usual. Though, Stiles supposes, having a coven of vampires trying to take over his territory probably isn’t the most relaxing environment.

“Um. Could I have bananas and lavender bubbles added to it?” At first he looks a bit sheepish when he asks, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. He quickly covers it up by sending a glare Stiles’ way, like he’s expecting to be laughed at. As much as Stiles loves to irritate Derek, it’s no fun if Derek can actually be hurt by it.

“Yeah buddy, of course.” Derek pays and Stiles gets started making the drink, glancing at Derek between each motion like he might disappear as soon as Stiles stops looking. 

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Love Is (trixya) Chapter 1 - trixya4ever

AN: Hi! This is the first fic I’ve written in a couple of years. I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it! There was a tumblr post a while ago about Trixie in Season 7 looking like the guy who would carry all of her boyfriend’s drag/bags if she didn’t do drag, and this is partly inspired by that! It’s not a full AU, but a re-imagining of what would be different if Trixie and Katya had met in college. I would love any feedback! 

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Pint Sized Chapter 2: Childified

Chapters: 2/6

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: R … .FOR REALLY CUTE  (It’s PG/K+ guys don’t worry)

Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug

Summary: “Hi, Mama. I can explain.“

**Also available** on AO3 | FFnet

Cover by @edendaphne

The look on Sabine’s face when Marinette and Adrien stumbled into the bakery was priceless. It was clear for a moment that her mother didn’t recognize her and she gave the two of them and their bare feet a disapproving frown. Then the penny dropped and her jaw hit the floor and she clutched the counter for support.

Marinette waved weakly. "Hi, Mama. I can explain.”

“Tom. TOM!” Sabine called. Something clattered in the kitchen and Tom appeared a moment later, alert for whatever had distressed his wife. His eyes fell on the two children and he stared blankly.

Marinette smiled sheepishly. Adrien shuffled his feet, eyes downcast.

“Honey,” Tom said after a moment. “Someone shrunk the kids.”

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PLEASE DON'T FEEL LIKE A LOSER!!!! prompt: Hanni asking Will to dance with him when a slow song starts playing at some party they're at, Will being hesitant at first but ending up saying yes :3 (first kiss maybe???) ((i need my daily dose of fluff)

Thank you so much for this! I still feel like a loser but you’re so lovely for giving me exactly what I needed! *hugs*

God I loved this, I think I’m gonna do another version of it later. I hope this is even remotely close to what you wanted.

The annual office Christmas party was one of Will’s least favorite things in his life. He hated parties, the throng of people all huddled together and drinking heavily while they flirted or spoke ill of everyone around them.

The only bright spot this year was the bartender. Will had never seen someone pour drinks that expertly or with such flourish, flirting and winking with everyone who came up to the open bar. Will couldn’t stop staring, though every time he was sure the man saw him he made sure to avert his gaze.

He was sitting at a table with his favorite coworkers, who also happened to be his closest friends: Alana Bloom and Beverly Katz. The other people at their table all ignored them, talking amongst themselves.

“…and then Will said, ‘Boy that bartender is sexy I can’t wait to get all up in that.’”

Will turned his head back from staring, blush on his cheeks as both Bev and Alana smiled at him.

“Shut up.”

Bev laughed, pushing his shoulder.

“You’ve been ogling him all night long! Go up there and order something sexy! Like a Blow Job or a Slow Fuck.”

Will hissed, “I am NOT asking for that. Just shut up, okay? It’s bad enough I have to be at this stupid party without you both…”

A waitress came over and put a drink in front of him. Will frowned.

“I didn’t order this.”

She smirked. “Hannibal sent it over, said you looked thirsty.”

She left and both Bev and Alana burst out laughing.

“Will, it’s a Cum Shot.”

Will’s cheeks were so red he put his head down, even as Bev said, “You have to drink it real slow and watch him the whole time. C'mon Will, I’ve never been flirted this hard by someone before you have to!”

Alana smirked over her drink when he lifted his head.

“You need to, Will. He’s a stranger, you don’t even have to go over there or talk to him. Just drink it.”

Will sighed, lifting the drink and looking over at the bar.

Hannibal, apparently, was watching him with a smile. He downed the shot in one go and put the shot glass down hard licking his lips.

Immediately he turned away, sighing.

“I’m going home.”

Bev and Alana both grabbed his arm.

“No! You have to stay till the last…”

The music changed and he smiled, hearing the opening notes to ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’

“I love this song.”

Suddenly there was a tap at his shoulder and his least favorite coworker, Frederick Chilton, who looked like he’d had way too much to drink asked, “Dance with me, Graham.”

Will glared. “No. You’re drunk and I have no desire to smell you that closely for an extended period of time.”

Chilton grabbed his arm and Bev said, “Fuck off, Chilton, he said No!”

Will went to pull his arm away and he was surprised when a strong arm did it for him, taking Will’s hand in the process. He looked up and saw the bartender, Hannibal, glaring daggers at Chilton.

“I believe the man said, no. There is still only one meaning to that word is there not?”

Chilton glared, storming off and Will found himself unable to look away.

“Hi,” he said, swallowing, “Thanks for the drink it was…”

Hannibal finished, “Smooth and creamy?”

Will laughed, “Yeah. I’ve never had one before, ” he blushed, “I mean…”

Hannibal kissed his hand, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you care to dance?”

Will nodded and Hannibal led them to the floor, never letting him go. He pulled Will flush against him, Will staring into his eyes and asking, “Won’t you get in trouble? Leaving the bar?”

Hannibal swayed to the music with him, turning Will expertly as the music got slightly faster and shaking his head. “I am entitled to two fifteen minute breaks, this is the first.”

Will breathed into his neck, shivering when he felt himself growing hard in his pants the more Hannibal moved his hips against him.

“I’m not…I don’t dance much.”

Hannibal lifted his head to smile. “A beautiful creature such as yourself should be danced with often, and with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.”

Will let out a breath, his cheeks red and he pushed himself deliberately against Hannibal who smiled wickedly at his burgeoning boldness.

“You could teach me.”

Hannibal turned Will around as the song ended, pushing his cock into Will’s ass from behind. Will bit back a moan, tilting his head back as Hannibal whispered, “It would be a privilege and a pleasure, though I have yet to learn your name.”

Will said breathlessly, “Will.”

Hannibal kept up their dance turning him in a twirl though there was no music.

“It has been a pleasure, Will.”

Will smiled. “Yeah, Hannibal it has.”

Hannibal smiled dipping him as a new faster song came on. “You know my name.”

Will laughed, “The waitress told me, though it is on your name tag.”

Hannibal looked down and smiled at him. “I see. I must return to my duties, I hope to share a dance with you later, sweet Will.”

He kissed Will’s hand and left him, Will’s smile so bright he felt lighter than air sitting back down at his table.

“Look at you,” Alana laughed, “One dance and you’re smitten already.”

Will looked over at the bar, sharing at smile with Hannibal. “Maybe.”

Bev threw down a five dollar bill on the table. “Five dollars says you swallow a real cum shot by the end of the night.”

Alana giggled and threw down a five. “I say their next dance is in the bathroom.”

Will blushed, looking down.

“I hate you both.”

He took a ten out of his wallet and put it on top. “Ten dollars says I’m not the one taking the shot.”

Bev and Alana both burst into laughter even as Will ignored the glares from the rest of their table to look at Hannibal again who winked.

He had no more reason to go home early. After all, the night was young and he was still very thirsty.

ficlet based on the new spoilers. Potentially angsty?

The tavern is dark.

Pinocchio sways behind her, uncomfortable with their presence in this place. Her guards stick close to them as well, clearly feeling just as uneasy. This tavern is not fit for a princess, but Emma is thirsty, and their trip to a nearby realm is too long to wait.

One of her guards goes to the bar to demand drink, and Pinocchio leads her to find a place to seat. Some patrons scurry out of their away, afraid to be in the path of the Crown Princess. Others bow in her presence, as expected.

What isn’t expected is the man who barrels past her, nearly knocking her over. He falls, and it takes no time at all for her guards to raise their swords and for Pinocchio to reach for his dagger.

As the man moves to stand, his eyes lock with hers. The first thing Emma notices is how impossibly blue they are. The second thing is how handsome he is, despite being roughly the same age as her parents.

“Apologies, love,” he says, and he has the gall to brush his lips against her knuckles. Warmth blooms there, and it takes Emma a beat to wrest her arm away.

The guards still have their swords raised, but Emma waves them off. She’s not even sure why. “Let him go.”

He looks at her oddly, and then shakes his head, as if trying to clear his mind of something. He then bows with a flourish and winks. Pinocchio scoffs behind her.

“I’ll best be off, then.”

Emma watches as he marches out the door. For some strange reason, she is sad to see him go.

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Random little request, but if you're up for it I thought this would be hilarious. "Describe your OTP and make it sound as shitty as possible"

YES!!! Oh my golly, yes! You may not know me, but darling, this is right up my alley. Took the liberty of summarizing Downton, too. :D


This English gold-digger guy persuades this super naive foreign girl to marry him, making her leave her whole family and her country and basically everything she’s ever known behind her. 

Sounds terrible, right?

Well, not exactly, because the thing is, she’s absolutely and totally fine with that. 


Turns out, she and her mom were actually manipulating and scheming on marrying her off to somebody just like this: Poor, but like, super important. #poorwhiteclass

You see, back home her family is kinda… how do I say it? um … #richwhitetrash not the right kind of people. So, yes indeed, she totally signs away all her cash (probably with a flourish and a wink at the lawyers) so that all those snobby people back at home can’t call her ugly names anymore! #gotthatnamechange #hatersaintgonnahatenomo’#hopefully

ALRIGHT – Flash forward twenty to thirty some odd years later. 

Get this, they’re actually still married (!) but hahaha have failed at LITERALLY the ONE thing that would actually validate the whole entire flippity floppity reason they got married in the first place: a baby boy.

Remember that signing away her money bit? Well, the money can only be transferred to a SON. (#nopenismoproblems)

Sure, they ended up having three daughters (#girlpower?), but Mr Fortune 500 doesn’t want to try and shake up some laws to make sure the girls get their mom’s money. (‘Cuz that would be way too fair to them.) 

Ok. Whatever, let’s not cast stones because they girls are also sorta wild. They’re constantly either fighting, or having scandalous affairs, or going behind their parents’ backs to run off to Switzerland to haVE A MARRIED MAN’S BABY.

Yeah. You heard me.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, during the course of Mr and Mrs Cash for Class’s “peculiar” marriage, ol’ Money Grubber cheats on Dollar Diva (while she’s literally almost dying), loses all her money due to some stupid railroad stocks (,eh), and then at one point, actually literally - I swear to gawd - refers to her as his dog! #relationshipgoals

But the Mona Visa is no innocent. 

She knows how to play her sex cards to get what she wants - i.e. what her mother-in-law doesn’t want OR (one time) even what her maid wants. 

Wait who? 

Oh, y'know, the maid who pretty much murdered Permanent Vacationer’s unborn son … and then Penny Princess is pretty friggen’ crushed - cruuushed - when said maid sneaks away in the night. #waitwhat

Green-Card Queen is also constantly reminding her husband that she is, in fact, not English

Nope. Nah. No way. Nuh uh. 

Sheesh! How can she ever assimilate to the country she’s lived in for the majority of her life? Pssht. Makes no sense. #onceayank #alwaysayank 


Plus she claims to have a gun. So…yeahhh. #crazyassamericans #amiright

Then, on top of everything else, shit like this happens:

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