flour bombing

A Concept: Summer Camp Twelfth Night AU

        Olivia and Orsino are the coolest kids in their respective cabins 

       Sebastian and Viola get in a canoeing accident at the camp across the lake and wash up, each assuming the other made it back to camp 

        Malvolio is That One Kid who always sucks up to the counselor like “come on guys, cabin cleaning checkup is tomorrow!”

         Sir Toby smuggles booze into camp and convinces Sir Andrew to snort sugar, pretending it’s cocaine 

          Orsino drags his cabin on nature hikes that they hate and they hang out in the forest smoking weed while he complains about how hot Olivia is 

          He shows he’s into her by playing douchebag pranks on her cabin, TPing it and flour bombing her, etc 

          He tries to send Viola to infiltrate her cabin to pull the Ultimate Prank (and maybe quietly tell Olivia how he really feels and to lowkey apologize for his assholery but idk) but she’s like “FINALLY the only guy here who isn’t a total dick" 

          Sebastian and Antonio sneak into the dining hall at mealtimes and infiltrate arts and crafts activities and make out in the forest Feel free to add on!


  • Kevin’s out of town with Wymack
  • Aaron and Nicky are in Columbia
  • The Upperclassmen are away for the weekend 
  • Andrew and Neil are left to their own devices
  • The Foxes are the only ones keeping the both of them from doing the stupidest shit 
  • Neil took the Maserati to get a new paint job, flames anyone?
  • Andrew cut up Aaron’s wardrobe 
  • Neil gets a call from Andrew, he needs paint 
  • They paint the whole dorm’s ceiling black 
  • Neil bakes some cookies
  • The kitchen looks like a flour bomb had gone off
    • A flour bomb had gone off. 
      • “What the fuck Andrew!?”
  • Andrew adopts 2 puppies
  • Aaron walks in. 
  • Neil’s got flour in his hair and paint all over his clothes
  • There’s two puppies covered in flour running around the kitchen
  • Andrew has paint and flour everywhere and a pair of scissors in one hand 
  • Aaron walks out.

“Babe. C'mon, I was kidding!”

“Seriously, Dean? You fucking flour bombing me as soon as I get out of the fucking shower is you kidding?”

Dean stays quiet and looks at the flour that’s covering the walls and most of your hair and clothes. He’s trying to hide his smile but failing miserably.

You narrow your eyes, “Alright, Winchester,” you say firmly. “I’ll get you one way or another.”


You and Dean were laying in bed, propped up on pillows, watching a movie. He’s lying on his back with you snuggled underneath his arm, your head resting on his chest.

“Hey, Dean,” you get his attention, “I’m going to get some tea, you want anything?”

“Actually, we could use more popcorn,” he says it like a question with his eyebrows raised.

You give him a smile, “Sure. No problem.”

Minutes later you walk back in with your arms full; you set down your tea and the popcorn on the side table. Before Dean can grab the popcorn, you press a hand to his chest and push him back on the bed as you lean down and kiss him softly. Your hand trials along his chest until it’s resting on his cheek, then the kiss quickly turns passionate.

The sound of the movie turns into background noise as you throw a leg over Dean and straddle his waist. His arms slink around your waist, which gives you the chance to lock a handcuff around his wrist and push his arm back.

You can feel Dean tense under you and he breaks away. “Woah. Hey, what are you doing?” he says breathlessly.

Your voice is deliciously low, “What? Never got a little kinky before, Winchester?” Your lips are brushing against Dean’s and he can feel every word you say—in more than one way. “Ready?”

He lets you push his other arm over his head. You lace the handcuff through the bedframe and lock it around his wrist. You’re looking straight into his lust blown eyes as you tug on the cuffs to make sure they’re secure, which makes Dean’s breath hitch.

You smirk and kiss him again, but you make it far to quick for his liking. “Now, how about a little show?” you purr as you straighten up, making sure to trail your hands all down his body.

As soon as you stand up and walk to the front of the bed, you can hear Dean shift. You smirk to yourself as you make quick work of putting on your specially selected movie.

You hit play and turn around. Dean’s trying to hide his confusion but the beginning music notes get the best of him. “Y/N? H-How kinky is this going to get?”

You saunter back over to his side and whisper is his ear, “Remember that flour bomb?” You higher the volume, "I told you I’d get you.“ You kiss him one more time then head for the door.

Dean’s forest green eyes follow you as you walk out and he looks simultaneously shocked and betrayed. “Wha- Y/N, really? You know I didn’t mean anything by it!” He starts strangling against the handcuffs, twisting and tugging. “The least you can do is tell me what you put on!”

You're giggling as you shut the room door. You won’t leave him in there for the whole movie, but you won’t go back anytime soon either.

A moment later, you hear his bellow through the halls, “Y/N! YOU PUT ON FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?!”

so i was thinking, some of the overwatch “heroes” are more or less just “ordinary” professions right. like you have two scientists, an architect, a pilot, even a freakin DJ, and they were just all brought together bc of the omnic crisis (old or upcoming). well what about the other professions that were affected/will be affected like the economists and lawyers and business CEOs and cooks. like can you imagine some guy in a suit with a laser pointer who can outsnipe widowmaker or a pastry chef whose ultimate is releasing a flour bomb that blocks the enemy team’s visibility for a few seconds. and all their voice lines are bakery puns like “easy as pie!” “i really whipped your butt there!” “rising to the occasion because it’s the yeast i can do!!”