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Be Nice

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Stop undressing me with your eyes.”

Pairing: bodyguard!Dean x Reader

Requested by: @21brownies

“We’re leaving in twenty five minutes, people!” Dean announces pulling his focus from the view of the private balcony in your hotel room. He pauses waiting for a response but is only met with silence.

“So glad they fucking listen to me.” As Dean huffs under his breath, he marches throughout the suite and ends with a burst through your bedroom door.

You meet his distracting jade eyes briefly before returning your attention back to the rack of dresses you’re agonizing over. Your stylist continues offering suggestions but you’re not thrilled with any of them.

“Y/N…why aren’t you dressed?! We need to leave asap so we can arrive before the crowd.”

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This is the extent to which I procrastinate. The links will take you to my fics on AO3, except for drabbles that I’ve written on Tumblr. Drabbles and one-shots are arranged by ship, but fics with multiple major ships and multi-chapter fics will have the ships specified in parentheses next to the link.




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Drabbles and Prompts


“You look like you could use a hug.”/”I love you, please don’t go.”


“Are you jealous?”

“Did you do something different with your hair?”

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.”

“I’m flirting with you.”

“Looks like we’re gonna be trapped here for a while.”

“His ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow.”


“I’m flirting with you.”


“We’d make such a cute couple.”


“How long have you been standing there?”/”It’s okay to cry.”


“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”/”This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”


Morning Kisses

My bucket list ideas!

Hi! My name is teenytinymixture and I do videos on youtube for my bucket list ideas! Go check the channel out and if you like it then go subscribe! 


Also this is a list of what I have on my bucket list! Enjoy! and give me some awesome bucket list ideas, challenge and dares!! 

Bucket list ideas


Leave inspirational quotes everywhere (20/04/14)

Leave a note in a library book for fun (22/04/14)

Be able to do a one handed push up (26/04/14)

Do 100 sit - ups challenge in 5 mins (04/05/14)

Do a handstand (04/05/14)

Make a rubber band ball (30/04/14)

Leave a nice note on someones window/door (30/04/14)

Sticky note a car (28/04/14)

Bubble bath with clothes (13/05/14) 

Write: this way to the Ministry of magic in a public toilet (13/05/14)

Put up a “Lost dog” poster with a picture of a cat on it (14/05/14)

Have a tidy room (13/05/14)

Make “open when” letters (10/05/14) 

Post funny jokes on parked cars windscreens (12/05/14)

Bread challenge - 30 seconds without water (20/05/14)

Eat a lemon without pulling a face (18/05/14) 

Milk & coke (18/05/14)

Burn a dandelion (16/05/14)

Tie wishes to a tree (30/05/14)

Drink a glass of coffee ( 16/05/14)

Watch ‘The bucket list’ (15/05/14)

Put a message in a telephone box (21/05/14)

Try and balance as many books on your head as you can - 7 - (20/05/14)

Paint each nail a different colour (20/05/14)

Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning (01/06/14) 

Write notes and put them up around your town (30/05/14) 

Keep a blog about the bucket list (30/05/14)

Send a message in a bottle (14/06/14)

Try yoga (22/06/14)

Write 'you’ve got one unread message’ on a postbox (26/06/14)

Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw (14/06/14)

Poker face challenge - you have to pull a straight face while friends try to make you laugh. See how long you last (21/06/14) 

Just draw with chalk (21/06/14)

Go for a walk around your town (29/06/14) 

Do a handstand against a wall (29/06/14)

Not done! 

  1. Crave my name in a tree
  2. Make a video at 1:00am 
  3. Do a 365 day photo challenge 
  4. Steal someones boxers
  5. Mix two milkshakes and drink it 
  6. Do a gummy bear challenge 
  7. Eat a cake without using my hands just my face 
  8. Eat a whole jar of nutella 
  9. Have a nice long chat with the trees 
  10. Eat an onion 
  11. Have someone smash a pie in my face 
  12. Sneak a love letter into the one I love’s pocket 
  13. Destroy a watermelon 
  14. Vlog for one week 
  15. Throw paper planes off a bridge
  16. Have a bbq on the beach 
  17. Wear a fake moustache 
  18. Make 365 day 1 second videos 
  19. Text “I hid the body” to a random number 
  20. Mentos & coke
  21. Jump in puddles 
  22. Paint with bubbles 
  23. Water balloon target practice 
  24. Let go of 1oo balloons all at once 
  25. Make melted art 
  26. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  27. Eat sushi 
  28. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at a canvas 
  29. Eat a whole roll of hubba bubba at one time 
  30. Make lemonade 
  31. Buy flowers for someone for no reason 
  32. Make a giant sandcastle 
  33. Try a juice cleanse - get a bottle and put water and fruit in it 
  34. Learn how to mediate 
  35. Eat a box of raisins in 30 seconds 
  36. Eat a whole sugar dount without licking my lips 
  37. Down a yogurt 
  38. Drink vodka with a straw 
  39. Make jello worms - put jello in straws 
  40. Laser beam challenge 
  41. Glow in the dark bubbles - cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution 
  42. Eat only fruit for a month 
  43. Prank your friends by freezing mentos in ice cubes and make them time bombs 
  44. Eat a whole watermelon with a spoon 
  45. Try butterbeer - Harry potter 
  46. Go to London 
  47. Make a dream catcher 
  48. Go on holiday with my bestfriend 
  49. Go on holiday with my boyfriend 
  50. Make rainbow roses 
  51. Achieve six pack abs 
  52. Benchpress my own weight 
  53. Climb a spiral staircase 
  54. Do 25 straight pull ups 
  55. Do 10 push ups for 10 days 
  56. Exercise for 3 months 
  57. Take photos in a photo - booth 
  58. Make a daisy chain 
  59. Paint rocks with nice messages on them then leave them for people to find 
  60. Make a collage 
  61. Go to the pub 
  62. Build a snowman 
  63. Wear a boys jumper 
  64. Glow in the dark bowling (using water bottles and glow sticks) 
  65. Sit on a rooftop 
  66. Run through a field of flowers 
  67. Make tie - dye shirts 
  68. Complete an 1000 piece puzzle 
  69. Roll down a hill 
  70. Put a random items in peoples shopping trolley 
  71. Get buried in the sand 
  72. Walk behind a stranger and copy them 
  73. Accomplish three pull - ups 
  74. Complete the 100  pull up challenge
  75. Baby food and baby drink challenge  
  76. Saltine cracker challenge - six saltine crackers in a minute without water
  77. Go 30 days without sugar 
  78. Be a tourist in your own town 
  79. Climb a tree 
  80. Release sky lanterns 
  81. Try different teas 
  82. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 
  83. Pose with manicans 
  84. Solve a rubix cube
  85. Roast marshmallows 
  86. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 
  87. Drop a water balloon of a tall building 
  88. Do an infinity sign with a friend 
  89. Make a gummy bear and sprite popsicles 
  90. Build a gingerbread house 
  91. Drink form a coconut 
  92. Do cotton - ball challenge 
  93. Do make - up challenge 
  94. Sit in a trolley and get pushed around in the shop 
  95. Go into a bed store and sleep on the bed 
  96. Flour bombing fight 
  97. Make a blanket fort and sleep in it 
  98. Do a cartwheel in a shop 
  99. Prank someone 
  100. Glue something (pound) to the ground and watch people try and pick it up 
  101. Do a music video
  102. Be blind for a day 
  103. Spend a whole day bare foot 
  104. Put on sunglasses when it’s raining 
  105. Do a twenty - four hour silence 
  106. Do something for a homeless person 
  107. Go camping 
  108. Order room service 
  109. Try 10 new fruits 
  110. Crazy glue something in a weird place 
  111. Fly kites 
  112. Walk around a shop with pink fluffy bunny ears on 
  113. Always try different food 
  114. Try deep friend mars bars 
  115. Do a halloween prank 
  116. Get a flat with my boyfriend 
  117. Go to Disneyland 
  118. Got to Italy ( Dream ) 
  119. Go to a concert 
  120. Own a “nemo fish”
  121. Go to a build a bear factory and build a bear 
  122. Do paintball darting 
  123. Breath in helium 
  124. Have a kitten 
  125. Vist a chocolate factory 
  126. Use a fake name in starbucks 
  127. Dance in a fountain 
  128. Try every flavour of vitamin water 
  129. Make jello shots 
  130. Try macarons 
  131. Try chocolate covered bacon 
  132. Try American food/drinks 
  133. Eat with chopsticks 
  134. Make smoothies 
  135. Try every Ben & Jerrts ice cream flavour 
  136. Go on a road trip 
  137. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  138. Go mini - golfing 
  139. Have kids 
  140. Write something in we cement 
  141. Play messy twister 
  142. Participate in a charity events 
  143. Get married 
  144. Go bowling 
  145. Go paintballing 
  146. Order pizza 
  147. Swim in a baby pool full of ice 
  148. Crave a pumpkin 
  149. Learn how to bake 
  150. Have a pizza day 
  151. Make a pizza from scratch 
  152. Travel places 
  153. Have a picnic 
  154. Have a paint fight 
  155. Put soap into a fountain creating bubbles 
  156. Stomp grapes 
  157. Camp on the beach 
  158. Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming 
  159. Learn origami 
  160. Jump into a pool of whipped cream 
  161. Put mud on me then get water over me 
  162. Teepee something 
  163. Invent a new pizza 
  164. Learn how to use a pogo stick 
  165. Make something out of playing cards 
  166. Disney song challenge - give 10 Disney movies and you have to remember the songs from the movies 
  167. Movie quote challenge - Give 25 movies and for each movie you have to give a quote in the accent of the actor who said it 
  168. M&M challenge 
  169. Try mikado, strawberry and cream 
  170. Explore a cave 
  171. Write a love not on the bathroom mirror 
  172. Create an ice - cream flavour 
  173. Bake cupcakes for my friends 
  174. Go to a cheesecake factory 
  175. Bake a kitkat cake 
  176. Own a minion toy 
  177. Make a snow angel 
  178. Plant a tree 
  179. Have a hippy day. No phones or electronics. Sleep outside and eat only organic food 
  180. Finger paint 
  181. Try long-boarding
  182. Have a girls night
  183. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place wherever it lands 
  184. Ride in a red London bus
  185. Vist pixar studios
  186. Participate in a colour run
  187. Go on a date to the zoo
  188. Explore a castle
  189. Have a silly string fight
  190. Watch the fault in our stars
  191. Go to vidcon
  192. Blow bubbles inside a bubble
  193. Place flowers on peoples doorstep
  194. Make an oatmeal face mask
  195. Write a fan letter
  196. Eat dinner outside
  197. Learn how to shoot the cap off of a water bottle
  198. Make 3 kinds of lemonade (strawberry, lemon and raspberry)
  199. Potato printing
  200. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  201. Read the hinger games books
  202. Have a sandball fight
  203. catch a ladybug
  204. Make flower headbands
  205. Make flubber
  206. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  207. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins
  208. Do a cartwheel
  209. Learn how to play piano
  210. Wear as many glow sticks as possible
  211. Make a tire swing
  212. Shower under a water fall
  213. Go to starbucks everyday for a week
  214. Take webcam pictures at the Apple store
  215. Feed the ducks
  216. Play frisbee
  217. Pick strawberries
  218. Hula hoop
  219. Go to the aquarium
  220. Write 5 (nice) letters and put them through peoples letterbox
  221. Scream at the top of your lungs
  222. Make a banner and hang it somewhere public
  223. Put random stickers on cars
  224. Hug a tree
  225. Write memories on a white top
  226. Connect a whole bunch a straws together, then drink a can from across the room 
  227. Hang our shoes on a telephone wires 
  228. Throw confetti onto cars from a bridge 
  229. Get a 'stay positive’ shirt 
  230. Attend a gay pride parade 
  231. Own a charm bracelet 
  232. Buy cinnamon candles 
  233. Try frozen watermelon 
  234. Draw funny faces on all eggs in my fridge
  235. Sandboarding
  236. Make little paper boats and float them somewhere outside
  237. Paint yourself
  238. Drink from a chocolate fountain
  239. Slide down grass in cardboard boxes
  240. Mikado & ice - cream in a jar
  241. Drink colourful cocktails
  242. Vodka soaked watermelon
  243. Buy a pair of white shoes and write on them everyday
  244. Randomly start dancing at random times
  245. Wear two different shoes for the whole day
  246. Catch a fish with our bare hands
  247. Do 200 sit ups
  248. Make pottery
  249. Do some science experiments
  250. Go on an ice - cream date
  251. Lean to knit
  252. Have a pillow fight
  253. Hold a butterfly in my hands
  254. See the big ben in London 
  255. Play catch with eggs
  256. Play real life fruit ninja 
  257. Watch the clouds 
  258. Watch a sunrise or sunset 
  259. Blow bubbles 
  260. Buy converses 
  261. Build a ship in a bottle
  262. Make rainbow fruit kebab
  263. Own a rainbow umbrella
  264. Make soap
  265. Become a nanny 
  266. Go fishing
  267. Try bubble tea
  268. Jump in a foam pit
  269. Get a teddy from an arcade machine
  270. Eat frozen yogurt 
  271. Make a olaf mug
  272. Eat a wonka chocolate bar 
  273. Go to harry potter world 
  274. Collect herbs 
  275. Burn sage 
  276. Dance in the rain 
  277. Learn sign language 
  278. Play tennis with apples 
  279. Start a fire without matches 
  280. Participate in a zombie walk 
  281. Learn how to juggle 
  282. Learn how to roller-skate 
  283. Go on a hike 
  284. Eat cookie dough 
  285. Read every novel written by Stephen king 
  286. Sit in a field of lavender
  287. Own a pair of doc martens 
  288. Be a gamer on Youtube! 
  289. Make a glow jar
  290. Watch baby turtles hatch 
  291. Make homemade jam 
  292. Own a pair of black milk leggings 
  293. Go to M&M world 
  294. Have a lord of the rings movie marathon 
  295. Make homemade yougurt 
  296. Go to a fireworks display 
  297. Be a vegeterian for one week 
  298. Do a mud run 
  299. Put handprints somewhere around your town with paint 
  300. Make a daisy chain crown 
  301. Play with sparklers 
  302. Start a wall collage 
  303. Buy a venus fly trap 
  304. Take old toilet paper rolls and cut out eyes in them then place glow sticks in them then place them in random bushes late at night and freak people out 
  305. Glitter balloons 
  306. Buy a polaroid camera
  307. Get a disney balloon
  308. Make a memory jar
  309. Cuddle by the fire
  310. Jump in a pile of leaves
  311. Go on a breakfast date
  312. Own a gameboy colour 
  313. Build a book fort 
  314. Own a snow globe
  315. Take a selfie with a cactus
  316. Walk bare foot through a forest 
  317. Own a pair of superhero underwear
  318. Eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting 
  319. Make a jar of lucky paper stars 
  320. Buy a new pair of uggs boots for winter 
  321. Try every lush bath bomb
  322. Remember to stop and smell the roses
  323. Go to aquarium
  324. Make a lava lamp 
  325. Make body butter
  326. Own a hunger games bracelet 
  327. Own combat boots
  328. Take a picture half over and half under water
  329. Make homemade candles
  330. Bake nutella cupcakes
  331. Cook everything in the unofficial Harry potter cookbook
  332. Help the environment
  333. Pull an all-nighter
  334. Shake a soldiers hand
  335. Eat at one of chef Gordon Ramsay restaurants
  336. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  337. Collect Disney stuffed animals
  338. Go to a spa 
  339. Drink a Martini
  340. Vist the beach everyday for a week
  341. Bob for apples
  342. Go indoor rock climbing
  343. Have a glowstick fight
  344. Play in a giant ball pit
  345. Throw a bucket of water at someone
  346. Try eggnog
  347. Go to a forest in fall
  348. Collect train tickets
  349. Donate gifts to children in need
  350. Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
  351. Go to the circus 
  352. Bottle feed a baby lion
  353. Catch every Pokemon
  354. Complete skyrim
  355. Spend a weekend in a hotel with someone I love
  356. Do a take what you need poster
  357. Hand out smiley faced balloons
  358. Get a henna tattoo
  359. Swim in jello
  360. Go eye bombing 
  361. Spend a whole week with my bestfriend
  362. Eat ice - cream out of a coconut 
  363. Throw a boomerang
  364. Prank call people
  365. Go on a shopping spree with my bestfriend
  366. Try oreo cake
  367. Make and try bacon pancakes
  368. Go fall candle shopping
  369. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  370. Ride the London eye
  371. Shower outside
  372. Dip dye my hair
  373. Go on a date
  374. Go to comic con
  375. Improve my flexibility
  376. Learn how to do a backflip
  377. Make a slip n' slide
  378. Shave my head for someone with cancer
  379. Take a photo at the perfect moment
  380. Kiss under mistletoe
  381. Learn how to pen spin
  382. Sleep in a car
  383. Sleep on a hammock
  384. Use glow paint
  385. Run for race for life
  386. Sleep in a teepee
  387. Vist Westminster Abby
  388. Own a sexy lace dress
  389. Write on a snowy car window
  390. Own a goldfish
  391. Breathe in helium, then walk up behind someone and say "follow the yellow brick road"

Ha Sungwoon Hogwarts Au

For a very sweet anon, Sungwoon~

•The two of you sat together on the train your first year,
• You just sat opposite each other in silence for a while but then you decided there was no point in staying aloof so started chatting,
• You where both half bloods with too much sass so you got on like a house on fire,
• You where sorted into Ravenclaw (Like your mother),
•Sungwoon was sorted into Slytherin,
• (Ngl, it took me forever to decide whether he was Slytherin or Gryffindor),
• He’s from a family of Gryffindor though, and they’re all behind the times so they think it’s a tragedy, and they’re not afraid to tell their son that,
• You watched Sungwoon as you ate and he seemed very detached,
• You’re supposed to head back in groups but you wondered off to see if he was okay and you found him crying his eyes out alone in some corridor,
• You wraped him in a little hug and hand him all the tissues you had on you,
• You sometimes surprise yourself with how prepared you are,
• He couldn’t get over the fact he’s a Slytherin, that his family will disown him, that he’s evil,
• You sigh and plop down next to him, ready for a chat™
• “Sungwoon, you know they’re not evil at all, right? My dad was a Slytherin,”
• “My parents said they where all bad, I’m not sure I can do this,”
• You couldn’t make him optimistic, but you consoled him a little, and set it your job to show him how great all the houses are, especially Slytherin,
• You show him Slytherins are actually just dorks that get excited every-time they see the giant squid swim past their common room,
• You two are as thick as thieves, hardly ever seen without each other,
• Ravenclaws are known to be a little outside of the box, but Sungwoon accepts you despite your odd quirks,
• Like your near obsession with the stars, your common room being in the sky the view is crystal clear,
• He tells you the password to his common room whenever it changes and everyone in Slytherin knows you,
• They call you their ‘honorary raven baby’
• You blush every time but secretly love it,
• You chat easily to Slytherins, as you’re probably quite a bit like them (it took the sorting hat a good 3 or 5 minutes to decide your house),
• Ravenclaws also love Sungwoon,
• “It’s Y/N and our snake child again, someone please wrap them in blankets before they do anything dangerous,”
• But you also destroy all of the preconceived ideas Sungwoon had about Ravenclaw,
• “What did you write about for our last transfiguration essay, y/n?”
• “ I haven’t done any homework in 2 months I don’t even know what we where supposed to do,”
• “How the hell do you get away with it?Aren’t Ravenclaws good at this stuff?”
• “Everyone assumes we’re goodie two shoes, we use that to our advantage, we’re good at what we want to be good at,”
• The whole of Ravenclaws teamwork is scary (you all learn from the doorknocker to work as one) and it rubs of on Sungwoon, so you two work in such a natural way it’s terrifying,
• In fact, the two of you are dangerous anyway,
• With your Ravenclaw quick wit and Sungwoon’s sass and shade, you two make the ultimate team,
• Like “Oh shit, the savage it’s radiating off of them,”
• But mainly just roasting each other really,
• But also totally honest and deep with each other late at night, like you’ve definitely told each other your deepest secrets, but you’re also complete goofs

• “I told you the answer to number 25 was Merlin’s ass and you actually wrote it?”

• “Honestly, what else am I going to put?”
• Constantly defending eachother,
• You’ve lost count of how many gryffindor’s you’ve hexed who said Sungwoon was a traitor,
• (They honestly put a bad name to gryffindor),
• You’re not sure ,but you’ve heard of multiple rumors on how Sungwoon doesn’t hold back if anyone talks shit about you in any way at all, 
• Dream team :’)
• It’s freezing in the Slytherin doorms in winter so you bring tonnes of blankets to the Syltherin common room and you have sleepovers with them all where you play massive group games of things like mafia or Chinese whispers,
• Sungwoon’s parents officially disowned him and your parents don’t hesitate a second when you ask for him to come round on the holidays,
• He’s your parents second child but they always tease the two of you about being a perfect couple,
• It’s one of the moments where you squeal “muuuuum~” and usher a blushing Sungwoon away,
• They always get him cute Christmas presents and you can tell how much it means to Sungwoon to have a supportive family,
• Your dad also helps him to realise how great Slytherins are and He’s completely at home after a year and embracing being a slytherin, 

• (Although he occasionally gets homesick and you’re on hand with chocolate and shoulder to lean on),
• You’re in your fifth year, heading back to Hogwarts on the train, getting some first years to play hide and seek against you when you realise you may have a huge crush on your best friend,
• You watch the first years search for the two of you as you press together under a bench,
• You’d created a trap door to roll into the next compartment if they came in, it wasn’t exactly cheating,
• Slytherins and Ravenclaws can get competitive and strategic about anything, honestly,
• You can feel Sungwoon’s breathing, you back pressed against his chest and your heart does a little Irish dance,
• It’s when you know you’re gone, a total sucker,
• You guys are kind of close as friends anyway,
• Cuddles and draped over each other, laid in each others laps, napping under the same blankets,
• No one questions it because you’ve always been like that,
• So now you feed off of those little moments,
• You’re entering the Slytherin common room,
• No one even bats an eye anymore,
• You’re no longer a baby but you’re still called 'Honorary raven baby’, especially by the 7th and 6th years,
• You’re heading up the stairs to Sungwoon’s room when you stop dead,
• Sungwoon’s chatting to his closest friend in Slytherin, Lai Gualin, a quiet boy who you think could put his cunning to good use and have some fun with you and Sungwoon by the end of the year,
• “I just don’t want to ruin our friendship, you know,” Sungwoon’s voice jumps across the rock of their room,
• “You just have to trick her into confessing first,” Lai gualin, a typical Slytherin- it makes you smile,
• “How am I to know if she does or doesn’t like me back though?”
• “Sungwoon, you know, she knows, the whole school knows, god, you already act like a badass couple, it’s only a few words separating you,”
• Now you’re a Ravenclaw, you’re know for your wit, acceptance and intelligence,
• You can pretty much decipher they’re talking about you,
• And boy is Gualin underestimating you, trick you into confessions?
• hA,
• But now you have a dilemma,
• Do you play the waiting game to see what Sungwoon does, or do you storm in there right now and kiss the life out of him,
• Not literally I mean that is forbidden magic,
• You devise a quick plan, with an unsure ending but what will be will be,
• You wait in the common room, telling some first years the time you got peeves to play a prank on McGonagall with you, but then she hit back, flour bombing you because she’s McGonagall and a badass,
• “The moral of the story, kids, don’t mess with McGonagall,”
• Even though that’s a given,
•  Sungwoon and you meet at the staircase of the west wing after the curfew because all the teachers give you the benefit of the doubt, and you race him up the stairs,
• He wins, even though you’ve spent over 5 years racing up that tight spiral staircase,
• True magic,
• Although he gets stuck at the door, of course,
•You usually just tell him to find another Ravenclaw, or just use the knocker ???? how had no one else ever thought of that???
• “You can see me in water but I never get wet,”
• “A reflection, come on, step up your game doorknocker,”
• You’re renowned in your house for being the go to person if you’re stuck at the door, riddles are your forte,
• You got Everyone to desert the common room, because everyone ships you- they’ll probably be listening though let’s be real,
• The two of you sit on the windowsill, staring at the stars, completely at ease with how high you are,
• You cast a patronus, all part of your plan,
• A Deerhound comes racing out of your wand, dancing across the night sky, shortly joined by the shining silver light of a beautiful lynx, slinking it’s way across the sky,
• “What do you think of?” You lean your head back to stare at the twinkling lights,
• “I think of you, and all the times we’re together and when you make my heart beat faster than it should” Bingo,
• You grin at his Rosy cheeks, his eyes looking into the distance, although you know they’re not really looking,
• “That’s Funny, because I think about you too,”
• His eyes snap to you and you lean across to place your lips on his gently, the warmth spreading though your body,
• It’s a feat you don’t fall off the ledge, but Sungwoon wraps an arm around your waist and you fall back together into a padded stool,
• His hands ghost up your back and you shiver,
• But you stop there, because your housemates are probably listing, I mean Ravenclaws thirst for knowledge doesn’t end at gossip,
• “Listen, I really like you,”
• “Sungwoon, you think I don’t know?”
• The couple of Hogwarts I’m not even kidding you’re iconic,
• Ravenclaw and Slytherin bonding through your bond, it’s becomes less and less surprising to see Ravenclaws in the Slytherin common room and vice versa,
• Dates watching the stars always, under blankets and with a mini midnight picnic and using each others warmth,
• You’re parents don’t even blink an eye when you tell them, you dad handing your mum five galleon’s,
•  You’re not the only Competitive two™
• You’re still the dream team though, just with more frequent PDA, because if you think the two of you really care about what people think, you’re wrong,
• Trying to quickly get into your common room because everyone is out and you want some time to yourselves and the knocker is a pain,
• “What has a heart but no other organs?”
• “I swear to god if you don’t open this door right now we will kick you down ourselves, have you seen my boyfriend thighs?”
• Damn right that thing opens,
• Sungwoon pushes you to go further, (not that you need that much of a push), so the two of you constantly blow people’s minds in what you achieve,
• Basically a very mischievous and successful relationship to compete and win over anyone else,

Mistletoe [Dan]

Hey guys! Remember, I take requests, so feel free to drop one in my ask box.
I know it’s not quite Christmas yet, but I couldn’t resist writing this.

Warnings: None :3


It was that time of year again.


To say that it was her favourite holiday ever was an understatement.

She’d go all out; ugly yet adorable sweaters, a real pine tree decked out in flashing fairy lights and glass baubles, homemade eggnog with fresh cookies. Back home she’d even dress her little pom up in a Santa suit.

This year she had been invited over to her friend’s place; Dan and Phil’s to be exact. It was a break from her normal holiday routine, which was a nice feeling for once.

‘(Y/N)! Nice to see you!’ Phil greeted as he opened the door to his shared flat, a wide grin on his face. She exchanged hellos with him as she took off her flats. He led her up the stairs and to the lounge, where a loud bang sounded from the room.

‘Piece of crap! Move your car, you dumb fu-’

‘Dan!’ Phil called out as they reached the door, stopping his best friend from unleashing a cursing bomb. ‘We have a visitor!’

She peeked her head timidly through the door to see him lying lazily on the sofa, Wii remote in hand. He had a Christmas-themed sweater on with some classic black skinny jeans; his hair was straightened as usual.

‘(Y/N)!’ He called out happily as he spotted her head creep around the corner, dropping his game controller and stretching out his hands for a hug. She gave him a funny look as she entered the room and he just shrugged.

‘I can’t be bothered getting up.’

(Y/N) laughed as she made her way over to him, his arms wrapping her in a warm hug when she sat beside him. Unbeknownst to Dan and (Y/N), they stayed in each other’s arms a fraction longer than normal; Phil picked up on this and cleared his throat awkwardly before his face suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree.

‘Who wants to make some cookies?’

‘My sweater is ruined, goddamit!’

The baking wasn’t going to well, to say the least.

The trio had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Broken egg shells littered the benches, flour scattered all over the countertops and dirty dishes were piled high in the sink with the smell of vanilla extract and cinnamon in the air. If anyone were to walk into the flat and see this right now, they’d think a food bomb had exploded.

‘It’s only a little flour, Dan,’ she argued with a frown, making him pout playfully. Phil hummed in agreement as he continued to stir the cookie batter with a wooden spoon. ‘Besides, don’t you have a spare one?’

Dan mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he hoisted himself into the counter-top, leaving (Y/N) and Phil to finish making the cookies. Little did they know that he had sneakily swiped the bag of flour along with an egg from the ingredients pile.

‘I think this one’s gonna be a snowman!’ Phil exclaimed excitedly. ‘I just have to cut th-’


A puff of flour exploded on top of (Y/N)’s head like a ball of snow, the white dust settling itself in her hair and down her sweater. Dan tried desperately to hold in his laughter, but his attempt was futile. A deep, loud laugh erupted from his throat as he clutched his stomach with one hand. (Y/N) sent a death glare his way, shaking her head like a puppy as she tried to get out as much flour as possible.

‘Dan,’ Phil scolded his best friend, placing a hand on his hip as he tried to make himself seem more menacing. ‘I think the least you could do for (Y/N) right now is give her a spare jumper to wear. Her one is destroyed, thanks to you.’

Dan sighed, hopping off the counter top as he lead the way to his room. She followed in tow with her arms folded across her chest; she wasn’t angry, though. If anything, she was quite amused.

In fact, she couldn’t wait to get him back later.

Dan dug around in his closet for his spare Christmas sweater, pulling off its hanger once he found it. (Y/N) took one glance at the jumper and immediately knew it was going to be humongous on her. Dan was twenty centimeters taller than her, at the very least.

‘It’s going to be a little big,’ he stated with a small frown, almost as if he had read her mind. ‘But it should be fine, I guess.’

She took it from his arms gratefully, thanking him for it with a chuckle.

Dan looked at her a little sheepishly, a small yet regretful smile on his face. ‘I’m, uh, sorry for flour bombing you. Gotta admit, though, it was quite funny.’

(Y/N) elbowed him softly, giggling slightly as she made her way out of his room and into the bathroom to change. She pulled off her flour-ridden sweater and replaced it with Dan’s.

Boy, was it huge. That’s what she said bu-dum-tis

The arms came down an extra few inches past her hands, giving her rather large sweater-paws. She didn’t mind this; it was quite cold outside.

The bottom of the sweater itself finished a few centimeters above her knees, making it seem like she was wearing a knitted dress. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled slightly before making her way to the lounge.

She reached the door, peering her head inside to see Dan putting up some decorations along the mantle above the fireplace. She continued to observe him silently from the doorway, noticing how he kept going back to re-align everything when he thought it didn’t look good together. A small chuckle escaped her lips, making him whip around instantly.

‘How long were you standing there?’ He questioned with wide eyes, his cheeks turning a rosy red.

‘Long enough to know you’re a freak when it comes to interior design.’

He gasped in mock offence, placing a hand over his heart jokingly as he made his way over to her in the doorway. She played with the ends of the jumper, rolling the soft fabric in between her fingers as he looked down at her.

‘There’s actually one more decoration I forgot,’ he spoke in a low voice, making her head shoot upright. A smirk danced across his face as he raised his left hand above their heads to reveal a small, green leafy tuft.


‘You absolute cheese-ball,’ she mumbled, biting her lip as she watched him place it above the doorway. He looked quite pleased with himself, a large smirk plastered onto his face.

‘Well, I think you know what mistletoe means,’ he chuckled once he finished, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. (Y/N) laughed quietly, standing on her tippy-toes as she leaned in towards his face.

‘Shut up and kiss me, Howell.’

Fairy cakes amidst chaos

Requested: no

Author’s notes: Feel free to request Peter Parker stories, I’ll write about nearly anything so just send an ask or a message c: please bear in mind that I write on mobile atm so if you’re on computer then I’m sure my story layouts will be a little screwy.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader featuring Tony Stark

Warning(s): some bad language

Genre: fluff

Words: 1051

Whenever Peter Parker and (Y/N) were together there was one thing that was certain: hilarity and chaos would ensue. The two were inseparable, save for the fact that (Y/N) lived in the Avenger’s facility with the rest that were, well, not on the run whilst Peter was in Queens with his Aunt May.
Today was no exception. (Y/N) was always sure to have the kitchen in the facility to be stocked with baking ingredients as well as cooking ones because baking was a great way to unwind after a tough mission. Now that Peter was there with them, they decided to carry out a nice, calm baking session.
“Could you be a darlin’ and pass me the flour, Peter? It just needs a little bit more.” (Y/N) asked sweetly. The young male grabbed the bag of flour, not realising it was wide open, and thrusted it in his friend’s direction. He was confused when he heard a curse word rather than a thank you so he finally looked at (Y/N) and he realised his mistake. Now covered in a layer of white powder from chest to thighs was his now very unamused friend. He swallowed thickly.
“Uh, it seems it was…open.” Peter said slowly. (Y/N) glared.
“Yeah, no shit.” they snapped. Peter slowly took a step back as he watched them grip the bag of flour tightly. The noticed and a sinister smile slowly pulled at the corners of their lips.
“Oh no you don’t.”
A heartbeat passed and then Peter had leaped over the counter top to the other side just as a massive handful of the flour was catapulted his way. He landed with a thump on the ground but he recovered quickly and he grabbed an open box of unused eggs. (Y/N) acted swiftly and aimed a new handful of flour at Peter and threw, this time getting a bullseye on his chest as he straightened up. He gasped.
(Y/N) let out a giggle but it was short-lived because Peter was now armed with an egg in each hand.
“Don’t you fucking dare.” they stepped away defensively. Peter grinned. Then all hell broke loose. It started out with missiles of flour and egg bombs being tossed at either person, shrieks and laughter filling the room. Then it was butter and sugar and even vanilla extract adding to the ammunition. Not a single surface was free from being covered in baking ingredients at this point but neither teenager cared. It soon came down to one bag of sugar and both parties eyed it, unmoving. And then both lunged to grab it, (Y/N) sliding along the work surface on their stomach but neither managed to grab the bag of sugar. Instead they collided with one another and Peter’s foot slipped on discarded egg on the ground, causing him to fall. In a feeble attempt to stay upright, I grabbed onto (Y/N)’s shirt and pulled them down with him. They landed on the ground with an “oomph” and the wind was knocked out of Peter slightly. Almodt instantly they were laughing at the absurdity of the situation until it came to the realisation that (Y/N) was now straddling the young crime fighter of Queens, chest flush to his. Before then, they hadn’t seen each other anything more than two close friends but with the current situation at hand it felt…different. (Y/N) felt their cheeks flush as Peter’s heart raced against theirs.
“Peter…” they trailed off, unsure what to say. Both mutually decided that words were not necessary at this point as they stared breathlessly into one another’s eyes. (Y/N) slowly moved forward, eyelids drooping as to kiss him but-
“-what on earth- Jeez! If you wanted a reason to share a shower with each other then simply asking would have worked instead of trashing the kitchen!” an all but familiar voice of Tony Stark barked into the room and the two teenagers sprung free from each other, their faces were visibly red and hot. Tony smirked a little at the reaction, but not so much as the sight before him reminded him of the utter chaos that was now the kitchen.
“M-Mr Stark, sir! We were just- well, it was an accident! And we just slipped on some egg just now so-” Peter began to babble. (Y/N) would nod vigorously in agreement and their head would flick from the billionaire and the teenager. Tony folded his arms across his chest and waited until Peter eventually ran out of words before he made any indication of moving.
“Alright, so things got funky while you were making fairy cakes I guess. That’s fine. Just clear this up. Like right now.” he said. (Y/N) and Peter watched as the man left and then their eyes trailed to one another. For a moment there was silence but then (Y/N) spoke.
“At least the cake batter wasn’t ruined, I guess?”
Peter’s mouth formed a boyish grin.
“Better get baking it then.”
The two of them worked together peacefully when filling cupcake cases with the batter and putting them in the oven. It was quiet but comfortable as they went about it but there was something that nagged at bother teenagers minds.
“Wait…were we about to kiss?” (Y/N) asked out loud. Peter froze and his mouth gaped a little. Both teenagers knew the answer to that question. But were both of them prepared to admit that? Peter cleared his throat.
“Uh- well… I guess? I mean, It’s fine if you didn’t I guess we were just fooling around but, uh, I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of kissing you. Crap- I mean it’s fine-”
Peter’s rambles were cut short when (Y/N) pressed a sugar covered finger to his lips with a smile.
“Shh. I wanna kiss you.” they said. Peter stared wide eyed as (Y/N) dropped their hand and stepped forward cautiously until they were inches away from the young male. Peter’s breath hitched as (Y/N) mirrored his actions in leaning close to kiss and his eyelids drooped-
“Oh come on! I expected this kitchen to be clean by now! Save the smooches for later already! And what’s that smell? Is that burning?” Tony Stark’s voice interrupted the moment again and the teenagers pushed away again in surprise.
“Tony!” (Y/N) wailed in embarrassment when they realised he was grinning away. Tony winked and stepped out of the kitchen. (Y/N) and Peter stood in silence. And then the smell of burning cake invaded their nostrils. Their eyes widened.
“Shit, the cakes!”

Okay so this is the first ever story I’ve posted. I hope it’s alright cuz I had no idea what I was doing. Feedback would be lovely if you’ve got any and yeah. That’s it.

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I bet Veronica has no idea how to cook, because (formally) rich, so she tries to learn how to bake a cake to surprise Betty on her birthday, but it's a disaster! (Who knew mixers had different speeds?) And Betty gets to V's house (she had invited Betty expecting to be done by now) to find her in the kitchen looking like a flour bomb exploded, on the verge of tears, because she wanted to do something nice for B, and B just smiles and kisses her flour covered nose and they make the cake together

omg! this is so sweet! girlfriends baking with each other and feeding each other batter off the spoon. well, betty’d be the one to warn about salmonella while veronica goes, “what?” around a spoonful of batter

A Concept: Summer Camp Twelfth Night AU

        Olivia and Orsino are the coolest kids in their respective cabins 

       Sebastian and Viola get in a canoeing accident at the camp across the lake and wash up, each assuming the other made it back to camp 

        Malvolio is That One Kid who always sucks up to the counselor like “come on guys, cabin cleaning checkup is tomorrow!”

         Sir Toby smuggles booze into camp and convinces Sir Andrew to snort sugar, pretending it’s cocaine 

          Orsino drags his cabin on nature hikes that they hate and they hang out in the forest smoking weed while he complains about how hot Olivia is 

          He shows he’s into her by playing douchebag pranks on her cabin, TPing it and flour bombing her, etc 

          He tries to send Viola to infiltrate her cabin to pull the Ultimate Prank (and maybe quietly tell Olivia how he really feels and to lowkey apologize for his assholery but idk) but she’s like “FINALLY the only guy here who isn’t a total dick" 

          Sebastian and Antonio sneak into the dining hall at mealtimes and infiltrate arts and crafts activities and make out in the forest Feel free to add on!

meihem aus for the soul

au where Mei is a science teacher with a little girl named Xue (Snow Ball) and Jamie and Mako are their weird and annoying neighbours. Xue loves the men because they play with her and Mei doesn’t trust their appearances, but since they never hurt her baby she tries her best not to insult Mr. Fawkes in front of Xue. 

au where you have your soul mates name written on your wrist. Mei was 6 when the name appears on her wrist and she constantly dreamed about what kind of boy “Jamison Fawkes” was. Junkrat never learned what the scratches on his wrist were, but they sort of faded for a while and it troubled him for a reason he couldn’t explain. Mei’s arm and leg pain every now and then, and she worried for Jamie’s well being. It’s not until months after she and Junkrat become friends that she learns his given name and she panics, not leaving her room for days until Jamie breaks in her door asking her why she’s avoiding him. It clicks that he doesn’t know what a soul mate is. Or that he isn’t hers. So she tells him. She tells him about the soul mate myth, and that you can find the name of your soul mate written on your wrist. He looks down at his own and comments how that makes sense, and asks her if she can read the name on his wrist. He tells her that Hog said it was Asian. She bites her lip with anticipation and maybe a little nervousness. She takes his hand and reads her name.

au where Mei freezes his workbench into a solid ice block out of good fun and Junkrat retaliates by making flour bombs and placing them so that they hit her. She decides to rig the shower head so that it’ll freeze his hair. He rigs another shower head with a dye bomb - dying her hair green.

au where everyone sees in grey scale until they meet the eyes of their soul mate - when everything explodes in colour. Mei hates it. She’s awestruck at first, but that’s overcome by frustration. She’s furious. She wants to get away. But the mission needs her. And him. And he seems confused and distracted and is too quiet according to his big friend. She doesn’t mean to hear him whisper to Roadhog about the colours, or meet the hulking man’s gaze, or turn away when Roadhog points to her as if that will give the young man his answers. He tries to joke with her, makes puns and tries his hardest to lighten their air. But she barks at him and calls him a bully, and winces when the colours dull. His brows knit and he chews his lip. She thinks their bond to be beyond repair when the colours dim to grey-ish tones.

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Can you write daddy kink jjp?? I just really really need hot daddy jaebum coming home from work in a hot suit to his baby jinyoungie ;;; +smut pls? <3

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, cross dressing, oversensitivity…?

Author: Rei

Word Count: 2.9k

For the April Fool’s version, featuring Dad!Jaebum & Child!Jinyoung, go here! It is, unlike this one, rated G. To the anon who requested this: I hope you like it, since I’m not sure if I did it justice. To the anon who wanted the original: Here you go! Also, wow, look at my smut debut.

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Request:hi this is my first time asking for a request and i thought it could be cool if you wrote an imagine where the reader is friends with team free will and she has a twin sister and they get really confused because the reader hasn’t told them and she plays a prank on them. It would be really cool if you wrote this thanks.

A/n: Okay thanks for requesting, I hope you like it. Sorry it took me awhile to get it out but uh life is busy for me. If you liked it tell me and if theres anything you need at all tell me. Thanks happy first request!! love ya

         The guys had been playing pranks on you all week, whether it be Sam cutting holes in your clothes, Dean putting itching powder in your pants, or Castiel taking all the hair off your head. Enough is enough! You knew exactly what you had to do and you knew exactly who to call.

         You never told the boys that you had a twin sister and they would have never guessed because you had been with them for a couple of years they figured that they knew everything about you. You got up from the couch in the bunker and walked to the kitchen and grabbed your phone and you scrolled through your contacts until you finally found Y/S/N. You hit the call and waited for her to pick up, you hadn’t talked to her in a year and hoped she would be able to forget the little incident that happened to cause the break of bond you had with her. When she picked up you told her your plan and she said she would fly out in a week and that she would help you without question.

                Your sister never knew you were hunter and you hoped that she never would, you didn’t want her to get her involved in the life, which was why this was so risky. You started to open up the refrigerator and thought about telling her to cancel the flight she had booked and making up some lame excuse for why but your thoughts were quickly interrupted by a face full of what you guessed was flour exploding in your face. Somebody which you guessed was Sam, (because he was the only one who had any alone time here in the last couple days), had flour bombed you. Oh No! There was no way you were canceling now!

A week had passed and your sister was expected to be here anytime today. The week was a complete wreck and you had to deal with almost all the tricks from the book, but what you had in store would blow the pants off all of them.

As you sat there watching TV you heard the door ring and you knew exactly who it was. You got up from the comfortable couch and walked over to the door. When you opened the door your sister had almost the same outfit as you on that happened to you a lot when you guys were growing up. You opened your arms and gave her a tight hug, she felt a lot bigger and you guessed that was from sitting in an office all day, and you knew your sister loved to eat.

“Hey Y/N!”

Her eyes widened and she leaned in and whispered “Are they here?”

You laughed and shook your head. You let her in and she sat down on the couch.

 “So uh how are you?"she asked.

"I’m good but you know these pranks have got to stop, but we can talk about that later tell me about your life….. in New York.”

 A smile grew on her face and she said “Well I got a promotion and uh, well, I’m pregnant!”

She screeched with excitement but your mouth just flew open and an idea that would be better than ever popped in your head.

“Stand up for a sec”, you motioned for her to stand up and as she did you realized how big she was and knew that your plan would work perfectly. “Okay so I have the perfect idea, the other day me and Sam got really drunk and we woke up the next morning on the couch both of us naked, and no we are not together,” You knew she would ask if you did if didn’t tell her,“ but we both just assumed that we got tired after a game of strip poker.”

You paused and thought about how awkward it was when you woke up to find him naked and asleep next to you and the fact you were naked too. You didn’t even have to say anything else because she finished" So you want me to be you and pretend that your, whatever, pregnant with Sam’s baby?“ You nodded with excitement and you knew without a doubt you were smiling.

You spent the next half hour doing your best to explain about who Sam and Dean were, but since you wanted to keep out the fact that you were hunters you told her that you were FBI and that sometimes you used monster names as codes for the names of the murderers and that you would handle any cases or FBI related things.

When Sam and Dean came home you had an obvious fake pregnant stomach under your shirt. Your sister was in the shower because she had fallen into one of Sam’s flower bombs. You heard the door open and instantly got ready to be obviously faked pregnant.

"Y/N we’re home and we bought some food.”

You stood with your back turned to the door and you were leaning against the counter, one hand on your stomach.

You heard the sound of feet coming into the kitchen and you felt a hand on your shoulder and you turned around to face Sam. He gave you a soft smile and then you saw his eyes drop to your stomach.

“Y/N, What the hell?!?”

“Sam, do you remember that night that we got drunk well, I’m pregnant, I-I- I didn’t know how to tell yo-”

“Dean come here!”

Dean came in and his eyes went from Sam to you to your stomach and his eyes never left your stomach.

He looked so shocked and it took every ounce of blood in you to not give in and laugh. He lifted up your shirt and instantly gave a sigh of relief as he saw a pillow that was duck taped to your stomach. You gave in and laughed so hard you almost peed.

“Got ya!” you said while still laughing.

“I should have known that you would get me back eventually,” he patted you on the back “Good one.”

He walked out of the kitchen and headed to his room.

“So you almost got me but I was just pretending so you could scare Sam, you will have to a lot better than that to scare me.”

You smirked “Oh trust me I will.”

That night you slept in the bathroom so your sister could sleep in the bed until she got her hotel room.  Since you knew Sam would get up early you woke your sister up early and discussed the plan with her.

You watched from the door as your sister went into the kitchen to get some coffee and talk to Sam. When she walked in Sam was so busy reading he didn’t even look at her stomach. She poured herself some coffee and sat down next to him.

“What ya reading?”

Still looking at his book he said “Just doing some research on the case.”

She looked at her stomach and then twirled her hair as she tried to think of something to say. She didn’t even have to think long before Dean walked in looking half asleep.

He looked at her stomach and sighed in a groggy voice he said “Look Y/N you fooled us once, you’re not going to again, especially with the same exact joke.”

It was even funnier to watch than it was to act out.

“Guys but it’s not a joke.” Your sister said it so innocently that even you almost believed and you hoped the boys would too.

“Y/n it’s too early for this just give it up.”

She didn’t say anything she just held her stare at the boys and made a serious face.

“Okay obviously you aren’t going to give this up so what your telling me is that if I lift up your shirt you will have a real pregnant belly?” Sam asked blatantly annoyed.  

She nodded and everyone watched as Sam lifted up her shirt. As soon as her belly was revealed you knew this was the best prank yet.

“What the hell?” the brothers said in unison.

“I told you I was pregnant; please don’t be mad yesterday I was just testing you to see your reaction.”

“We aren’t mad just shocked don’t worry we will figure this out.” Sam put his hand on your stomach.

You couldn’t it, help you started to shake with laughter and put your hand over your mouth to stop it from being heard. You probably would have laughed forever it you hadn’t accidentally hit the door with your foot.  The boys grabbed their knifes and headed toward the door. Suddenly your sister screamed out in pain with a hand on her stomach and was making a pain filled face. Because you know your sister so well you knew she was faking but they seemed  think  it was real. Dean set his weapon down and walked over to her side frantically asking what was wrong; Sam hesitated but was over there in a second.

You got a little nervous when Dean started to call for Cas because of him just popping up anywhere.

Luckily Cas popped in behind your sister and looked her up and down before sticking two fingers to her head. His fingers dropped from her head but she was still screaming in pain and he looked at her with confusion.

“Y/n, your okay now I healed you what’s wrong?”

Your sister stopped screaming and looked at the angel oddly.

“Thanks Mr. Magic Fingers.”

You laughed silently at the fact she had no clue about Castiel. You were just about to walk in and announce that you had scared the pants off all of them when Castiel said “ I think you are pregnant and with a baby boy.”

Your sister started to smile and rub her stomach “Well I hope it’s a boy.”

Just before you walked into the room you took a good look at the boys and their faces. Castiel looked so confused and was eyeing your sister like she was a rare species. Sam looked stressed and worried. And Dean looked pissed. You laughed and opened the door and walked towards the kitchen.

“I got you, I got you!” You sang as you came from behind the boys.

They jumped and grabbed their weapons, all aimed at you; ready to fire.

“Whoa, calm down its me, Y/N."                                                                                                                                               

"Okay somebody tell me what the hell is going on here” Dean said still pointing his gun at you with a confused face.

“Well boys, meet my twin sister Y/S/N and her baby boy.” You pointed toward her stomach.

You smirked and said with chanting voice “I got you guys; I’m not really pregnant, ha ha ha!”

“Son of a bitch!”

Sam ran up to you and gave you a hug and took your face in both of his hands “Don’t ever do that to me again, okay?” You nodded still laughing.

“I get it now, that was funny” Said Castiel still putting on a serious face.

You spent the next hour talking with the boys and your sister, explaining the plan and who your sister was.

 At the end of the conversation  the boys whispered in each other’s ears then looked to you with mischievous smiles and said “This. Means. War.”

Have some christmas fluff

Okay guys Peony has been angst galore but it’s frikkin’ Christmas guys and I don’t wanna be sad even though our whole family is kinda sad;; Sunflower’s here to brighten the day guys. Sunflower’s here

Also guys be proud of me I finally got Mystic Messenger to work on my phone!

Anyways, here’s Christmas time with the RFA

  • Let’s say for the holidays the RFA all got together to celebrate together
  • So you planned a trip a little before Christmas
  • Jumin wanted to go somewhere warm but the vote on where to go was overridden. Cold and snowy won over warm tropical
  • What’s Christmas without snow??
  • You all end up going to a cabin that Seven had somewhere up north
  • why do you have a cabin up north??
  • You plan to stay only for a few days, but a giant snowstorm that rages on for two days straight makes a few days into a couple weeks
  • Although Seven was somehow prepared for this. Lots of hot cocoa, coffee, pillows, and blankets were stocked up at the cabin, and a chimney warmed the house at all hours along with the furnace and heating system
  • You made the best of your time. This includes barely managing to plow out the front door with Yoosung and Seven and giving up to go inside and enjoy cocoa and coffee with Jaehee
  • and then watching Zen drag the two back out to finish making a path outside
  • Time outside was spent building an odd two-headed five armed snow man who wore a scarf bikini and had a cucumber for a nose and Honey Buddha chip crumbles for eyes
  • You even managed to find sleds somewhere. Seven dragged you on many times and called out points whenever you hit someone on the way down
  • “SEVEN NO”
  • Yoosung was deeply torn about leaving his games behind when you guys left on the trip, but he found out he can play a mean game of monopoly you’re all wondering how???
  • But so can Jumin
  • This game lasted long after you and everyone else lost. Ridiculously long. An impatient Seven cheered on by you and Zen eventually flipped the board
  • Baking cookies was an interesting time though
  • You and Jaehee thought it would be easy but everyone kept sneaking in trying to steal cookie dough
  • *glare at Seven and Yoosung*
  • There would be no cookies if they kept stealing it
  • And so you started to hit them with spoons to shoo them away
  • …the flour war started when you didn’t notice one of the spoons was holding flour and you went to hit Seven. It catapulted onto Seven’s jacket in a splattered puff of fluffy smoke
  • The kitchen went from a quaint little thing to a powdery flour wonderland in a matter of minutes
  • It was all ended when a flour bomb was chucked at Jumin’s fancy tux
  • Decorating cookies was fun, but frosting and sprinkles got everywhere too 
  • how did those dinosaur sprinkles get in your hair
  • where did they even come from???
  • The storm still had you snowed in til Christmas, and you all realized that your presents were left at home since you didn’t plan to stay over Christmas
  • But that didn’t mean you wouldn’t have a tree
  • You were determined and no one wanted to let you down
  • So yes they went out to find a tree for you
  • It was perfect! Tall and green and very full
  • and then they couldn’t figure out how to cut it down and get it back to the cabin
  • They had to settle for a scrawny little thing. Although you had to admit, their effort was precious and the scrawny little tree had some charm in it’s own way
  • Even though it kinda resembled a glorified Charlie Brown tree
  • Seven found lights somewhere in storage, normal white lights, but good enough to light up the tree
  • You, Zen and Yoosung worked on making paper ornaments of sorts
  • Mostly it was cutting out snowflakes and stars and coating them in glitter ‘cause paperfolding seemed to fail horribly
  • Jaehee strung up microwave buttery popcorn on string to decorate the tree with
  • Jumin actually knew some weird paper technique to make paper folded stars that were really cute. He even made a big one to put at the top of the tree
  • When the tree was decorated and set up, it was late late
  • Everyone dragged out pillows and blankets, and you all slept around the fireplace and the tree
  • The fire cackled and popped and the lights on the Christmas tree let off a gentle glow
  • Even with not being home
  • You realized unexpectedly spending Christmas with the RFA turned out to be just as wonderful and amazing as you would have expected it to be

Merry Christmas everyone!! And to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays/holiday season! Stay safe and warm, your admins all love you and want you to be happy during this season.

I’m hopefully gonna be back and gonna start working on some actual asks instead of posting random unasked for stuff, hehe

Much love guys!!  <3

~Sunflower (:

James and Sirius covering for you

Sorry sorry sorry this took so long, but I hope it’s what you wanted! 


“I’ll see you at lunch.” you said to James, your boyfriend of sixth months, but before you could walk into your Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson he spun you around, pulling you against his chest.

“James, I’ll be late for-” you protested, but he cut you off with a soft kiss that made your stomach erupt with butterflies, and your heart pound in your chest. Too soon, he released you, straightening the bag that was slipping off your shoulder.

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Got this prompt from Phillip:

Heeeelllloo smut sunday is a greeat idea!! I saw a picture on @superheroshepherdess‘ page with the amezona ship?! Maybe you could do an amezonasmut? Maybe Amelia being curious and wanting to try it out (with Owens consent)? Maybe a threesome? Maybe Amelia and Arizona try it and when Amelia tells Owen about it, they both get turned on and smut around? Just ideas… // B (Oh and btw, I wrote the “race” promt, thanks for writing the story)


WARNING: Smut. Read the prompt…

Arizona never told me she was into girls. She showed me. We were in my room at university, playing a very casual game of truth or dare. Owen was sat with his back against the bed frame, I was on my front next to him, and Arizona completed the triangle with her legs crossed beneath her.

“Ok Amelia, your go,” he addressed me over the terrible student radio station pumping out Usher in the background. We weren’t officially “together” at this stage to be sensitive to his ex-girlfriend, but we were definitely deep into a relationship regardless of anyone’s feelings.

“Dare please,” I said. They both sighed, knowing they’d never get me to say truth.

“Give me a strip tease,” he tried.

“Owen,” Arizona scolded, “don’t be a pig. And also, the dare has to benefit both of us.”

“Fine, give us a strip tease?”

“Ari, you come up with one,” I said, ignoring Owen’s request.

“Erm, ok…”

She dared me to make a flour bomb and throw it out the window at the next passerby. I did it and had I not been happily tipsy by that stage, I’m sure I would have felt extreme guilt for the nerdy guy.

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Baking fun-Bucky imagine

I was baking today and my imagination went wild, obviously.

Warnings of fluff and light smut (I know guys, I’m getting there) ENJOY!

Originally posted by agent-peggy

Sundays at the Avenger’s place were peaceful. Everyone was either off doing their own thing or still in bed. Today, you’d decided to take advantage of the quietness and do some baking. You had your playlist blaring in the kitchen, dancing around barefoot as you whisked the eggs together.

Completely in your own world, you hadn’t realised Bucky standing in the door way, a grin on his face as he watched you shuffle round the island.  He clears his throat and makes you jump, almost dropping the bag of sugar you’d just grabbed.
“Jesus Bucky, you scared the crap out of me. How long have you been stood there?” You hold your hand to your chest, trying to steady your now fast beating heart; half from being made jump, half from Bucky’s presence.
“Long enough” He smirks, and walks over to see what you’re doing, sitting on a stool next to you. You’ve just finished mixing the batch of chocolate muffins, half way through making a cake. He watches you spoon the chocolate mixture into the bun cases, and you feel yourself blush under his gaze.  When the majority of the mixture is done, you scrape your spoon around the bowl, and then swipe your finger around it. Holding the spoon out to Bucky you wiggle your finger, gesturing him to try it.

“This is the best part” You raise an eyebrow at him. He smiles at you, and then instead of taking the spoon, he leans forward and sucks the mixture off your finger, looking you dead in the eye. You stop breathing, and your heart starts pounding. You can practically feel your whole body turn red. What the fuck was that?! He sits back and licks his lips, biting back a smirk. He knows he’s just made you flustered, and he just noticed you pressing your thighs together. You quickly compose yourself and try and form a sentence.

“uh, do you…wanna help me make the next ones?” You sit on the stool next to him, not trusting yourself to be able to stand. He purses his lips trying not to laugh. ‘He’s mocking you.’ You think. ‘Asshole. Two can play at the game.’ You look straight at him and lick the mixture off the spoon, flicking your tongue as it gets to the end, biting your lip when you’re done and making a sound of pleasure. He shifts in his sit, making you smirk. You both stand up and you grab the ingredients and give him jobs to do, with which he happily complies. You hand him the bag of flour and a sieve and he gives you a mischievous look.

“Why are you looking at me li-“. Your words are cut off when a mound of flower hits your chest. Your mouth drops open.
“Di-did you just throw flour at me?”
He grins at you, sticking his hand in the bag again.
“I saw it in a film, that’s not what you do when you bake now?” He damn well knows it isn’t. You point your finger at him, edging backwards.
“Bucky, put the flour down.” You extend your hand backward and grab the icing sugar off the kitchen side, ready for an attack. He does the opposite, and lunges for you, throwing more flour. You squeal and run round the island, ducking flour bombs and trying to aim for him with the icing. He catches up to you and you jump back, slipping on an oven glove that’s fallen on the floor. You gasp as you hit the floor with a bang, landing straight on your bum. Bucky drops the bag of flour and rushes over to help you up, concern in your eyes. You groan as you stand, and he picks you up by the waist and places you on the kitchen side.

“Are you ok doll?” He wipes his hands clean. You nod and brush your now white hair out of your face. Bucky smiles at you, and then can’t hold it in anymore, he starts laughing uncontrollably.
“Hey! It’s not funny, it hurt!” You punch him playfully and then start laughing yourself.  The sound of his laughter was your favourite thing, even if it was to your misfortune. You both calm yourselves and just stand there smiling at each other for a moment.
“You are head to toe covered in flour (Y/N)” He starts chuckling again, and reaches a hand up to wipe the flour off your pink tinted cheeks, letting his fingers linger for a second. Your stomach knots at his touch and you graze his fingers when his hand drops to your lap.
“I really want to kiss you.” He looks into your eyes, a look of desperation. Your heart starts pounding again and you bite your lip.
“Kiss me then.” You say quietly, and his eyes slightly widen.
“What?” He seriously thought you were going to reject him. You’d been crushing on him for months.
“Kiss me” You repeat, and shuffle closer to him so you’re sat almost on the edge of the island. He nibbles the inside of his lip, feeling slightly nervous, and then leans down to kiss you softly, making your stomach do back flips. He pulls back slightly and looks at you.

“Tell me if you want me to stop.” He whispers, and you nod. He leans in again, this time kissing you with more longing. He runs his tongue over your bottom lip and you open your mouth to give him access. He grabs your thighs and opens your legs, sliding in between them and pulling you forward by your hips, deepening the kiss. You let out a small moan at the sudden pressure on your groin and his fingers sink deeper into your sides as you push your hands underneath his shirt, feeling up his defined abs. After a moment you both pull away to catch your breath, pressing your foreheads together.
“I’ve been waiting months for you to do that Barnes.” You tease him, slightly breathless and he laughs, stepping away from you.

“I’m going to grab a shower, get all this crap off me.” He says, and starts to walk away. You pout, disappointed to be left alone and then he turns back.
“You coming?” He reaches out a hand, wiggling an eyebrow. You shake your head and bite your lip, jumping off the side and running after him. You take his hand and head to the showers.

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7th Day of Christmas - Reindeer

Santa, if he was one of the real supernatural beings out there, had put you on the naughty list.

He must have, right? Your Christmas was looking like it was going to be rainy, not snowy, and the dog that usually hung out in Bobby’s junkyard had bitten you, so your arm was wrapped and you were on precautionary antibiotics. That dog was a sweetheart to everyone… until this morning, that was.

You were under no delusions that you were a saint, but you tried not to be a bad person. You figured saving lives made up for the lawbreaking that hunting entailed. You helped people out just because you were there and you could. You may have killed an alarming number of living things, but they were evil things, and you had never hit a domestic animal in your life.

But no - you were still scowling as Sam held your wrist and gently dabbed at the teeth marks with a swab coated in rubbing alcohol. The burn felt like it simmered under your very skin. You wondered if that was how holy water felt to demons.

“Hold still,” he scolded sympathetically, focused on your arm.

You slouched miserably. “I just wanted to give him some food,” you moaned, partly out of betrayal, but mostly because it hurt.

“Goooood morning, Vietnaaaaam!” The obnoxious shout made Sam take a turn looking miserable. Lucifer had decided Sam was still his favorite and took to pestering the hunter for attention.

On the other hand, you brightened immediately. You knew what Lucifer’s arrival meant - the arrival of angels.

“Magic healers!” You wailed. “Come help me! I’m in pain! This torment must end!”

The archangels followed your voice into the kitchen. Gabriel was sucking on a lollipop. All due respect to your favorite, but unless he was going to heal you, you couldn’t care less.

“What happened to you, weak one?” He teased, prodding you in the forehead. Sam sigahed and took away the cotton from your arm. Your skin was pristinely smooth.

“Santa’s turned all of the animals against me,” you answered, turning your eyes downcast.

“Oh? And why would he do that?” Gabriel indulged your pouting while Lucifer latched onto Sam from behind and trapped the hunter in an embrace. Sam looked very uncomfortable.

“Because he’s a brat,” you replied petulantly.

“Calling Santa a brat is definitely going to get you on the naughty list,” he chastened, suppressing a laugh.


By that night, you had all but forgotten about the incident with the dog. It was a relatively small thing, compared to the flour bomb Gabe caused when Dean tried to bake his own pie.

You were roused from your slumber by something at two in the morning. Putting aside your initial annoyance, you listened carefully for whatever had dared to interrupt your rest.

From outside, you heard a whinny.

“That’s weird,” you remarked suspiciously, sliding out of bed to go investigate. Sioux Falls wasn’t really known for its wild horses.

You went out onto the front porch and looked around. Nothing. Inquisitive, you hopped down the steps and then rounded the corner, heading further into the vehicle scrap yard.

“Oh my gosh!” You yelled, clapping a hand over your mouth at the last minute. A small herd of reindeer, antlers and pointy ears and harnesses and all, were quietly complaining, padding their hooves into the thin layer of snow on the ground.

One of them looked up and at you. Its nose was red as a fire truck.

Attached to Rudolph’s neck was a loosely-tied gift tag. From this distance, you could read: ‘for the best one on the naughty list.’

On one hand, you appreciated Gabriel’s sweet gesture. On the other… what were you going to do with all of these reindeer?

~ Holly
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Terrorised x3

1 - 2

Amelia and Owen decide to get a nanny to help out with their 3 naughty children and the 2 latest additions…


Owen had to stifle a smirk as soon as he opened the door. His kids were going to eat her alive. She was a petite girl, no older than twenty, blonde and perky. So very very perky.

“Hi,” she chirped, holding her hand out for Owen to shake. “I’m Susie.”

Owen shook her hand and introduced himself, stepped aside and gestured for her to come into the house. All the coats were on their named pegs, all the shoes were in their assigned places, and unusually there was a clear pathway from the front door, through the hallway and to the living room. Yes, yes, yes- the Hunt family had tidied up.

“You have a lovely home,” Susie complimented.

“Oh thank you,” Owen nodded, amused that she thought two surgeons with five children lived and maintained this ridiculously clean and pristine lifestyle. “Here’s Amelia, you spoke on the phone.”

Amelia smiled and briefly caught eyes with her husband. They needed less than a second to share a look and understand what the other was thinking.

“So nice to meet you Susie,” she greeted. “Please sit down.”

Amelia and Owen took a seat on the sofa opposite the small armchair that Susie chose.

“We’re really impressed with your qualifications. What was your time like at Didcot? I’ve heard that’s one of the best nanny schools in the country…” Amelia opened up the conversation.

“Really good thanks. I was there for a year when I was 18. The kids were so well behaved, I barely needed to raise my voice. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever shouted at a child I’m pleased to say…”

“Wow, that’s impressive,” Owen pondered.

After a short interview and a quick tour of the house, Owen and Amelia decided to introduce Susie to the children and leave her alone with them whilst they went upstairs to discuss their thoughts. Within five minutes, the couple heard a high-pitched ‘STOP IT!’. They looked at each other and grimaced.

“If any child was going to make her scream for the first time, of course it would be one of ours,” Owen sighed. “They love a good challenge.”

“LET ME GO!” they heard from the almost pleading nanny.

They jogged down the stairs, reaching the hallway where Susie was holding a baby in each arm. Maddie was by the front door feeding a garden hosepipe through to Jasmine, who was wrapping it around the nanny’s body in a trap whilst making an Indian war call with her hand to her mouth.

“Jasmine!” Owen yelled, running the rest of the way and grabbing the hosepipe from his middle child. He unravelled Susie, her cheeks flushing and a temper becoming clear.

“HOW DARE YOUR CHILDREN DO THIS,” she screamed. “I was with them for less than ten minutes- I’ve never seen behaviour like it!”

“I’m so sorry,” Amelia apologised, “I don’t know what’s got into them.”

“Well,” Susie huffed, scowling at Maddie who was winding the hosepipe back to its home, “I certainly will not be the one to find out.”

“I’m sorry,” Owen said. “Shall I take them back?” he asked, pointing to Oliver and Evie in her arms.

Susie dumped the twins onto Owen and muttered about disrespect and shocking disobedience as she collected her coat and bag. She stormed out the house.

“Bye Susie,” Maddie called, sweetly smiling and waving her off by the front door.

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