“Without me signaling him, Michael habitually stood so I could remove his wet shirt. I basked in the comfort of our routine, of how easy our relationship was, and how no words were necessary to make it work. They say that’s the sign of a solid relationship– one that you enjoy amid the noise and in the silence. And the rare gift I had been given when Michael so graciously allowed me his friendships twenty-five years ago unwrapped with an urge to thank him right there for it.

‘My fourth tour with you, Michael, it’s hard to believe. Thank you for changing my life yet again.’ I wasn’t certain he’d ever known exactly how much he had turned my life around and inside out. ‘You made me the luckiest guy every to hold a needle and thread.”

Michael looked at me straight in the eye, gave me a bear hug, and replied, ‘No Bush. You have changed my life. Thank you.’

Ceremoniously, I walked Michael to his car, handed him his towel, and carried his Florsheims back home with me.”

– Michael Bush on his last conversation with Michael Jackson on June 25 , 2009 (King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson)

Because I'm A Wild Animal: Affordable Wes Anderson Inspired Looks II

Damn, coming up with Wes Anderson looks is harder than I thought. When it comes to the costuming in Wes Anderson movies it’s always very specific and in many cases custom made. What you’ll also notice is that if an outfit is a bit more traditional, let’s say a blazer and trousers for instance, it has very specific details that can make it harder to replicate or even catch the vibe for. Because the outfit (like most of Anderson’s work) is defined by the details. So this is my attempt going forward. This is what I can throw together based on what’s currently in my closet.

Mr. Bunce from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sport Coat: Topman ($110)
Shirt: H&M ($25)
Knit Tie: J Crew Factory ($15)
Chinos: Levi’s 511 Trousers ($45)
Boots: Jeffrey Tyler ($75)
Watch: Momentum Square One ($200)
Belt: J Crew Factory ($15)

Total : $485($285 without the watch.)

Whole lot of earth tones in the Fantastic Mister Fox. I actually don’t really wear that much brown so this was a pretty difficult movie to put together. I’m going to watch it again soon so I may come up with another look from that later.

(Not Really) A Fantastic Mr Fox Look

Jacket: J Crew Factory ($50)
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren ($40)
Shirt: H&M ($15)
Herringbone Tie: H&M ($25)
Jeans: J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots: Steve Madden ($150)
Watch: Orient Ray ($150)
Sunglasses: $10

Total: $485 ($335 without the watch)

So this is not really based on a specific outfit from the film. It’s more based on the overall feel. But I think it has the color palette and textures to fit into the movie. I can see one of the characters possibly wearing something like this.

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OUTFIT: Dressing For A Rainy Day

Let's Get Wet

Or not you pervs. Dressing for the rain is like soooo annoying. It’s like I wanna wear my cute suede shoes because they’re the ONLY thing that goes with my outfit but I don’t wanna fuck them up maneuvering around that giant puddle on every corner of literally EVERY Manhattan street. Whats a gal to do?

A) Get a damn umbrella ya cheapo. If you paid good money for that Malaysian bundle, hell even if it’s synthentic, you can afford to skip your Starbucks coffee and buy a 5$ umbrella.

B) Wear a raincoat. A navy or tan trench or mac goes with just about anything and the length of the coat will help keep your pants dry from those rogue raindrops that always seem to infiltrate your first defense - see part A.

C) Wear proper shoes. Leapfrogging between puddles in your canvas tennis shoes is just not cute. Ain’t nobody got time for that and no one wants to smell your wet feet all day. Rainboots are super cheap and will save you a lot of trouble. Straight guys, don’t worry. Rainboots are not “gay” so you good. Another alternative is a pair of galoshes like the Swims I’m wearing here. They come in a bunch of fun colors and fit right over any shoe. The best part is that when it stops raining you can slip them off and you’ve got regular shoes on underneath. Now you won’t look like that idiot in rain boots on a perfectly sunny (rest of the) day.


Jacket c/o Original Penguin  //  Cardigan c/o Original Penguin  //  Pants by Zara  //  Shoes by Florsheim  //  Eyeglasses c/o Steven Alan  //  Galoshes by Swims  //  Tie c/o Rail + River


riceandotherthings  asked:

What are the 5 pair of shoes that every man should have - and where can you find such shoes with good quality that can last you forever?

a brown wingtip, a black wingtip, waterproof boots, a chukka, and a penny loafer. try stores like GH bass, florsheim, cole haan and allen edmonds. 


OUTFIT: Mixing Neutrals

Craving Carven F/W14

With fashion “month” in full swing it’s hard not to feel poor and unattractive as you see clothes you’ll never be able to afford/look good in if you could even afford them. What’s a gal to do??? I mean…knock-off take inspiration from your favorite collections and make it work with your Ramen-noodle budget, obviously!

Like most struggle bloggers who don’t actually get invited to fashion shows, I was watching along online and fell drunk in love with the Carven FW14 collection at Paris fashion week. Clean cut outwear, all the pleats!, those white shoes with the black soles (!!!), and that overall minimal yet sophisticated but very wearable appeal. What probably struck me the most was how “boring beige” and black and gray and white - literally all the neutrals - could look so damn sexy when paired together. Nothing new here pero like it’s a new concept for my own personal style and since I’ve been into the more neutral look lately it’s definitely something I’m excited to try. Below are some of the looks I loved and an inspiration for today’s outfit pulled from things I already had in my closet. Sometimes it takes a little ~*~inspo~*~ to see your clothes differently.

External image

It’ll probably take me a year (or a sugar daddy) to actually afford one of those beautiful coats from the collection so for now my USA Authentic fishtail parka is holding me down. Besides, I’m kinda feeling the look of a casual oversized jacket instead of a traditional pea coat or topcoat with this more tailored outfit anywayyyy. See the full Carven FW14 collection HERE.


USA Authentic Jacket//  Zara Caridgan  //  H&M Pants (worn recently here) //  Uniqlo Shirt (worn not-so-recently here)  //  Florsheim Shoes

Photos by LordaleCarven F/W14 images via style.com