Brown, Orange, Burgundy, and Green

Jacket: Vintage Scottish District Check Tweed, thrifted $8

Shirt: Gant OCBD (not Rugger or Bastian), thrifted $3

Sweater: J. Crew, gift 

Pants: Lands’ End Canvas 608 Comer Chino, $35

Tie: Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted $2

Pocket Square: Robert Talbott, thrifted $2

Belt: Narragansett Leathers, $40

Shoes: Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial, Alameda Antiques Market $45


Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial Longwing Shoes

Lots of e-ink has been spilled over these shoes on the internets in the last 5-7 years. Prices are going up, so do yourself a favor and get a pair before they reach their real price-to-value ratio on ebay and elsewhere. You won’t regret it.

They’re also widely available in thrift shops, as they were once the sine qua non of the American white collar man’s shoe arsenal (think grey flannel BB suit and these pedal gunboats). I’ve got 4 pairs (including one in shell cordovan), and these ones are by far my favorites. If I recall correctly, they were thrifted for $12 with shoe trees (but not these vintage Florsheim ones, those were thrifted separately).


I really wish we weren’t having such insanely hot temperatures around here. To be honest, I’ve spent the last couple of days lazing about in a t-shirt and jeans. And if I’m not leaving the apartment…well, let’s not go there.

In any case, I braved the sweltering afternoon sun yesterday to snap these pics on my rooftop. Some of you may recall that I picked up this Michael Bastian for Barneys New York sport coat a few weeks ago at the Barneys outlet. I’ve been itching to wear it, but the weather has just been too hot. I settled for the next best thing by taking some pictures of it instead.


I’ve been summoned to jury duty today, but have queued up some posts about layering chunky cardigans under bold tweeds. I think that contrary to what some might believe, and counter to what feels intuitive, a shawl collar cardigan can look quite nice underneath a bold and heavy tweed sport coat. Though it’s oddly in the 70s-80s around here this week, I’m looking forward to wearing layers like this as soon as the mercury dips.

I think pairing dark rinse or raw denim with more English ‘country’-inspired looks up top is a nice way to look both dressed-up and casual simultaneously. Here’s a couple of detail shots from this future outfit. More pics to come of the full look with tweed jacket.

Sweater: Lands’ End Canvas, clearance $30

Shirt: Gant OCBD, thrifted $3

Tie: Generic Italian-made silk number, thrifted .50

Jeans: APC New Standard, gift from friend

Shoes: Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial, antiques market $45

Shoe Trees: Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial, thrifted $1.50


I’ve got the week off of work, so the WIWT shots may take varied forms over the next several days as I make my way through built environments other than the place of my employ. Today, the weather has taken a turn and it feels like winter (albeit a mild one) again.


Overcoat: Schott Leather Pea Coat, ebay $80

Jacket: Southwick, thrifted $8

Shirt: Lands’ End Tailored Fit, $12

Tie: Neiman Marcus, thrifted $2

Pocket Square: Nordstrom Rack, $8

Pants: Levi’s 511 Corduroy Jeans, $30

Shoes: Florsheim Royal Imperial Longwings, thrifted $13 (w/ shoetrees)


I went to the Alameda Antiques Market today and picked up a nice pair of vintage Florsheim Royal Imperial scotch grain bluchers. At $45 they’re a bit more than I generally pay for shoes, but I rarely come across vintage shoes this nice, and I thought it a fair price…I love the color and texture, and their condition is exquisite. The shoes have v-cleats in the heel and metal toe taps, so the soles are in fantastic shape, and the still-bright cream stitching on the welt contrasts nicely with the light tone of the leathers. I’m sure these will become regulars in my rotation in the upcoming months. Perfect for pairing with corduroy trousers and tweed sport coats.