eren’s flower shop ❀ part II

though this is the end of the original script, i’m obsessed with this AU and will probably draw more random moments in their life OuO or explain some parts more. but i shouldn’t promise anything, because i always have way too many ideas and a weird case of misunderstanding how time works ^^;
thanks for your patience and everything else you’ve given me!

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all of flowershop au

✿ When Merlin opened his flower shop “Emrys’ Flowers”, he didn’t really pay attention to his neighbors, Camelot Tattoo, but Arthur, the main artist there, couldn’t help but notice the cute florist next door…  ✿

On society6

Well this was supposed to be a doodle but it turned into something huge ahah. Give me tattoo artist/florist AU for all my OTP It’s alWAYS PERFECT ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ 

petal to the metal

(this short fic is my attempt at a thank you for the wonderful solengeloruinedme who made an amazing hands cupping sparklers fancast pinterest and was kind enough to share it with me. She requested the tumblr prompt “How do I passive aggressively say fuck you in a bouquet?“ and I was only too happy to obliged. Thanks again! Also, I wrote a majority of this in the car on my way to Indianapolis so I apologize in advance for any mistakes!)

“How do I passive aggressively say fuck you in a bouquet?”

Will paused, his hand frozen in the act of flipping the page of his magazine. The stranger was breathing heavily, his eyes dark and wild, and he was leaning heavily on the doorway he had just burst through.

“Well,” Will spoke carefully, lowering his magazine. “I do have some orange lilies in the back.”

The stranger shook his head with bewilderment. “What?”

Will stood, already preparing the paper and ribbon for a bouquet. “Orange lilies signify passionate hatred. Close enough?”

The stranger grinned, low and dangerous. “Perfect. I’ll take em.”

Will, caught between the intense desire to either question the other boy or laugh, simply nodded, prepared the flowers, and watched him leave with only a bit of regret for not doing either.

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