I supposed I could have gotten home if I abandoned my car and SWAM

Like so many things have gone wrong today omggg

I hit my head REALLY hard against the doorframe of my car while getting in, and had every intention on coming home and napping. Now I couldn’t nap, and I am draggingggg. I have a headache and am waiting for painkillers to rock their thang. My acid reflux is like LOLOLOLSUPGUNNABREATHEFIRENOWI'MADRAGONMOTHERFUCKER

Driving to my appointment I saw a near-miss on Ulmerton Rd (shock) as a truck nearly scraped against the side of the car next to him. The only reason they didn’t hit at all was that the truck’s mirror was high enough to not touch. Like holy fucking shit I hate Ulmerton Rd so fucking much, every day I have to drive on it I legit fear for my fucking life okay?

In better news my psych said it’s safe to reduce the mood-stabilizers by 25mg so we’ll see how that goes soon. I really hope I can control the bpd mood-swings better on the lower dose. ;; I hate these so much and I wish they weren’t fucking necessary for me to be stable.


Also the gas station had the green tea Monster Rehabs and hnghghhhhhhyessss

seriously tho fucking Ulmerton I’m still jittery from seeing that near-scrape unghhhh

I need to find the pic of me flipping off the Ulmerton sign