All packed and ready to go!


I can’t believe tomorrow is Saturday! I’m so excited to be heading back to Florida in the morning! I just got my car back today so now I can load it up with all of my stuff. Every time I have to load up my beetle to move, it’s like trying to play Tetris and put over-sized blocks in a cubby hole. The biggest tip I got on packing from various alumni and my campus reps: Don’t pack a lot of clothes since you’ll be in costume a majority of the time. Translation: Don’t over pack like I did. 

Well try as I might, I can’t help but over pack for two reasons: 1. I’m a girl and 2. I over packed for college, what makes you think I’m not going to over pack for this too! After all of the space bagging and packing, this is what I ended up with:

Granted, I still have a bin of kitchen stuff I have to get from my grandma’s but this is pretty much everything. The two suitcases and space bags are clothes/linens/bedding, the laundry bag is shoes, the recyclable grocery bags have left over dry food and spices from the end of the semester that I want to use and the tote bag has all of my paper work as well as books/journal. I’ve loaded this car with way more, so I know it can handle everything I’m bringing. Now to get some sleep for my 6 hour drive to Tampa tomorrow. TTFN, ta ta for now! Next stop Florida!