Florida Is Good To You

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Requested by anonymous: okay you’ve SEEN the beach pics???? maybe a little something where shawn and his girl are at the beach and she’s ~fangirling over her boy bc hot damn?? and he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world :))))

Word Count: 923

Note: thank GOD someone requested this because I was going to have to write it myself bless, anyway, def not my fave writing piece and not very long, but very cute :)


You were in Florida, and boy, did it feel good to be back.

It never mattered what kind of mood you were in when you got on the plane; the second you touched down in Florida, nothing but happiness radiated throughout your body. You never knew the reason why, it was kind of just the place that Florida was.

Shawn seemed to love Florida, too. He was care-free, happy, and not to mention, he took his shirt off…a lot.

Bonus points for you.

Shawn slipped his hand into yours, leading you through the airport terminals and to baggage claim. However, the second you two got to baggage claim, the few body guard’s and airport security stood there, holding back tons of screaming fangirls.

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The Lost Boy

Due to the nature of Jeffrey Dahmer’s full confession, there is little room for conspiracy theories - but because of the graphic nature of his crimes, the theories in circulation are not without any support. One prominent theory that still holds weight among some, is that Dahmer kidnapped, raped, then decapitated and discarded the head of Adam Walsh, a six year old boy from Florida. Some of the notoriety in this particular case stems from the fact that Adam Walsh was the son of America’s Most Wanted host, John Walsh.

At the time the murder occurred, Dahmer had recently been discharged from the Army and, in an effort to avoid his father’s disappointment by returning home to Ohio, he decided to take a one-way ticket to Miami, Florida. While there, he worked at a subway shop and stayed in a hotel, drinking his days away until he ran out of money and began sleeping on the beach. This escape would only last 6 months, from March to September of ‘81.

In July of 1981, Adam Walsh was last seen at Hollywood Mall with his mother, who had only been absent momentarily, asking about a lamp and leaving Adam to play video games at a kiosk with some other boys. An argument separated the boys and Adam was never seen alive again. Two weeks later, the presumed (DNA and forensic testing was in its infancy - something important to note when considering any details regarding this case) head of young Adam was found in a canal by a fisherman, his death was determined to be by asphyxiation. His body was never found.

Two years later, in ‘83, Ottis Toole, an inmate and previous drifter, serving time for seemingly random homicides of no specific MO, confessed to the kidnapping and killing of Adam Walsh, with grisly details. According to Toole, he offered Adam toys and sweets to lure him to his vehicle, where he planned to attempt to brainwash him into thinking he was his own son. However, he quickly became annoyed with the child and hit him in the face to stop his sobbing and did not stop until Adam was unconscious. At this point, realizing Adam he was still alive, he strangled him with his seatbelt, decapitated him with a machete, raped his corpse, and burned his body, keeping the head for a couple days before ‘remembering’ he had it, and tossing it into the nearby canal. Although he later recanted these claims, a renowned friend/partner - serial killer Henry Lee Lucas - substantiated them in similar detail. It is said that Toole confessed to the murder once again on his deathbed in 1996.

Due to the forensic limitations in the 80’s, in addition to police incompetence - having lost the entire vehicle Toole drove, as well as the DNA evidence included therein, and the machete used in the incident - neither Dahmer nor Toole were attributed to the murder for another 25+ years.

Dahmer, up until his death in 1994, maintained that he was never interested in children (his youngest victim was twice Adam’s age, plus a couple more years) nor did he commit any homicides during his short stay in Florida. Although witnesses claimed to have seen a man in fatigues, Dahmer insisted he did not wear these after his leave from the military - his clothes were shipped home to Ohio, without him. He also stated that he has never been to Hollywood Mall, which was 30 minutes away from his job at the sub shop. Infamous for his lengthy and detailed confession regarding his 17 murders, Dahmer only ever claimed he would accept credit for Walsh’s death if it would get him the death penalty, but still that he did not actually commit it.

In 2008, over ten years after Toole had died in prison from liver failure, investigators finally closed the case - Toole was officially the murderer of Adam Walsh. Walsh’s father has expressed gratitude for the closure and does not personally believe Dahmer was ever a valid suspect. Police now claim that Toole was always the primary suspect, but that they could not prove it without the forensic backup lost. The case was settled by previously unknown connections.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.8

A/N: I want to apologize and say that I got a little carried away with the smut in this chapter. I feel slightly dirty lmaooo. Honestly, this was just going to be a quick filler chapter and although I was satisfied with it, it was really short. So, I called myself trying to spice it up and now most of the chapter is smut. You know the drill of 100 notes and feedback is surely welcome. With that being said I hope you enjoy this fluff and this smut, beautifuls💕

P.S: Drama coming reeaal soon…y'all know I live for making yall emotions go everywhere. Also I’m sorry for any grammar errors, I had to type upload this real quick before I left where the wifi was.

**WARNINGS**: Smut

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

As you stepped into your apartment all you could think was,“Home sweet home”,especially when you plopped down onto your comfortable couch. Calum laughed as you sighed in content whilst he went to place your bags into your room. After what happened in Florida yesterday, the boy hadn’t left your side and refused to continue the tour while you “needed to be cared for” as he liked to put it. With much arguing with Amy and with David over the phone, they finally agree that Calum could be excused from the last week of the promotional tour. When he returned you were already shedding clothes, desperate to be free from the tight constraints.

“I can’t get it off.” You whined as you attempted to tug your bra off of your body.

“You didn’t unhook all of the hooks, babe.” He snorted,going to unlatch the last few books and plopping down beside you. When you made grabby hands at his shirt, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “What?”


“My shirt? Y/N, seriously?” Calum raised an eyebrow and when you didn’t let go of the black material he sighed, tugging it over his head and handing it to you.

Once you were comfortable and got the shirt to hang around you loosely, you cuddled into his side and handed him the remote. The Māori went to Netflix and decided that he was going to let you watch a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy before you dozed off into sleep.

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At the Edge of the Universe

Okay so I absolutely loved this book!!! I was up until 5am reading and almost pulled an all nighter it was that good! Quick synopsis: Ozzie’s boyfriend Tommy has vanished and no one remembers him except for Ozzie. As Ozzie tries to figure out what has happened to Tommy he discovers that the universe is shrinking but nobody else notices. Ozzie struggles with the choice of moving on with his life and giving up on Tommy or being stuck forever in Florida, pining for a boy that everyone else thinks is imaginary. I love how much this book fucks with your mind! And I adore the cast of characters which includes: Calvin, the troubled guy whom Ozzie is forced to partner up with on a science project; Lau, Ozzie’s best friend and a kickass, genderfluid musician; and Daniel, the stoner valedictorian (who I am pretty sure is ace even if the term asexual isn’t used). 

One of the other things I really enjoyed about this book are the nods to Shaun David White’s other novel, We Are the Ants (also one of my faves).

First you get a meta reference to the novel:

Then you get the characters!! In an actual coffee shop au!!! (wtf I am so in love with this). First you get Diego working at the coffee shop…

…then you get “the other kid” (aka his bf Henry) visiting him at work!!!

And I could be wrong, but I think this painting is definitely one of Diego’s: