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Republican Sen. Marco Rubio wins re-election in Florida, AP projects, defeating Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy. After losing in the GOP presidential primary, Rubio reversed his earlier decision to retire. It was a critical decision to help Republicans try and keep this seat as part of their fragile Senate majority.

This race became uphill for Democrats as soon as Rubio jumped back in, and the centrist Murphy had to fight off questions about his business background and whether he had inflated his resume.

National Democrats pulled most of their money from this race weeks ago, a telling sign of which way the winds were blowing. That caused some grumbling from Democrats who feared they were giving Rubio a free pass and missing a chance to damage him or take him out ahead of a possible 2020 presidential run. But for Democrats, it was a better calculation to put that money into multiple, less expensive states, like Missouri and North Carolina, in order to try and find the seats they need to win back the Senate.

Senate: Marco Rubio Wins Re-Election In Florida

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I tried doing a rainbow thingy with all the 30 NHL teams but I don’t think it worked at all

but I’m posting it anyway so here you go-

Normal Person:“What’s your favorite season?”

Me:*stares intensely at them for a second*

Me: “Hockey season”

Not just anybody can be a hockey fan, this breed of human is cut from a rare cloth.
One who can endure 82 games of the highest highs and lowest lows
This is complete dedication to a sport and a life style that we love
The rest of the world rejoices at the arrival of summer but not us
Its arrival means a lonely 4 months without ice
But every October when our men of winter return so does the fire in our hearts
The return of hockey makes it burn like surface of the sun
The only fire that will never melt ice

Home opener for the Colorado Avalanche (2014)

Here’s to waiting for October

I hate this.
  • Girl: yeah, I absolutely love "insert nhl team here"
  • Boy: your a girl, though, so you probably just think they're cute. I bet you can't name one player.
  • Girl: hold up sonny jim i can give you every players name, number, date and place of birth, and social security number as well as name the score of every game since 1407.
  • *boy dies of surprise that a girl can be a fan of a sport*

Everybody knows it, it’s a fact kiss kiss

Florida Senate bill targets shark fin trade
A Northeast Florida senator has filed a bill that would crack down on the sale and possession of shark fins and shark tails, considered a delicacy in
By The News Service of Florida

The measure (SB 884), filed Friday by Sen. Travis Hutson, R-Elkton, would make it a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida to trade or offer for sale shark fins or shark tails.


It’s that time of the year again, and this year I did a little revamp on the sweater wallpapers from last year! Here’s nine more of the 30 that will be presented before Santa comes to town, and they work the best on the iPhone 6, with the sweater having the clock built into it :) They work on other devices too, though! Give it a try, and if you don’t see yours under the tree yet, it’s on my list!