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So let me get this clear. Apparently in last night’s (3/3/15) Panthers-Leafs game:

  • Roberto Luongo, the starter goalie for the Panthers got injured late in the first period, courtesy of a puck to the shoulder/neck area


  • He finished out the remaining 2 minutes or so of the period, but was pulled during first intermission, and it was announced that he wouldn’t be returning to the game.
  • The Panthers’ backup goalie, Al Montoya took over net-minding duties and by all accounts was fine during the second period, but then! 22 seconds into the third, sustains a groin injury.
  • There’s a delay of game while Montoya goes to the bench while the Panthers tries to figure out what the fuck to do now. Montoya skates back to the net a brief conversation later, then skates BACK to the bench, off the ice, and into the dressing room.
  • Both Scottie Upshall and Derek MacKenzie (both forwards) leave the ice, Upshall eventually reappears, MacKenzie does not.
  • Montoya reappears, in obvious pain, and game resumes. MacKenzie still not back, probably because he’s now putting on goalie pads
    ETA: “We played rock, paper, scissors for it,” Upshall told the Herald.
  • A couple of shots later play is again paused while there’s a lot of talking going on at the bench, most probably all along the lines of WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK NOW.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs’ twitter team have a bit of fun:
  • While Panthers be like:


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*takes off hockey jersey to reveal hockey shirsey*


Connor McDavid and Aaron Ekblad signing for fans before the 8th Annual Hockey Night In Barrie (◕‿◕✿)