florida man why


okay so i went to the vesperteen concert in ybor city (tampa, fl) on the 23rd and it was so fun they’re so amazing live,, like AMAZING. i’ll post the show pics maybe tomorrow. so we saw them a couple times before the show because they were just walking around but i wanted to wait until afterwards to give them the drawings i did for them!

so! during the show colin was so funny shdjsj he made Florida Man™ headline jokes like “why are the headlines always like FLORIDA MAN! gets his dick stuck in slurpee machine”, he asked “why are there so many cocks in ybor?” which is not a joke actually there are so many wild chickens and roosters walking in the streets in ybor city but no one knew the answer to why they’re there. also he tried to be Cool and jump on a box but failed because it slid out from under him and he went sailing off stage into the crowd but he laughed it off “i didn’t test the structural integrity of the box before the show!”

after the show i gave jesse his drawing before he actually came out and he was like “this is amazing! you used the together for the summer tour colors!!!” and he said he really liked it then he went back to packing up and put the drawing away w his stuff and came out again & i was the 2nd person to take a pic w him so when i got up he was like “hey!!!” & we got the pic (he’s SO TALL IN PERSON??? like okay i’m 5'1 but !!! he’s extra tall) but after the picture he was like “i love your hair!!” and i was so shook i wanted to say i loved his too but all i could do was stutter out a thanks. then i went to  colin!!! my boy!! & waited in his line w my friends and when i got up to him i gave him the drawing and i said “this is for you!” and he was getting ready to sign it so he looked up at me and was like ??!! “oh! it’s for me?” and i smiled and told him yeah he could have it and he smiled and he looked at it for a while before saying “it’s weird seeing yourself!! and hair is hard to draw?” & we laughed and talked about yes, hair is hard to draw but he said it “was amazing” so many times (???? what colin!!!!! thank u for that needed boost of confidence) & when we went to take the picture he squeezed me so close to him and leaned his head in to touch mine & it felt so safe hhh & after my friend showed us the picture and (peep my drawing by his water) she asked if it was alright and he smiled and said “i approve, do you approve?” and we laughed as i said yes, i approve. the end. BUT they’re so sweet??! like especially colin because i spent more time with him because i felt less rushed as his line was a lot shorter by the time i got up to him but voice is so nice to listen to and he’s super comforting like he talks to you and starts a conversation and he listens to you so intently when you talk to him and he just makes you feel comfortable and he’s so much smaller than i expected but yeah thats it i love him