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Can I just say there's been a whole lot of ignorance as to people complaining about wendy's/mcdonald's/bk not having their entire menus. Everyone needs to be patient bc they're just trying to send emergency vehicles and gas back to the keys and southern Florida right now. Fast food and starbucks are not their priority. I know people that work at those places and it's making those employees lives harder when you complain bc they can't do anything about it.

And like those business aren’t waiting to open probably because they want to serve the community (like my store did post Matthew, we didn’t have a full deli or like any of our meat department ready but we opened with what we had and people were very appreciative but some people are just flat out jerks for the smallest things)

The Geezer & The Whippersnapper

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A/N: So it is 2:46 in the morning and at the moment I am very pleased with what I have made, hopefully you guys are too :) Thank you for the request I had a lot of fun with it :D Also requester didn’t say anything about dating or just friendship so I kind of just went with it. And ps i am from Florida and i know its a random pick and food but I’ve been craving… so I’m sorry.

Title: The Geezer & The Whippersnapper

Couple: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After a long mission reader and Bucky go out for dinner. The place is a senior friendly establishment and reader takes full advantage of this as the perfect moment to play around with Bucky.

Warnings: None

As usual the avengers wrapped up another mission and passed it as a success. Though unlike other missions everyone was starving, meaning flying back to the towers with a bunch of starving people trained to kill was not the smartest idea. Considering the starvation level was high it should have been an easy task to find a place to eat… but no, nothing could ever be that simple.

“FINE!” You piped up after listening to Clint telling Steve he could suck it before he went to another burger place. Everyone looked at you surprised, you weren’t exactly the loud type, in fact your closes friend was Bucky considering the fact you two were able to talk without actually having to talk. “How about this, we all just split up into groups and go to where we want. Meet back in an hour?”

“Hour and a half” Pietro said heading for the back of the plane, ready to zoom out that second. You just nodded and looked to the others.

“Sounds good to me, meeting spot will be right back here.” Steve pointed to the floor of the ship. “Barton land this thing, Nat call some cars. Everyone pair up” You looked over to Bucky who had already decided to go with you. He gave you a nod in agreement and you turned away with a smile knowing exactly where you guys would be going on this lovely Sunday evening.

After 20 minutes Clint landed the plane and the cars were out waiting by the small landing patch. “Where are we?” Wanda asked with Vision and Pietro right by her side, Pietro elbowing Vision every time he got even a little bit to close to his sister.

“Southern Florida, have fun” Clint said getting off and right into the nearest car, everyone followed him.

You found a place on your phone and typed in the address for the drive who had you there in a flat 10 minutes. You thanked him and got out, automatically looking back to Bucky to see his expression.

“Smokey’s BBQ? Really y/n?” He looked down to you confused. You just nodded and walked in together.

You stood with Bucky directly behind you waiting for a hostess to come. In the process of waiting you noticed the sign to your side, ‘Seniors Eat for Free! During the hours of 3-5’. Looking down to your watch you held in a chuckle. 4:45

A women came in the middle of the small chitter chatter you and Bucky were having about the mission. “Hi I’m Jane, I’ll be your server today. Please follow me” You guys did as she asked and sat down in a booth toward the back. She handed you a menu and told you she’d be back with your drinks.

“Do you know what you want?” You asked Bucky as he skimmed through the menu, not impressed with your choice of dining or what the menu had to offer.

“Something with BBQ I figure” he laid the menu down and looked up to you. You tried your best to cover your smile but failed epically. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh nothing, don’t get your boxers in a twist old timer” At that moment his eyes shot open and he looked to you with an open mouth.

Before Bucky could say anything Jane came back with the waters and took out her pen and pad. “What can I get for you guys?”

“I’ll have the salad with pulled pork and hush puppies. What about you Bucky?” You looked to him with a devilish grin and he looked away trying to think about what you were up to.

“I’ll have the BBQ sandwich” Jane wrote it down and nodded.

Just as she started to walk away you called her name, she looked back to you. “Ah could I get his as a senior meal.” Bucky’s head snapped to you and Jane looked confused.

“What?! No!” He looked to her shaking his head like crazy. “There’s no need for that ma’am”

You placed your hand on top of Bucky’s and shook your head lightly, “Dear there’s no need to worry. You’re 98, time’s just been kind to you” Buck let his head tilt to the side and he gave you a playful glare.


You nodded your head to Jane, “And this fossil doesn’t look a day over 25now does he?”

“28” Buck corrected, “And I’m not a senior. I don’t look like one”

“You act like one” You stuck your tongue out to him and he laughed.

“At least I don’t act like a 5 year old” You gasped acting offended at his accusations. Jane laughed taken about from the conversation happening in front of her.

“Young at heart my dear”

He let out a deep chuckle, “And at brain”



“Old Timer”

“Whippersnapper” You both busted out into a fit of laughter, though you were quickly brought back to reality by Jane standing there awkwardly. “Sorry” you both apologized.

She gave a big smile and laughed a little, “You guys are so sweet to each other and if you’re 98 you sure do know how to keep up with yourself” Jane said looking at Bucky, her eyes caught a glimpse of you reminding her he wasn’t here alone. “And an old dog like you has managed to catch such a pretty young lady”

Bucky looked to you with a smile, not correcting her for the simple fact he didn’t want to, he like the sound of that to much. “I did, didn’t I. I guess this old geezer still has something left in him”

You blushed like mad as you started to laugh along with Jane. “I’ll be back with the food”

Giving a smile to Bucky, you looked to her “Don’t forget, seniors eat free”