florida goth

South Florida Gothic
  •  You walk across the street. A car turns without using the turn signal. You fear for your life. 
  •  It’s in the morning, and 60 degrees outside. In the afternoon, it slowly rises to 90 degrees. You melt inside your coat, leaving a puddle of sizzling human flesh.
  •  You try to sleep after an eventful day. You can’t. There is a farmer outside your window, beckoning you to join him in the fields. 
  •  It is summertime. You walk to the beach to enjoy a day of festivities. Instead, touristd are lined up to sit down in the scorching sand. The coastline is packed withchildren and seniors all trying to swim. The sun beats down on you, and you have no choice. You run into the ocean, fully clothed.
  •  You drive to Northern Florida to experience more of the state. On your way there, corn and orange farmers try to convince you that you’re in Oklahoma. You fear that your life is in danger.
  •  It is winter. The old people have migrated south, in search of a warmer home (temporarily). The locals are wearing coats and pants. It is 70 degrees.
  •  You want to walk to your local park, but it’s over 80 degrees and you’re wearing pants. The farmer returns, he attempts to break into your house. You watch TV together.
  •  Family from the north are coming to join you for dinner. When they finally arrive, they complain about the hot weather and humidity. You turn to them, hair frizzy and covered in sweat. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You say. “It’s so cool right now!” You laugh it off, they stare nervously.Nobody talks for the rest of the night. 
  •  It rained the last night. You stare at the worms left on the concrete during the storm. They were dying, and you couldn’t help them. The farmer was back. The nightly exchange would begin.