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REPUBLICANS ARE EVIL. They’re trying to turn back the clock on Roosevelt’s New Deal and completely destroy the social safety net. Why cut things like free school lunch programs for hungry children, meals on wheels for the sick and elderly, and food stamps for those in need??? And Democrats need to do a whole lot more than “question” if the time is right. This isn’t the time for niceties and diplomatic language - Dems need to fight the GOP with everything they’ve got, and without any neoliberal “compromises” like they did under Bill Clinton.

Republicans are literally taking food away from children, the elderly, disabled people and the poor. Dems need to vociferously oppose any cuts, or they might as well call themselves Republicans.

And only a fool would allow themselves to believe that the GOP isn’t going to eventually come after Social Security, too. And they will do it under the guise of “efficient privatization” and “reforms” while gutting it in plain sight.

The state of florida took my family's food stamps away

About a month back we got a letter informing us that the date we received our food stamps would be pushed back. We were told they were splitting how we receive our benefits into sections. On the 11th we would receive half of our benefits, and then around the 25th or so we’d receive the other half. Today is the 11th, and my whole family has been waiting around all day for the food stamps to show up in the account, but they never came. My brother received a letter telling us they had cancelled our food stamps and heres why:

For years my now 24 year old brother has been considered and documented as the head of our household by the state of florida simply because hes the oldest male in the house. It has never made sense to us considering my mother is the one who essentially owns and pays for everything regarding the household. She is the only person in the house with an income (her disability benefits.) For years weve tried to get her listed as the head of the household again (because again, it makes absolutely no sense to us that she wouldnt be) but they never change it. Because my brother is listed as head of the household, he’s required to work at least 80 hours in order for our family to receive food stamps. What blows my mind is that my brother has never had a job, at least not an official one, yet theyre choosing to use this against us now. Because my brother doesnt have a job, we cant have our food stamps anymore.

We will literally die without food stamps benefits. My family makes 7k a year. Thats it. That is not enough to pay all our bills AND feed ourselves AND purchase toiletries and necessities. Its barely enough to pay our bills and purchase toiletries and necessities as it is. Were at a level of poverty that you cant climb out of. We live in east jesus nowhere with no vehicle and no businesses within walking distance, so me and my brother have never been able to get a job. Our lives and existences consist of sitting at home and taking care of our mom, using medical transport to go to doctors appointments, and getting friends to take us grocery shopping once a month. Its a fucking miserable existence and it just got THAT much worse.

Please, if you can donate ANY money at all so my family can eat this month while we fight to get our food stamps back, i will be so so grateful. My friend milo @androgyn has agreed to do a commission for anyone who wants one who donates over $10.

My paypal is heatherlthomas95@gmail.com

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