florida era

Key Biscayne

Irse coñecer alá. Quen cho ía dicir. Para tí Florida era unha pensión na rúa dos Olmos. Olmos, 8. Elucubrar co número, sen saber nin como era un olmo.
Tú de Francia, tú de Venezuela. Se este encontro no Farito acontecese tendo tí 75, antes de que… Que tolemia de fotos e videoconferencias sería. Estoute vendo, a emoción descolgada sobre a tablet, intentando falar castelán para os teus netos. Ningún deles estaría hoxe no extremo sur de Key Biscayne pisando area fina, bronceados detrás das gafas de sol. Nin as bisnetas, tan monas elas, se tí non sacharas na horta co pano á cabeza. Agora danse abrazos de benvida e ti non o podes ver. Non saben canto soñabas. Eles non, pero eu, si.


Taylor, we’re coming for you!!!

So, I’m happy to say that after weeks of hard work, frustration, and a heck of a lot of gold glitter, my no and I have finished our 1989 Tour outfits for the Tampa show on Halloween! We have been waiting for this concert since we won the tickets from a radio station back in February, and we can’t believe it’s only two days away now! We are definitely ready to Shake It Off 😉

Our inspiration for these costumes came from “The Animators” in the Shake It Off Music video. They were made completely from scratch using thrift store workout suits and gold fabric, and after this experience I guess you could say my mom and I have become great Tailors (pun DEFINITELY intended). I hope you are able to see our costumes and how much work we put into them. We did it all for you!! 💛💛

Tay, I want to thank you for them bottom of my heart for being there for me even though we have never personally met before. Over the years, your music has helped me through the long, hard days and has calmed me down in my times of stress from work and school. You’re such an inspiration for me to be someone who does what they want regardless of what others think. If I didn’t have you in my life, I honestly don’t think it would be as great as it is today. 💛💛

We love you Taylor, and we can’t wait to Shake It Off with you very soon!!!

❤️ Sara