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I didn’t like my pics much when I’m undergrad. But THESE, these I genuinely love! I’m proud of myself, I worked super hard for my Masters Degree, I truly earned it! A College of Pharmacy Graduate, 2X FAMU Graduate, Master of Public Health!! April 29th 2017!

Next Stop UNC, then Medical School!!!!! HBCU Made FAMU made! @hbculifestyle @hbcubuzz

Jojo parts as Florida man headlines
  • Part 1: Florida Man Dances on Top of Police Cruiser to Ward Off Vampires
  • Part 2: Florida Man Under Extreme Stress Forgets How to Stand
  • Part 3: Florida Man Who Had Sex with Dolphin Says It Seduced Him
  • Part 4: Florida Man Attacks Nephew Over Undercooked Noodles
  • Part 5: Florida Man Steals Clothes, Bites Security Guard, Flees in Gold Convertible
  • Part 6: Florida Man High on Flakka Rams Car into Jail to "Visit Friends"
  • Part 7: Florida Man Puts Dragon Lizard in His Mouth, Smacks People With It
  • Part 8: Florida Man Resists Arrest While Dressed in Boy Scout Costume