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Finale from Frontierland by Trevor Aydelotte


It’s time to re-unleash the post. Enjoy. 

Walt Disney World Costuming - backstage at costuming. Photos show parts of princess costumes in storage, ‘fur character’ shoes, a pre-production scale model of Ariel’s parade dress, various Mickey Mouse costumes in storage, and the cast member wardrobe. 

(Please note: these photos are 'legal’, and were publicly published by Disney at one time.) 


Ghost Ship (Explore)

Photographer:  Greg Stevenson

This Day in Disney History

October 24, 2008:  Pixie Hollow opens in Mickey’s Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom.

A new meet-and-greet location, this area gave you the opportunity to meet Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.  This opening preceded the new Tinker Bell movie by just four days!

Unfortunately, this area closed with the addition of the New Fantasyland, and plans for an expanded Pixie Hollow were discarded.  You can still meet them in Adventureland in Tinkerbell’s Magical Nook!