A quiet mind is all you need.
All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet.
As the sun on rising makes the world active,
so does self-awareness affect changes in the mind.
In the light of calm and steady awareness,
inner energies wake up and work miracles
without any effort on your part.
‪-Nisargadatta Maharaj‬

Activists protest symbols of oppression in Tampa, burn American flag
TAMPA — Surrounded by nearly 50 activists, Crystal Wilson steadied a small American flag in one hand, and a lighter in the other.

Protesters gathered Friday evening at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park to stand in solidarity with the Charleston, S.C., victims and to denounce monuments they say commemorate white supremacy.

“Who’s ready to take the flag down on I-4?” Alekos Zambrano shouted into a bullhorn. The 24-year-old activist and former journalist represented Raíces en Tampa, an organization that focuses on empowering Latino immigrants. “Who’s ready to change the name of the Robert E. Lee school?” he continued. “Who’s ready to burn some symbols of hate?”

The circle of activists cheered, then broke into a chorus of “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” Several speakers passed the bullhorn to share their thoughts on racism, oppression and Charleston. They also burned Confederate flags.


Black-necked Stilt mother and chicks, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, FL, USA

Black-necked stilt (Himantopus mexicanus) parents continuously added sticks to their nest to beat the rising water. Their hard work was rewarded with the hatching of two healthy chicks. Wildlife viewing ethic tip: use your vehicle as natural shield when viewing or photographing wildlife since you will be much less likely to disturb them by doing so.  

photos: Tom Dunkerton/USFWS Volunteer (X)

Just Before Dusk

I took this from a kayak launch just before the bridge to Anna Maria Island. This little guy was out feeding alone but I’m sure he knew where the others in his flock were. These waters are shallow enough that you could walk several hundred yards out with your fishing pole, as long as you keep track of the tide. Kind of a nice way to end the day.