Rare coin hoard worth $1m discovered by treasure hunters off the coast of Florida

Treasure hunters exploring the waters off the coast of Florida, USA, have discovered a hoard of long forgotten treasure that has been lying on the seabed for at least 300 years. At a depth of about 15 foot beneath the surface, 1,000 feet (305 meters) offshore of Fort Pierce, Florida, Eric Schmitt’s metal detector picked something up. He was expecting it to be a beer can or something like that, but instead it was something infinitely more valuable – a long lost hoard of Spanish treasure worth over $1 million.

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PLEASE REBLOG THIS. Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohan are missing at sea since Friday, July 24th. They are believed to be floating with devices from their capsized boat - engine cover, white yeti cooler, and life jackets. Please spread awareness! Miracles do happen and keep these boys, their families, and the city of Jupiter, FL in your prayers. 

There is a gofundme set up to help fund private aircraft, boat fuel and any other additional resources needed for the immediate recovery of these missing boys.
Link: http://www.gofundme.com/perryandaustin

I personally don’t know these boys, but I am keeping them in my heart. Please keep them in yours as well.

Just remember: When there is hope, there are miracles.