Real epidemic or a sick joke?

Reports of clowns haunting more than 10 states have people on edge. Yes, 10. And, the reports keep coming.

So, is the creepy clown epidemic serious or just a sick joke? Police are investigating a host of reports from South Carolina to Georgia, but haven’t arrested any criminals — yet.

Tim Kaine's big tent tour
In a preview of his debate plan, Kaine reaches out to relatively small groups who could make a big difference. By BURGESS EVERETT

ORLANDO, Fla. — Hillary Clinton wants to paint Donald Trump as a bigot and her ticket as the one of inclusivity, and Tim Kaine is laying the groundwork to do it.

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee is coming off a pre-debate Florida-Georgia swing in which he worked to prop up Democrats’ big tent in a close presidential race, holding events specifically to reach out to evangelical Latinos, the LGBT community and people with disabilities.

The tour suggests a potential strategy for next Tuesday’s debate with Mike Pence. Kaine wants to portray Pence and his running mate as insensitive to people with handicaps, gay voters and minorities — and demonstrate that those voters will be far more comfortable with Clinton.

“Do you believe in LGBT equality or don’t you? If you do, we’re with you, and the other guys [are] against you,” Kaine said at a field office here. “How about equal pay for women? We’re with you, the other guys against you. If you believe in immigration reform, we’re with you, the other guys against you.”

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