Ben, Belle, and Adam Family Headcanons

Requested: By anonymous: Do you have any headcanons for Ben, Belle, and Adam?

Warnings: none

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Ben never had a nanny growing up, Belle and Adam were very hands on. The only times they had someone babysit him was when they had events where children weren’t allowed.
Usually that meant Lumiere and Cogsworth would watch Ben.

Adam would refer to Ben lovingly as pup where Belle would call him her little prince.

Ben would run around wearing his father’s crown or jacket, calling himself the King of Auradon.
Yes there are pictures of this.
Yes Belle will show you them if you ask.

Ben first showed signs of having some beast in him when he was six and got stung by a bee. He got angry and started growling, sprouting little horns in his mop of caramel waves.
It would have been scary, had he not been six, growling at a bee, and just overall looking way too cute to be scary.
It took almost thirty minutes for his horns to go away, and since then he hasn’t gotten anywhere closer to going full beast. He hasn’t even done this again.

Belle taught him French while he was growing up, reading him stories in both French and English.
He is fluent in both (and uses the cuss words in French a lot. Gil bursts out laughing when he hears the king cussing in French)

Ben loved swimming as a kid, and Belle was never able stop him from shaking himself off like a dog fast enough.
Adam wasn’t much help because he did the same thing.
Belle would always scold them, but it was hard to stay mad at two pairs of matching puppy dog eyes.

Ben always wanted to be the same height as his dad.

Ben hated roses up until he was roughly twelve because he made the assumption that all of them were cursed.
He didn’t have time to find a true love, Lumiere said lunch was at 11:30 and they were having Mac and cheese, so no, he didn’t have the time.

Belle and Adam are either the cool parents, or the “cool” parents. There’s no in between.

He admires his parents a lot and loves them deeply.

Belle and Adam couldn’t be prouder of the young man Ben has become, and they look forward to see the amazing King he’ll grow to be.

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Chillin' Like A Villain
  • Ben: Yeah I got this! Imma be cool and bad! No one will suspect a thing! Let's go get Mal!
  • *gets captured*