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Fanart for Webcomics I’m Reading Right Now Every Day This Week Leading Up to Valentine’s Day!

V-Week 2016 || Tuesday || Spacejinx

Florian sure is the best sexbot ever!  What would Benedict do without him?  This one’s for @ocicatsy​ and @wensleydale​‘s gloriously fun, smutty space opera, Spacejinx.  I just love the Mission 6 suits!

Mission 6, Page 3:

Is it normal

for the sky to be

so large?

Guilt, Fate, Shame,Fear

Joana - “Guilt is a hunter.”
Florian - “Fate is a hunter.”
Emilia - “Shame is a hunter.”
Alfred - “Fear is a hunter.”

When I was reading through the first few chapters this parallelism really caught my attention. These characters that seem so alone have this connecting thread; they all feel hunted.  I am sure that was a common feeling during WWII.  No one was safe no matter their position. 

However, I do not live in a war torn country–(I am assuming) most of us don’t.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel hunted.  The feeling of being chased by our pasts is not a new concept, but is also not antiquated and because of this I started thinking about the words that are hunting the characters.

These emotions are a part of humanity and they are able to connect us over generations.

How many of us haven’t felt guilt? fate? shame? fear?

“Venice appeared to me as in a recurring dream, a place once visited and now fixed in memory like images on a photographer’s plates so that my return was akin to turning the leaves of a portfolio: a scene of the gondolas moored by the railway station; the Grand Canal in twilight; the Rialto bridge; the Piazza San Marco; the shimmering, rippling wonderland; the bustling water traffic; the fish market; the Lido beach and boardwalk; Teeny in the launch; the singing, gesturing gondoliers; the bourgeois tourists drinking coffee at Florian’s; the importunate beggars; the drowned girl’s ghost haunting the Bridge of Sighs; the pigeons, mosquitoes and fetor of decay.”
Gary Inbinder (The Flower to the Painter)

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