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Poor Unfortunate Souls (Prince Ben X Reader)

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants
Pairing: Prince Ben Florian X Reader
Word Count: 2, 781
Author’s Note: Reader is Ursula’s daughter (I know she died before she had kids BUT HUSH IT’S A FANFIC), but Ursula has recently died, so she doesn’t have a real family. Jay, Carlos, Evie, and Mal are pretty much her only friends on the Isle of the Lost. Slight, background Mal X Evie!!  <33
Request for the-pastel-galaxies, SORRY IT KINDA SUCKS I SPENT SO LONG ON IT BUT ?????

You frowned when you saw Maleficent ushering her daughter and Mal’s three best friends behind her, leading them to a shiny, black car. You stepped out from the shadows, casting a curious glance at Evie.

“Where are you going?” You asked, your voice low and quiet so you didn’t attract Maleficent’s attention.

“Auradon!” The blue-haired girl responded, and you felt your heart drop into your shoes. What? Why were they going to Auradon?

“Why are you going there? Are you guys in trouble? Do you need me to,” You waggled your fingers, dark violet smoke curling from your pale purple fingertips. “Distract someone?”

Evie shook her head, smiling at you. “No, we’re going to Auradon Prep! Some type of exchange student thing.” She frowned when she seemed to realize what that meant. “Oh no, __y/n__,” She spoke softly, and you hated to see the frown on her pretty face.

You shook your head. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Would it suck to lose them? Of course. But you wanted them to get off the Isle of the Lost. They would be better off in Auradon. 

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From the Urban Abstraction series
Mittelgasse, Kassel (Germany)
June 2016

Thank you for not forgetting about me during my absence, especially to @yeswearemagazine, @koshigurajumy and @yama-bato


                                               SIEH NIEMALS WEG.
                   Werk ohne Autor (2017, dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)

anonymous asked:

I'm going to Italy (for the first time) in a month!! I'm wondering if you have suggestions for neighbourhoods/shopping streets/cafes especially in Venice & Florence that are fun to wander around but aren't necessarily too touristy? thank you :) :)

In Venice, you have to visit the Peggy Guggenheim collection! It’s an art collection in a palazzo right on the canal, it was Peggy’s house so it has a very home like atmosphere, it has wonderful gardens and a nice cafeteria. Another must see in Libreria Acqua Alta, a lovely bookstore in Canareggio. There is a delicious restaurant called “Lineadombra” in Dorsoduro but it’s quite expensive, so you can just check one of those little places around there or in the jewish quarter, which is way less touristic than the rest of the city. Also the cafe MQ10 in Canareggio has some very nice outdoor tables right on the canal and is very informal. I don’t know if the university in Dorsoduro is open to visits but if you can take a look because it’s beautiful.
I’m much less familiar with Florence, but I know that the best chocolate in town is from Rivoire in piazza della Signoria. If you’re near Florence, the best thing you can do is visit the tuscanian countryside. Tuscany is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and if you only visit Florence you lose much of the magic. Visit Siena, visit Montepulciano, visit the countryside of the hills of Chianti, which give the name to one of the most famous italian wines.

Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in starting a Descendants Network? Anyone even slightly interested could join, and we could meet other people that share interests (such as ships or character tropes or anything rly tbh) and have a place for people to have discussions over different things, new head canons, complaints, etc.,

300 mounts, three hundred. I spent the entire afternoon fishing to get the last one, but it was totally worth it to earn:

along with one Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent (pictured above) and the Lord of the Reins title. \o/

Florian x Lena fluff

so the other day I was talking to Ethos and promised him a fic for finishing some asks xD so here you are 

“What else can I do? I’m so inspired by you. That hasn’t happened for the longest time*,” Lena murmured to Florian, as she dumped color powder into the fire. The arsonist watched, clearly satisfied, as the flames rose and turned the color of the sky.

The transporter rolled his eyes and smiled. “You’re always inspired by me. How many scrap books of me do you have now?”

“Twenty,” she answered promptly and proudly; more powder was poured in the heated flames and pink tipped flames were now visible. The sweet crackle of the fire sounded like music in Lena’s ears. Smore ingredients sat nearby on the blanket the transporter sat on while fireflies twinkled like stars among them.

“I don’t even do anything worthy enough of capturing and preserving into a memory,” Florian persisted. Lena rolled her eyes and strolled over to him. Curling up to the cabbie, the arsonist smiled. His scent was sweet, as always; a hint of gas and oil, yet musky and natural. His hair was messy, fluffy, and looked soft while his smile was optimistic and hopeful.

“Every breath you take is worth preserving,” she told him, while blushing.

“Y-you’re too much for me,” Florian mumbled back, now slightly red. Lena giggled and kissed his cheek. Shyly, he placed a kiss on her forehead; she shut her eyes, leaning against him. The flames continued to climb higher and higher towards the shimmering sky.

“Y’know, I used to believe you hated me,” Florian said, thinking back to the old days. “I’d see you around town, but you’d never talk to me or interact or anything.”

“I g-got shy…”

“I’m just a cabbie, Lena.”

“You’ll always be more than a cabbie in my heart, Florian.”

“Thank you.”

“Besides, I was sort of suspicious. I’m surprised you never reported me to that stupid mayor.”

“I considered it,” teased Florian, while flashing Lena a timid smile. Her ice blue eyes widened slightly and the corner of her lips turned up.

“Promise you’ll stay with me,” she murmured breathlessly.

“I will - I’m not going anywhere.”

“Not without your TXL shrine, am I right?”

“Hey, you’re one to talk, you have a shrine dedicated to me.”

“Heh, you have me beat,” Lena grinned at him. He gave her bashful smile while she kissed his cheek again.

“Love you,” he mumbled sheepishly.

“Love you, too, Florian. I’ll always be yours.”

*quote by Billy Joel

//just keeping track of all the verses I have so far + tag dump, don’t mind meee

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