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favorites blogs/ppl on here? ๐Ÿ’•


ok so I have to say @luhannet and @zyxnet and all it’s members are the best part of tumblr 4 me!!! 

for luhannet >>> @kaiuary @chogiwapark @aerilu @creepy-luhan 

and other luhan blogs >>> @meiren-menglu @xiaolu-latte @callmeminseok @luflute @1lu @ludork @ludeers @wendeer

zyxnet >>> @xingslove @junyixinqs @amaxing-daes @killeryixing @starsehun @kenopsiae @baekshitbyun @grinding-on-baek @touchitjongdae @faeryixing @jonmyecn @achybaekyhearteu

other yixing blogs >>> @florese @kokoxing @yixings2017 @laymerence @yixingsecondalbum

in particular I also love @dazzlingkai @krisinsanity @305heaux @galaxychen @lawlliets @suhohohomerryxmas @suhocean @r-velvets @angel-in-slow-motion @daenso 

i was gonna bold my favs but I just bolded like everyone so there’s no point lmaooo also pls if ur not on this just come drag me ok I probably just forgot 

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yeah, can you rec me some exo/aes blogs then? thx

yea sure! this isn’t in any particular order, but these are the blogs i recommend:

@yiixingsgf @soft4baek @fyeahchanyeol @subaek @angelksoo @roses4ksoo @suhosoo @florese @thicksehun @honeymyeon @unpopularblackgirl @exosdancingqueen @88gf @exolq @emokai @chootys @yiffxing @ilovezyxsomuch @raspberrydae @chanyeolcide @daddychefsoo @irlbaek @asintu @kyungsoosgrl @yeogibuteora @1yixing @sunflowersoo @eggheadsoo @zyxsthighs @letmecumbaek @bearhugged @starlightkai @dazedjongin @frea1luv @kyungsoo-kim @whatifbyexo @1bread @royalnini @sekaisoosgirl @sehunoh @dazzlingkai @ksooslipring @elluts @asshun @chensguns @kyungsohs @peechsoo @intokai @kaizzzi @iluvpcy @death-by-jongin @jongdaeshappytrail @dyorable @oohsenun @pathkode @baekshitbyun @sehuntiago @peachysuho @lottomp3byexo @lawlliets @brbcrawlingtokorea @tellmewhatislove @kaislover @jonginence @saintksoo @305heaux @jonginssoo @beautyeol @suavesehun @solozhangrise & @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner …and i think that’s it?? there are obviously more but these are the main ones i recommend :) sorry this took so long but i hope this helped!

florese replied to your post “florese Right?! It’s one thing to exclude him from…”:

im just seeing this kaksjf but yeah like….. ot4 have like a lot of pics theres no need to be that ugly and crop zayn out…

don’t sweat it, sugar. I understand losing replies in a sea of notifs. But yes…If someone has to go OUT of their way to erase Zayn’s presence, that’s just petty, in my opinion. But regardless of how hard one may try, Zayn was there. You can’t erase Zayn from a past he was very much present in. And I will continue honoring that.

I was tagged by @callmeminseok to do 8 selfies of 2017!!!! thank u and wow!! ok…….. now listen……… I haven’t even taken 8 good selfies this year so I will admit that a lot of these are from last year but….. I wasn’t going to take like 6 new ones today ok 💀💀💀

I’m tagging @chogiwapark, @7deer-ofthe-dawn7, @aerilu, @faeryixing, @kenopsiae, @starsehun, @xiaolu-latte, @junyixinqs, @kaiuary, @florese@kingyiixing xoxoxo

tagged by @3kpop2jagi1 merci ;)

RULES: spell out your url using only kpop songs then tag 10 people ♡

I did this with my old url a while ago so this is a fresh one for a fresh name

MYM - Zhang Yixing (is it cheating if that’s my url?)

I Like That - SISTAR

Someone Like U - Dalshabet

Ssenunni - Jessie

Young & Free - Xiumin and Mark

Orgel - SHINee (my FAVE)

U & Me - HyunA

Movie - BtoB

U-Go-Girl - Lee Hyori

Circle - Saay ft. Tish Hyman (idk if this counts but promo for Saay)

How About Me? - Guhara ft. Youngji 

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ive been putting this off for way too long lmfao its timeโ€ฆ thank u so much for evrything u all have done for me this year i hope next year is even better! i wanted to write cute notes for my mutuals but i literally follow 317 people soโ€ฆ i cannot but just know that i appreciate and love every single one of u!!!!ย 

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Meu bem
o que seria de mim se eu não fosse tua?
seria um ser vivo
ou seria como sou hoje
reduzida ao pó?

Meu bem
onde eu estaria se não fosse tua?
em meios às flores
ou à beira do abismo
como me ocorre agora?

Meu bem, meu bem
quem eu amaria se não amasse a ti?
alguém contente
ou como tu,
que não me cativas?

Ah, meu bem
talvez eu nem amasse ninguém.

Flores de outono

Eu sou uma árvore
Nasci longe daqui
Mas fui plantada na sua rua
Vejo sol chegar e ir
Vejo você andar por aí

Um dia eu te vi chorar pelos ares
Senti você tão triste ao passar 
Que nesse outono
Te dei flores

Vi você crescer, vi você amar
Vi você sozinha também 
Menina, te conheço como ninguém.

Vi você dizer que estava cansada da rotina 
E como você é a minha sina,
Nesse outono
Te dei flores

E entre sonhos, dores,
Suspiros e amores
Não seja tola, Luiza,
Vou sempre lhe dar flores.

Luiza de Castro